Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

From the book “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Sense where you place your attention is where you place your energy, when you wake up in the morning and immediately start putting your attention and energy on all of the people you have to see that day, the places you have to go, the objects you own, and the things you have to do in the three-dimensional world, your energy becomes fractured. All of your creative energy is flowing away from you, to all the things in your outer world that compete for your attention. Your cell phone, your laptop, your bank account, your house, your job, your coworkers, you spouse, your kids, your pet, your medical conditions, and so on. It is obvious that most people’s attention and energy are directed to the outer material world. It begs the question: how much energy do you have left in your inner world of thoughts and feelings to create a new reality?
Consider for a moment that each of these people or things you give so much attention to is a known in your life because you have experienced it. You have a neurological network in your brain for each one of those things. Since they are a map in your brain, you perceive and so experience them from your past. And the more you keep experiencing them, the more automatic and enriched the neural cycles for each of them become because the redundancy of the various experiences keeps assembling and refining more and more circuits . That’s what experience does, it enriches the brain. So you have a neurological network about your boss, a neurological network about money, a neurological network about your partner, a neurological network about your kids, a neurological network about your financial situation, a neurological network for your house, and neurological networks about all your physical world possessions because you’ve had experience all of those people or things in different time and places.

When your attention, and therefore your energy is divided between all of these outer world objects there’s no energy left for you to put into your inner world of thoughts or feelings. And then you become less effective in creating anything at all. In other words you become a victim of your life instead of the creator of your life.

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