The Summer of Retrogrades 2018

Brace yourself and take a deep breath. We’re in for one challenging summer. 2018 will see seven planetary retrogrades in total, although the most planets that will be in retrograde at one time will be six, more than enough to send astrology enthusiasts into a cosmic tizzy.
Retrogrades are a period of time when the planet appears to be moving in reverse. Even though that backward movement is just an optical illusion, it still carries major implications. Regardless of the planet, retrograde usually signals a period of disruption. Where we experience that delayed progress, however, depends on which planet happens to be in retrograde.
Each planet rules a different area of our life, Mercury oversees communication, Venus affects our love life, and Mars touches all things related to action and conflict.
With so many planets back spinning at once, you may feel like your hands are tied and all you can do is wait for the retrograde to end. However you can still go about your daily life with relative ease, just take a little more care for the next few months. Believe it or not, retrogrades don’t solely occur to drive us nuts. They can actually teach us to slow down and act thoughtfully as long as we are ready to learn that lesson.
Mercury leaves a trail of awkward frustration. Be careful what you send to your group chats and which project you take on. Communication is usually hazardous during Mercury is retrograde. This signs this will affect most are Cancer and Libra.
Mars in retrograde is going to take teach us to not force it. Don’t act impulsively and try not to blow up when you don’t get your way. Go with the flow. The signs that will be most affected are Aries and Scorpio.
Jupiter rewards those who chase knowledge. When it is in retrograde, those rewards may be slow to come even though they’ll eventually arrive. You will have to get used to uncertainty and then seek to learn from it. Signs most affected are Taurus and Capricorn.
Saturn will hit our professional lives and ambitions the hardest. You may have to view how to use your time, money, and skills more critically than you usually would in order to restructure your life for long-term success. Signs most affected will be Gemini and Sagittarius.
Uranus is known as the plan of immense change. And when it starts director grade it turns those effects in word reminding us that before we can see major shift in the world around us, we may need to make some changes in our self-first sign most effective is Aquarius.
Neptune will make you feel like you’re swimming in your feelings, distracted and unfocused. When the planet of dreams is in retrograde, or emotions, creativity and spirituality demand more attention. On one hand, this is a chance to get back in touch with your inner self. This could prompt you to lose touch with the outside world. This sign most effect it will be a Pisces
Pluto, even though it is the most distant from our home world doesn’t mean that it’s retrograde won’t affect us. This. Asks us to dig deep into our relationship with power and control. Can you ease up the dimensions you make of your family and friends? Step up, take your time and don’t rush your reflections. Signs most effective will be Virgo and Leo.

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