Free Weekly Horoscope – March 17 to 23, 2019

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Mercury in Pisces sextile Mars in Taurus (March 18 – March 22) brings out opportunities that can be received, recognized, communicated and acted upon. People are likely to back up their statements with action during this period, and it would be a good time to apply diplomacy.

Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn (March 20 – April 12) leads to positive, monumental and powerful transformations. Actions taken now are more likely to have favorable results or to be influential with higher powers. This is a good time to resolve personal aggression directed towards the views and differences of another generation or of established powers.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn (March 20 – March 24) provides people with the opportunity to learn vital lessons concerning boundaries, limitations and responsibilities. This tends to be a time when struggles and difficulties are frequently discussed, and people collectively draw conclusions concerning how to best handle their problems or responsibilities.

Full Moon in Libra on March 21 brings events that revolve around such things as law, the justice system, friends and marital partners. Friends will share their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Troubled times can strengthen even the weakest links in friendship. Refuse to contribute to the weakness of a friend; nurture friendship with patience, understanding and encouragement. Use this Full Libra Moon energy to empower your relationships.

Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus (March 21- April 6) creates tensions and obstacles between the forces of love and the forces of defense. The archetypal images of Venus and Mars are largely that of feminine and masculine counterparts, and in this sense there could be trouble between women and men in relationships. On the other hand, these energies can create a dynamic and animated expression of love. The square makes it difficult to harmonize these energies, and letting certain obstacles remain to be dealt with later may be necessary at this time in order for tender egos to mend.

Venus in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius (March 21 – March 28) leads matters concerning love and attraction to a favorable opportunity for allowing advancement to more prosperous realms. This serves as an excellent time to shower loved ones with gifts and compliments. This is the time to allow expansion to occur in love matters, and to take the next step towards enlivening and enhancing a love relationship.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

AriesAriesAries: While some aspects of your life may feel heavy and oppressive and you might be feeling uncharacteristically weak or unsure of yourself, the Full Moon in your opposite sign on March 21 suggests that at least your relationships can blossom. The more you are able to heal a wound within yourself (such as a sense of inadequacy), the more likely your relationships will bear fruit. Perhaps you don’t need to try so hard. It might help to reassure yourself that you’ve nothing to prove. This in turn will help others around you to relax. Although Aries might like to think they don’t care what others think, much of what you do is motivated by a need to be appreciated or feel that you matter and are important. Cut yourself some slack, and know that you’re good enough as you are.

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TaurusTaurusTaurus: There should be a sense of completion at work and your day-to-day life this week as the Full Moon on March 21 highlights your working arena and your sense of well-being. Perhaps a dietary regimen is beginning to pay off, or your efforts at work are bearing fruit. Either way, this is a good point at which to celebrate your successes and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Any problems will soon be sorted, as the Full Moon will bring a sense of clarity and completion. All in all, this is a good week to tie up loose ends with your work and daily chores. Tthen allow yourself to go at a slower pace for the Sun is slipping into your zone of rest and repose, giving you permission to slow down and smell the roses.

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GeminiGeminiGemini: “Spontaneity” and “enjoyment” are your keywords this week as the Full Moon invites you to play and forget about your cares. Indeed, the more you are able to play, the more your cares are likely to seem less important, so seize invitations for fun, pleasure and relaxation, particularly around March 21. How often do we turn down an offer to go and have a enjoyable experience because we feel we have too much to do? Sometimes we simply need to accept that the tasks can wait. If we replenish ourselves and lift our spirits, we will return to our work with greater energy and enthusiasm. Remember also that acting on your impulses will serve you well this week. After all “A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.”

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CancerCancerCancer: This week’s Full Moon illuminates the home and domestic area of your life, making the days around March 21 important for family and domestic matters. The outside world may be calling to you in the form of work, ambitions, or professional obligations, but it is probably more important to take at least a day or two to nurture yourself and those around you. It’s also a good week to bring things to fruition where your home life is concerned to complete jobs, put the finishing touches on domestic projects, or tie up other domestic matters, perhaps with family members. “Nurturing” and “nesting” are your keywords under this Full Moon, and it will benefit your body, mind and soul to return to base for a while.

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LeoLeoLeo: The Sun’s move into Aries is good news for you, as it brings an end to the heaviness of previous weeks. Now that light appears again, optimism and a sense of hope and possibility returns, but there’s still something not quite right as Mercury’s backward motion through your transformation zone suggests your rebirth isn’t quite complete. You might need to heal your wounded faith under the Full Moon’s positive influence so that you can believe in life again, trust that you’re safe, and know tht all will be well. Cynicism and depression do not suit the sunny Leo nature, and this is the week when you should find yourself beginning the return to form. It may just require a subtle adjustment in your attitueand a rejection of any negative beliefs that have been undermining your happiness.

