The Broken Tusk Elephant God

Hinduism has many archetypes; each statue tells a story and symbolizes a teaching. Probably the most popular one is Ganesh. There are many different stories about how Ganesh lost his head and was replaced by the head of an elephant. He is the son of Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. Only a mother would unconditionally love her child, even with an elephant head. So unconditional love is our first lesson here.
Ganesh is also said to be the remover of obstacles, bringing protection to you and your family. That is what the weapons in his hand represent. He is usually seen with a mouse at his feet. The mouse symbolizes our minds which wander all over the place like a mouse that scampers around. By riding on the mouse, Ganesh controls the mind therefore helping us still our mind. This is how Ganesh removes obstacles by giving us calmness in our mind.
The trunk of Ganesh symbolizes the ability of discernment. Just as an elephant can lift a heavy log with his trunk or pick up a single blade of grass with the same trunk, we need to have the ability to discern in our dealings with people. The twisted trunk of Ganesh is called Vakratunda, which represents the path of spiritual practice.
The broken trunk of Ganesh signifies non-duality. The story goes he broke his trunk to write the Mahabharata and he is known as the God of writers and enhances our writing abilities. I once had a woman come into my store and ask me if I had another one of these elephant statues since this one had a broken tusk.
The cobra wrapped around his belly represents the arousal of the dormant Kundalini Shakti energy within us. The axe he holds in one hand chops the pull this world of multiplicity has on our ego. His other hand holds a noose which pulls the ego into pure non-dual consciousness which happens in Enlightenment.
So you see each statue in the Hindu teachings is pointing out what we are here to accomplish before reaching enlightenment. Meditation in the presence of these dirties is said to help focus our minds on total Enlightenment. Namaste

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