Free Weekly Horoscope – April 7 to 13, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present
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Mercury in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn (April 7 – April 10) provides the opportunity to learn vital lessons concerning boundaries, limitations, responsibilities and timely completions. This tends to be a time when struggles and difficulties are discussed, and people draw collective conclusions on how to best handle their problems or responsibilities.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn (April 10 – April 14) brings an opportunity for us to get the message across to people in strong positions of power and authority. This is a opportunistic time to reach out to those of another generation and make an attempt to communicate something vital.

Venus and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (April 10 – April 20) creates a very fluid and open expression of femininity. Venus represents love, magnetism and attraction, while Neptune (the higher octave of Venus) represents spiritual love, and the melding of spiritual energies. This aspect allows beauty, femininity and personal attraction to be connected with the higher spiritual vibrations of the universe. This is an ideal time to connect with one’s own guardian angel and spirit guide. Venus conjunct Neptune, if utilized, will bring great wisdom.

First Quarter Moon in Cancer on April 12 urges us to share our feelings and take care of emotional needs, particularly in our home. Home focused activities bring warm expressions of contentment. With First Quarter Cancer Moon the emotional current tends to be magnified. Nutritional foods and trustworthy company are important components of this day’s activities. Treating ourselves and others in a nurturing way becomes the key to enhancing or cleansing our emotional perspective. Be careful not to push the buttons of sensitive people and use words wisely while considering the feelings of yourself and others.

Mercury in Pisces is square to Jupiter in Sagittarius (April 12 – April 16). This may be a tough time to communicate a sense of reassurance, particularly with regard to new enterprises. It may also be a difficult time to raise money for charities. During this aspect, it may be best to hold off on a job request, asking for a raise, buying a new business, or signing any binding contracts concerning long term investment and payment schedules.

Venus in Pisces is sextile Saturn in Capricorn (April 12 – April 17). Venus emphasizes the vibrations of love, magnetism, beauty and also sensuality. Saturn’s influence emphasizes an awareness of time, limitations and restrictions. Saturn also harnesses our dedication to responsibility and discipline. This Venus sextile Saturn aspect may provide an opportunity for some to experience a timely love. During this aspect, there is a passionate drive to protect loved ones and limit their exposure to danger.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign


Aries: The Sun is still at odds with Saturn, and Mars (your ruling planet) is traveling freely, not making any aspects to any other planets. This is an odd combination of effects, and it will likely result in an all-or-nothing approach. If your best efforts are being thwarted, you’re waiting for an outcome, or you find yourself all guns blazing and kicking up a storm (but perhaps not managing to get the results you desire), then it might be worth remembering that this is the time of year when you recharge your batteries, so take some time to focus on your needs. Chiron, also in your sign, suggests doing some self-healing rather than pushing out and achieving things. You might feel like a ship without an anchor, so it’s important to ground yourself. Slow down, immerse yourself in nature, get a massage or whatever else brings you back into your body, and remember that whatever is oppressing you will soon give way.

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Taurus: This should be a progressive week, as your ruling planet, Venus, is ably helped and supported by Mercury and Saturn. It’s a good time to communicate your ideas or to negotiate a better situation for yourself. People will be ready and willing to listen to you now, so if there’s something you need to say, say it. You will find there is little impediment to your desires, so this is a good week to make things happen, be productive, and focus on making progress in your life. However, be watchful that you don’t overdo it; Jupiter’s square to Venus after the weekend suggests that you might forget what your limits are and become unrealistic in your endeavors.

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Gemini: As Mars continues his journey unimpeded through your sign, you might feel that there’s no stopping you, that whatever you want to achieve you can. While that is true to an extent, you might also need to remember to stop every now and again so that you don’t burn yourself out. Indeed, Jupiter’s square to your ruler, Mercury, issues a cautionary warning about overextending yourself. Apply realism to your situation, focus on what you want to achieve, and work toward accomplishing things systematically. There’s a difference between achieving a goal through sustained and steady effort and running around like a headless chicken. Determine what you want, and then try not to let less important matters take up your time and energy.

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Cancer: As the Sun continues his journey through your house of career and success, it’s important to focus on where you want to be, but you may need to guard against interference or impediments from others. Saturn and Pluto are edging ever closer together in your opposite sign, potentially bringing challenges and blockages from other people. It seems that you want one thing, but someone else has different ideas. There may be little you can do against the mighty weight of Saturn and Pluto other than face up to your obligations and see the test through to its end. However, that shouldn’t mean you can’t make some kind of headway in the outside world, and it might seem that the best way forward is to strike a balance between the rock and the hard place.

