Handwriting is body language cast on paper – the architectural blueprint of consciousness.
Graphology is the ability to analyze handwriting to determine personality traits and characteristics at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is predictive. A graphologist can easily determine information from the amount of energy the subject has in motion and from the unique qualities of the handwriting sample. In this regard, the handwriting sample calls out pertinent information in the present, and in the future.
Karen Amend & Mary S. Ruiz in their book, Handwriting Analysis, paraphrase William Shakespeare: All the world is but a page and each must write his/her part. This is the most basic principle of graphology. The page as the background for the writing itself, can be considered the individual platform, stage, or life space against which the drama of life is spun out in the weavings of handwriting patterns. Therefore, taken as a whole pattern, the handwriting is a picture of how the individual fills his/her life space. It is the tracing of actions as one progresses through life. It is a physical expression of all states of consciousness.
Whether one writes or prints and/or utilizes any combination of these two methods, the pressure or indent onto the paper, the slant of the writing, the size of the letters, flourishes or not, underlining of words or phrases, in particular how the letter “t” is made, whether you dot your “i”, the margins seen and how much of each piece of paper is used, the height of the letters, the spacing within each word and between words as well as between the lines, the speed of your writing, signatures….all matter and are evaluated accordingly. The ability to analyze someone’s handwriting is therefore very precise, and often by the time the analysis is completed, the graphologist knows the person better than even those people closest to the writer.
The big word in analyzing handwriting is the word, “consistency.” When the analysis is being accomplished, the one who is doing the work mentally adds and subtracts, so to speak, certain personality traits and characteristics to determine the consistency and strength of the comments made by the graphologist in evaluating the whole picture of the client. The attempt to hide and/or disguise something is quickly ascertained by the ‘trained eye.’
An example of just one letter will further explain the intricacies of graphology. Here is the letter “t” in a variety of poses. This is the most important stroke of all the letters. It shows your path, your goals, aspirations, drive, determination, the energy to accomplish, how much power you have, how you will succeed, your enthusiasm, your follow through once you start something, and much more.
When viewing the following examples, please keep in mind that any analysis is evaluated altogether as a synthesis – never separately, never just one aspect, but as a sum total of all the various components.

If you’ve ever gone to a job interview where you filled out all the pertinent information and were then asked to finish in your own writing a sentence such as “I have a dog who……,”
Then guess what! You then were analyzed by a graphologist. The premise here is that you wouldn’t be applying for the position if you were not qualified, but if a number of people appear to be equally qualified for a stated position, your friendly graphologist is called in to provide insight regarding the best choice for the company.
While handwriting analysis was once labeled a pseudoscience, it is now considered a useful diagnostic tool. The professional graphologist looks at all aspects in writing through a technical perception and brings forth a finite analysis applicable in business, criminology, medicine and psychology. The mystical pursuit once akin to fortune telling, has now evolved to become a most sophisticated tool of modern science.
“No one can get out of his own skin. We act as our psychological past, i.e., as our cerebral organization dictates. For this reason, we are bound to expose ourselves in the association experiment in exactly the same way as we do in our own handwriting.”
– C. C. Jung 1906

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