Do shapes of crystals really matter?

You may be overwhelmed in visiting the crystal store by the many shapes and colors of all the crystals offered. But don’t despair, because your energy will be drawn to the exact shape and size of the Crystal that is perfect for you.
Try to leave your brain behind because you’re left brain is not going to help you to get that Crystal that is right for you. There is a lot to explore out there, but it can be exciting. For those of you who are new to the world of crystals or maybe those looking to build upon their knowledge, the shape of a crystal is a key factor as it directly affects how a crystal energy behaves. The sphere will admit energy differently than the pyramid, which are both very different still from a cluster or a wand or a rough stone. And there are plenty more than this, but here are some common shapes.
Heart shaped stones are well known for attracting loving energy and capable of the dispelling negative emotion such a sadness and grief. Pyramids are capable of driving energy through its point and grounding it through its base. They are known to blend spiritual energy and physical world together.
Spheres also known as crystal balls are representative of completion fullness and wholeness. In Feng shui, spheres are regarded as the most harmonious shape and are infrequently used in decor. They have no beginning and no end and radiate energy equally in every direction.
Crystal wands are long and they are used to direct energy in specific ways. Ones with points are great in chakra work massage healing and meditation.
Many stores like ours have expert that can help and point you in the right direction. It can’t be a fun and enlightening experience.

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