Free Weekly Horoscope – May 20 to May 26

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present
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First Quarter Moon in Virgo on May 22 emphasizes the need to keep things flowing both on a logical and practical level of application, particularly when passing on information.

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces (May 23 – May 25) is the time to get the word out to Great Spirit and to reinforce a sense of faith or an acceptance of the way life is going. Mercury sextile Neptune allows us to verbalize and share beliefs in a way that encourages people.

Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (May 25 – May 29) brings greater definition to the meaning of fate and allows us to more easily communicate about the power struggles occurring collectively around the world. Mercury is the communications tower that transmits information. Pluto’s disruptive energy is focusing our attention on such issues as contagious diseases, senseless crime, misunderstandings between cultures, facing up to addiction and many other painful realities. This is a good time to express encouraging words and reinforce the troubled people of our world with a sense of hope.

Venus in cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn (May 26 – June 2) brings daring, assertive and sometimes impetuous expressions of love at odds with the even-tempered scrutiny of restrictive types of discipline. While there is a very strong need to attain a sense of beauty, there is also a constantly compelling and obsessive compulsion to press on with work and vital responsibilities. This may be a difficult time for some to feel in tune with loved ones, and career related disciplines may be impending on recreational needs and desires.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

AriesAries: The sun’s move into Gemini is good news for you, as is mars moving into Aquarius. Both of these planetary shifts will add a sociable feel to your days, and the tempo is likely to be upbeat, with trips here and there and lots of interactions with people. The other positive aspect of this change is that you’re likely to feel more positive and optimistic. When life feels oppressive and you have many challenges to deal with, it can be easy to sink into negativity. You may still have challenges, but they’re likely to not seem as bad this week. In fact, you might wonder what the big deal was all about.

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TaurusTaurus: As the sun moves into your money zone and Uranus begins his long journey through your sign, it’s likely that changes are afoot, particularly involving money and self-worth. Perhaps the challenge is to value yourself more or to make empowering changes in your world. Uranus is here to encourage you to be your wonderful self and to not make any apology for who you are nor to accept any less than you deserve. He also gives you permission to demonstrate your unique gifts and talents and to be handsomely rewarded for them.

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GeminiGemini: Inner journeys aren’t for most people, but if we don’t take them occasionally, the result can be illness, depression, or a life filled with problems. As Uranus moves into Taurus, he will be willing to reveal important truths about you and take you to some interesting places. Watch the nature of your dreams and pay attention to any intuitive flashes or moments of knowing. You might also discover a lot from embarking on a spiritual or psychic development course or taking up meditation or an arts course. Any of these will link you with your inner self, which will enable you to know the right path to take. The Sun’s move into your sign on May 21 alongside Mars’ move into Aquarius will lift your spirits considerably and bring positive opportunities into your life. Just remember to listen to the whispers while you enjoy yourself.

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CancerCancer: Venus moves into your sign as mars moves out of opposition so if things have been heated lately, you can look forward to more peaceful times. Venus signals a more relaxed and pleasurable phase when you can and should slow down and smell the roses. Perhaps indulge your senses through having a massage, lighting some candles, taking a scented bath, enjoying time in your garden, feeling the sun on your skin and so on. We are constantly pulled out of our hearts and into our heads. Venus is here to remind you of a different way of being and a healthier, more enjoyable way to experience life. Yes, you still have Saturn and Pluto in your relationship zone, and this will be the case for the next three years. If you look at that positively, it could offer you the chance to sort things out so that you can find greater happiness in your personal sphere.

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LeoLeo: Life has likely been very busy lately, and although that may not change much, the nature of the busyness is likely to become the kind of busyness we all enjoy, such as social occasions, meetings with friends, and activities within groups or organizations. In fact, life could feel pretty good despite the ongoing challenges in your daily affairs, and even these can be dealt with in a philosophical manner once you accept it’s just a part of life. You have a great opportunity to break free from the past and focus much more on the future you want.

