Free Weekly Horoscope – December 2 to December 8

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present
your Free Weekly Horoscope for December 2 – December 8, 2018

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New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7 is a good time to begin planning a trip. It’s a time to open up to new opportunities in an inspired and upbeat manner. This may be just the time to make a breakthrough and start new exercise programs, look into new philosophies of life, and apply a bolder sense of exploration.

Mars and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces (December 5 – December 7) and physically, we could feel rather weak, dreamy and less likely to make an effort in the real world. It’s a day best spent resting, relaxing and going with the flow. It’s a good time for creative craft work, meditation and aquatic exercise.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

AriesAries: Your energy might not be at its strongest throughout December, and there could be times when you uncharacteristically wonder, “What’s the point?” With Mars conjunct to Neptune this week, you can expect revelatory dreams and spiritual breakthroughs. Set a positive intention during the New Moon on December 7, particularly with pushing out of your comfort zone, trying new things, experiencing new adventures, or deciding that something is possible so that there is calm and certainty for you where there were doubts and anxieties.

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TaurusTaurus: Mercury resumes forward motion on the 6th, so your naturally sound financial judgment returns. This is a positive for finance, but be mindful around the New Moon on December 7, when Mars and Neptune could create a potential problem, that you don’t give too much of your power away. What seems like a worthy cause to you could actually be undermining your progress but this is a temporary blip – one that could help you see where you have been going wrong.

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GeminiGemini: Be mindful around December 7 when the New Moon could bring challenges with other people and your life’s direction. Mars is still in your 10th house of career. However, your career planet, Neptune, stated moving forward last week so there is mental clarity in your career and career path now; it is starting to move forward again. Mars is travelling with Neptune this month and from the 5th to the 7th they will be conjunct. This shows much activity in the career. Success comes from boldness and being more aggressive. Neptune by himself can be too passive, but Mars will rouse him into activity.

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CancerCancer: Your work and health are key themes throughout December, and the New Moon on December 7 is the perfect date to make changes in either area. Your health can benefit substantially now from a more moderate approach but start as you mean to go on by just having a little of what you fancy. It might be hard to take a disciplined approach and the key is to not be hard on yourself or too restrictive. Simply enjoy all that life has to offer while respecting your body at the same time.

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LeoLeo: Lucky you! Jupiter – the planet of abundance and good fortune – arrives in your house of fun and enjoyment just in time to ensure that December (and 2019) is a fun packed, jovial, heart-centered affair. There’s no need to lecture Leo on the importance of enjoying life. You are our teachers in that department and you’re in a yearly personal pleasure peak so let the good times roll. Mercury starts moving forward on the 6th and your financial judgment is much clearer after then. Right now he is in your 5h house signaling good family support and someone who also spends on the home and family because family connections are important in your financial life.

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VirgoVirgo: Your 4th house of home and family is still very powerful this month. Pay more attention here. This is a family kind of period after all and you can let career matters slide for a while. The 4th house is the lowest point in your chart. It symbolizes the deepest part of the night. The body is passive but great activity is happening internally so this is a time to work on your goals by internal rather than external methods – through meditation, visualization and willed dreaming. Imagine yourself being where you want to be in your career, love and financial life. Imagine your body the way you want it to look. Ignore the mirror or your present circumstances. Get into the feeling of your image as best you can and stay there for as long as you can. Repeat this every night or whenever you have spare moments. When the feeing comes to you, your goals are as good as achieved. If you are looking for new beginnings, mark December 7 on your calendar, for this is the date of the New Moon which will help you to finally leave the past behind and look forward to a new chapter of life.

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LibraLibra: Though your yearly financial peak has passed, you’re having a mini financial peak this month. Venus, the ruler of your Horoscope moves into the money house on the 2nd and spends the rest of the month there, and Mercury is in your money house until the 13th so your money house is strong. You’re not delegating financial management to others these days, but you are taking personal charge. Optimism is the key to a successful life. In fact, the one thing self-help books agree on is that a positive outlook determines positive results. So it’s good news for you as Jupiter settles into your zone of the mind, which will make it very difficult to stay down for long. In fact, you’re likely to be accused of being a Pollyanna at times, but don’t let this get in the way of your growing belief that anything is possible.

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ScorpioScorpio: The main concern many people share in the month of December is finances. Will there be enough money to pay for this ever-increasing financial demand? Fortunately for you, the planet of abundance, Jupiter, is currently making himself comfortable in your money zone. This means – all other things being equal – you should find yourself in a position in which most, if not all, of your needs are met. This should enable you to be as generous as you like, but if you feel there’s room for improvement, the New Moon on December 7 is the ideal time to set your intention for a more prosperous future.

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SagittariusSagittarius: If there’s one sign that knows how to enjoy a good party, it’s yours. Even the quiet Sagittarius folks secretly thrive on merriment and joviality so it’s good news for you this December as the planetary god of parties and enjoyment – Jupiter – remains in your sign. You might feel his influence by noticing a desire to let your hair down a bit more than usual. Perhaps you feel like declaring, “What the heck” to everyday problems deciding instead to enjoy whatever good things come your way. This is a fine attitude to have under the New Moon. It returns in a form that you regain your positive, adventurous spirit and ability to spot and seize opportunities.

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CapricornCapricorn: Delays and postponements will continue, also mix-ups – in the areas of travel, interviews and important projects. In fact, you might even have to abandon a trip/journey or a project this week. Work pressures and demands will be high so fears, worries, even neuroses will have to be dealt with, but there is a way out and you see it. Obstacles to progress will be identified and removed under the New Moon. You do it by getting support from others, and by learning to turn your rivals/enemies into friends, comrades and well-wishers. And that is no mean feat!

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AquariusAquarius: Prepare for your social life to explode as Jupiter and the New Moon align in your zone of parties, people and happy events on December 7. Your popularity, credit, authority and social standing register a further rise on the graph. Most importantly perhaps, you feel wonderful not just good, about yourself. You are likely to be in demand with a lot going on. Usually you may need to pace yourself, but Aquarius people thrive on social activity. It does you good to be out and about meeting people so there are no words of caution other than perhaps to observe your financial situation, as you could find yourself feeling something of a victim. Someone might find it easy to take advantage of your generosity, especially as you’re likely to be in a gregarious and giving mood.

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PiscesPisces: Mars in your sign is not only good for prosperity (especially when conjunct with Neptune) but gives courage, energy and a can do spirit. This week you can get things done in a hurry, but the only problem with this is that you can push your body further than it was designed to handle and burn out could be a danger. Mercury starts to move forward on Thursday so social judgment is much improved as is social confidence. Under the New Moon there will be brightness and gaiety on the domestic scene, success in business ventures and the office or workplace, marvelous home conditions and family life. Not only is this a truly mind-blowing experience, it also creates well-being and nobody can take this away from you.

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