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VirgoVirgoVirgo: It is likely that a healing of some sort needs to take place this week, because the Sun’s move into your transformation zxone asks you to let go or heal a wound and then move on. Consequently, this may not be the most upbeat week you’ve ever had, but there should be a resolution around the Full Moon on March 21 that enables you to see things much more clearly. All that’s required is for you to shed your old skin and gain clarity about what is most important to you. For example, you might realize that many of your possessions are no longer important. If they no longer have value to you and you choose to let them go, this will free up space for new things to come into your life. This attitude of relinquishing what you no longer want or need could be the answer to any financial, material or private problems you might have.

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LibraLibraLibra: The past few weeks might have been busy and productive; it also might be a relief when the Sun shifts signs and moves into your zone of relationships on March 21. This is when you can enjoy time spent with other people as your close relationships become the key area for development. The Full Moon, also occurring on March 21 in your sign, might get things in this area off to a fairly dramatic start, and it might well be that there is a need for healing in at least one relationship. This is a good time to focus your energies on doing what you can to improve matters between yourself and another. The other person might have a problem you can help with. Or it might become evident that a particular relationship is a drain on your well-being, and you need to create changes or distance yourself from this person. While it is important to give to others and work toward improving your relationships, the Full Moon in your sign is a srong indication that you should make your needs a priority. If you are overly concerned with others, you might be neglecting yourself. This is an important time to take stock of your life and make the changes that will support and nourish you.

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ScorpioScorpioScorpio: This week’s Full Moon brings a sense of closure to things while the Sun’s move into Aries puts the emphasis on your work and day-to-day life. Do you need to be more organized? Do you need more rest and less work? Or is it the other way round? There seems to be some sort of issue relating to your work (or your well-being) as Chiron connects with the Sun, but this is a wonderful opportunity to heal a wound so that you can move on. There is much potential to be productive now, but you may need to forgive someone so that you can be free from the past knowing that conflict can’t surviver without your participation.

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SagittariusSagittariusSagittarius: While Mercury is still retrograde a the base of your chart, suggesting that there are still matters that need to be finalized, particularly with your home or family matters. The Sun is at least moving into your zone of fun. You will soon find it much easier to live a more carefree existence. And if life has felt heavy lately, you will particularly benefit from the change of signs on March 21 and the corresponding Full Moon. There is a very social element to this Full Moon, so getting out and about, meeting people, and participating in group dynamics will feel more nurturing than normal. Having fun and doing what you want might be a bit of an issue for a few days as the Sun conjuncts Chiron, perhaps triggering guilt for bring a little selfish. However, this is one time of year when you are encouraged to indulge in recreation and enjoyable activities. If people give you a hard time for having fun, tell them this from John Wanamaker: “People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.” They can’t argue with this!

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CapricornCapricornCapricorn: The Sun’s move into Aries invites you to come home to yourself. Perhaps you need to nurture yourself a bit more or be more present at home. Maybe there’s an issue demanding your attention that would be best solved by spending time in quiet contemplation or by viewing your past and your roots. Sometimes it can be obvious that life is playing out an old program from childhood, and this could be one of those times. The gift in any discomfort is the chance to heal a wound that is most likely from the past. This wound might need your forgiveness or your acceptance. Either way, it’s time to stop holding on to something that’s doing you no favors – be it a memory, grievance, habit, resistance, or difficult situation at home or with a family member. Focus on healing it with that same peace of mind that we talked about last week, and you will witness a powerful change in circumstances.

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AquariusAquariusAquarius: The Sun’s move into Aries begins to shift the emphasis from your financial situation although with Mercury retrograde in that area, there might be a need to finish tying up loose ends. Try not to let financial or material matters overshadow your mental well-being as Chiron’s conjunction to the Sun suggests that there is a weakness of some sort in your mental armory. Whether it’s a bout of anxiety, a bit of depression, or some other sense that all is not well, the antidote is to look at the possibilities in your life rather than the negatives. The Full Moon in your zone of adventure on March 21 suggests that you need to push out of your comfort zone rather than slink back into it, so be bold and adventurous, and have faith that all will work out well.

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PiscesPiscesPisces: The Full Moon on March 21 illuminates your financial picture and makes this the week to focus on all things material – from the money you earn or accumulate to the things you buy and how necessary they really are. This includes your work and other financial issues. It may be that something in this area needs healing. For example, it could be a belief you have about money or about your capacity to earn a living doing what you love. The events of this week should make it clear what you would benefit from doing. This is the time to tie up loose ends, reap what you’ve sown, and showcase what you have rather than consume or generate more.

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