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VirgoVirgo: The Sun’s journey to the success region of your chart puts emphasis on achievement, and certainly this is a time to make progress in the world and further your ambitions, but always keep in mind whether what you are striving for will enable you to be successful. If it does, that’s great. Press on with your endeavors. However, if you feel that the universal gardener is forcing you to grow in conditions that feel somewhat alien, perhaps it’s time to uproot and plant yourself where you can thrive and flourish.

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LibraLibra: The good news is that life begins to light up on May 21. This is when you will feel a greater sense of optimism and the falling away of the heaviness that may have dragged you down recently. This would be a great time to get away, go on holiday, or simply break out of your routine, perhaps by trying something new or doing something a little different. “Adventure” is your key word and it will do you good to push beyond your comfort zone. The other positive factor occurring is your strengthening intuition. It may be that the veil between this world and others is becoming thinner and you can sense or pick up more than you previously could. It’s almost as if you are being a channel for something, whether it’s knowledge and information from the other side or opening up to greater inspiration. Trust your feelings and impressions, pay attention to your ideas, listen to your dreams and observe the signs the universe is sending you.

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ScorpioScorpio: Every so often, it’s beneficial to shed our old skin; otherwise, we can stagnate or get bogged down by all we have accumulated. If you feel the need for a physical cleanse, for a Feng Shui clear-out, or to let go of a situation or a way of being, it’s time to say goodbye to the old you. This is particularly important if the universe is bringing changes or new beginnings into your life, and chances are that there has been at least one new beginning in your life since November. As you make changes to your environment, you will automatically clear old energies and invite positive developments into your world.

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SagittariusSagittarius: Relationships are the theme as the Sun moves into your partnership zone on May 21, ushering in a phase of more meaningful interactions and the possibility to not just learn from others but to also have fun and enjoy time with them. This could mean a social phase or more time spent with your partner or dealing with other people. It’s a good time to have a few days away with your partner or to be aware of any conflict with another person and see what you can learn from the experience. While the Sun is in this house, we can learn a lot about ourselves from other people, so if someone points out a truth, don’t dismiss it; it could be an opportunity to refine your weaknesses.

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CapricornCapricorn: As Uranus begins his seven year journey through your zone of self-expression, you might feel just a little bit rebellious. Maybe it starts by refusing to be spoken to in a certain way, or perhaps you question what someone says you can or can’t do. Over time, this is likely to grow into not suffering fools gladly or not taking no for an answer or feeling determined to live life more in your own way. To help this process of emerging, you might simplify your life in some way or get on top of things so that you feel more empowered and in control. All in all, this is the time to really take charge, remembering that as the artist of your life, you get to paint whatever picture you want or write whatever story you like.

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AquariusAquarius: The Sun arriving in your zone of fun is a welcome feature, and Mars in your sign is a great boost to your health, bringing more energy, motivation, determination and general strength. It is like having a warrior by your side and you are conferred a certain amount of protection. Use this time to make progress with your goals and ambitions by pursuing your needs and desires. In fact, Mars in your sign and the Sun in the sphere of self-expression is a rather self-centered combination, and people often feel uncomfortable when encouraged to put themselves first. However, there are times when it is necessary. Depression is often a sign of not singing one’s own song. Chronic illness can be another clue of not being authentic. Identify what it is you want and need, and then for your own sanity and probably everyone else’s too, make sure that you honor those needs.

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PiscesPisces: The tempo begins to slow a little, which might be a relief if life has been so busy that you have been meeting yourself coming and going at the same time. The Sun’s gentle glide into your zone of home and family makes this the perfect week to snuggle up with your loved ones and enjoy a slower pace. It’s also perfect to tending to jobs that need doing around the home and generally paying more attention to your dwelling. If you seek greater harmony in your life, begin within your four walls. Clear out some clutter, organize your space more effectively or make it more beautiful. As Winston Churchill said, “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us.”

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