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Leo: Whatever has been blocking you or holding you back begins to give way to more helpful and uplifting circumstances this week, so just bide your time and be patient until April 11 or 12 when your fortunes will turn for the better. Difficulties and hardship will give way to fun, enjoyment, ease and happy developments. This is the point at which you would benefit from adopting a positive approach to whatever is presented to you because as soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.

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Virgo: There is an old saying that what goes up must come down. While this saying originated to relate to the laws of gravity, it is also applied metaphorically. For example, if you focus all your attention on one of three work projects, your boss (and coworkers) will notice the difference in the results. With Jupiter’s square to your ruler, Mercury, you would benefit from keeping your feet on the ground and adopting a practical, realistic approach. Allowing yourself to get carried away might result in your crashing back down to Earth with egg on your face. Be prudent, practical, and realistic, and avoid taking on more than you can handle.

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Libra: It may be helpful to remember that not all that glitters is gold. As tempting or promising as something may seem, particularly toward the end of the week, it will be prudent to keep your feet on the ground and not let yourself be carried away by flights of fancy. Optimism is one thing, but a lack of realism is quite another. Try to find the balance between believing that all will be well and believing that all your chickens are coming home to roost. There is evidence to suggest that you could be disappointed if you pin all your hopes on one thing or if you overstretch yourself and aim to accomplish too much. Sticking with the safe option and working steadily and patiently toward achievable goals will work well for you now. It might not be cause for celebration, but you will end the week having made steady progress.

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Scorpio: Be mindful this week of whether your actions are constructive or destructive. The temptation with Mars running amok through your psychological basement gives in to destructive thoughts and impulses to cause a problem where none previously existed or to aggravate a situation that could easily be pacified. Mars without a mission is a dangerous beast, and as co-ruler of your sign, you need to keep a watchful eye on him so make it your higher purpose this week to focus on creating constructive circumstances, seeking to transform lead into gold, and applying yourself in helpful diligent service to others. As the old saying goes, the devil makes work for idle hands to do. If you keep yourself busy, then mischief will leave you alone.

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Sagittarius: Jupiter has made good progress through your sign since last November, and hopefully he’s already given you at least one or two things to feel good about. Whether it’s a new beginning or a happy occasion, Jupiter’s presence is a constant reminder that good things can happen, and even when things at first seem bad, they can turn out as blessings. As the Sun journeys through your zone of fun, make the most of whatever happiness comes your way, but if you really want to capitalize on this positive pairing, consider how you can live a more meaningful or authentic life and simply ask the universe to help you on your way. Just remember not to overlook the details, because you might be so focused on the bigger things that you forget to take care of the small things.

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Capricorn: If things aren’t working out in your life, be it at work or in some other domain, you might be better off at home nourishing your family and enjoying a simpler existence for a while. With the Sun at the base of your chart, it would seem that you will benefit from being in familiar surroundings with familiar people, because what’s most important now is being nurtured. If other people can’t give you what you need, take extra care to nourish yourself so that in time you can go out into the world stronger and more confident than you were before.

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Aquarius: Sometimes we have to work at maintaining a positive outlook. Other times, we naturally feel upbeat and optimistic. Sometimes it’s just changing circumstances or the shifting of planets that helps or hinders. Currently the Sun in your mental zone will help you see the bright side despite Saturn’s and Pluto’s best efforts to drag unpleasant fears or memories from your subconscious. Sometimes this could feel like a balancing act, and it’s understandable if you have a wobble, but if you focus on what you want to happen rather than on what you don’t, you should find – all things being equal – that the law of attraction will respond in kind, and good things will come your way this week.

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Pisces: “In life, you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.” In what way could you speak up and fight for yourself? Do you need to promote yourself a bit more? First, you need to believe in yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect others to? Maybe you just need to be a bit cautious in your financial world – spend less and conserve more. Perhaps you need to ask for a raise or get a better deal? Mercury in your sign, side by side with the charming Venus, gives you all the persuasive tactics you need to get what you want or need this week, so speak up. Remember, if you don’t ask, then you don’t get.

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