Free Weekly Horoscope – July 21 to July 27, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for July 21 – July 27, 2019

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Astrology by Samantha

Samantha Marshall, a Psychic, Healer and a professional International Astrologer with 45 years of experience. She is the author of “Understanding Children Through Astrology” an international publication and it is available at the Center. If you like this new presentation, please let us know. Samantha is available for phone readings as well as in person readings at the Center daily.

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The 21st is interesting! Pay attention to your thoughts! You may get information about what your next few months will be about, so you can prepare for them in advance. The evening of the 22nd is when the Sun skips into Leo – the party sign. It will up the ante on the fun scene. Plan more fun for the next 30 days. Based on the Moon placement as well, it may be a hot day temperature wise. The 23rd is a fast paced one. Do your best to slow it down and remember to breathe. For the next two days, it will be a good idea to watch for over-spending. Also hold your tongue, avoid any over exertion, and drive defensively. The 26th and the 27th are ho-hum days until Saturday night at 6:54pm when Venus also moves into joyful Leo. A GREAT night for entertaining! Just allow for flexibility, because people are still likely to be late. Have a buffet rather than a meal that needs to be eaten at a certain time. I would like to say this is good night for a first date but with good old Mercury still retrograde, best to wait until next weekend.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign


Aries: Mars has been in your house of fun for a few weeks and now the Sun enters as well so time to live it up! Find a new sport that you like or any kind of new entertainment. Throw a party and be sure to attend all that you are invited to. On Sunday pay attention to your thoughts because it is possible to get insights into what might be happening in the next three months. Still enjoy the pleasant feelings around your home and be sure to avoid any heavy conversations that could lead to tension. Monday and Tuesday the Moon is in your sign bringing your energy up a bit. Wednesday is a day to chill since you will be lucky if you are able to get anything substantial accomplished. Next week all of your creative juices should show up without you even trying. Put out some of those ideas you get on Sunday and see what shows up. Should be exciting!


Taurus: The major activity this week is in your home and your neighborhood. It is all about family and maybe brothers and sisters. You may have been trying to have important conversations with these folks but they may have not been going that well with good old Mercury Retrograde. Hang on because it is only until the end of the month. Having some fun at home and with these folks will be far more productive. Mars and the Sun in your family/home area is giving you extra energy there to do some physical cleaning up, reorganizing and brightening the place up. What would make it feel more comfy? What do you need to get rid of that is taking up space? Clear it out and bring in some flowers. What about the yard and the garage and even your car. After you get that done you can throw a party and put on some smiles!


Gemini: It seems like a very good time to go back over all of your financial issues and put them in order. You may catch mistakes on your accounts and discover ways that you can cut your expenses. However, it’s not a good idea to make any significant changes until after the 31st when Mercury turns direct again. The best thing to do now is to get everything prepared and then actually make the changes after the mentioned date. By the way, that goes for any repairs on your transportation as well even though you may have noticed some issues there too. Drive carefully because you might feel like you need to be in a hurry all the time. Mars is pumping some extra fire and speed in how you get from place to place. Also, it will be well advised to avoid any arguments with neighbors plus brothers and sisters. Do your best to keep things calm and loving.


Cancer: If you are at an impasse in your decisions or relationships, turn your attention to what is right for you. You might find that everything else falls into place. If you’re finding it difficult to move forward or to make progress, perhaps you should take it as a sign that this isn’t the right time to push out and get things done. Follow the cues of nature. Just as the tide comes in and goes out, you might benefit from a similar balance in your own life. If you can’t effect change in the outside world or with other people, it might be because you’re meant to turn within and assess your needs.


Leo: Changes with work might be forthcoming, and this in turn could help with your general state of well-being. Whatever goes on, make sure that the changes are in alignment with your body’s and soul’s needs. The Sun’s move into your sign alongside the powerhouse Mars is very good news for you, especially if you are paying greater attention to the requirements of your body and soul. If so, you should find this is a week when great progress can be made and everything feels easier. You will still need to be mindful of your well-being, though, especially as the week goes on and the Sun’s square to Uranus at the top of your chart potentially puts unnecessary pressure on you. This is a wired, chaotic energy, so make time for meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices.


Virgo: As the Sun sails into your zone of soul and spirit, it’s time to hunker down and get the rest and peace you need. This is a perfect time to reconnect with your higher self through dreams, meditation, soul journeys and quiet time alone. If the desire for solitude grabs you, it would be wise to act on that. We all come to a point where the soul needs to replenish itself through artistic, poetic or meditative means, so close the door on the busy world and give yourself the rest you need. It might also be appropriate to bring a matter to a close so that you’ll be ready to move forward with a renewed spring in your step.


Libra: This should be a happy and memorable phase for you. Life becomes easier this week as tensions dissolve, frustrating difficulties ease, and a lighter, more enjoyable vibration emerges. This is a good week to get out and about, mix with friends and acquaintances, attend clubs and groups, and basically enjoy being part of something bigger than yourself. This is especially important if recent times have been introspective or psychologically demanding and yet, much will happen in terms of hard work, inspirational moves, contacts and correspondence. Right through the heat will be just sufficiently on to make you aware of some rivalry. You will have to make allowances, give some leeway as people will not see eye to eye. They never do!


Scorpio: Your direction in life becomes the new focus as the Sun moves into Leo and joins Mars in the success region of your chart. Now is the time to concentrate on your ambitions – first making sure, of course, that they are in alignment with your soul – and move forward on your path. This is a great opportunity to make progress in your professional life and in your life in general, with a sense of forward movement pervading everything. The general rule of “you can if you think you can” is likely to apply to your situation, so you might need to weed out any doubts and make sure faith supports your actions.


Sagittarius: Life starts to lighten this week as the Sun moves into your zone of adventure and expansion. The heaviness of previous weeks begins to lift and a much more positive and optimistic spirit begins to pervade. This is a gay, sportive, playful mood – rare for Sagittarians. Even if you don’t feel you’re sprouting wings, you will feel on top of the world. Sports and hobbies and children naturally reflect this ebullience and also may speculation, financial dealings, loans, love affairs, music and the arts. This, in turn, leads you to seek out new experiences, making this a good week to travel, visit new places, or try something new.


Capricorn: As the dust settles on the events of the previous week, it might help to exhume what caused a disturbance in your spirit. Mercury’s backward journey through your relationship zone suggests there are one or two issues that would benefit from being resolved; perhaps a clearing of the air is in order, or a conversation can reconnect you with someone. Either way, this is a week when you need to get things straight with people and look within to heal any lesions in your psyche. While this might sound a bit heavy, it’s actually a great week to experience a transformation. That will best come about if you set your intention to let things go that no longer have a role in your life.


Aquarius: With the Sun and Mars in your relationship zone, care will be needed if you wish to avoid conflict. That said, sometimes conflict serves as a gateway to resolving things that have been building up. Your inner world, the real you, are likely to matter a lot to you. At the same time, be wary of saying or doing things that could provoke others . Try to ascertain what is necessary conflict and what isn’t. It certainly looks as though you might need to assert yourself in some way or set a boundary if others have been taking advantage of you. In your quest for peace and happiness, you will learn (if you haven’t already done so) to make compromises.


Pisces: You will be extremely work-oriented this week. If you are in government service or in the corporate world, there are great chances of a move up the ladder. Health will, however, pose a few problems, now and in the coming weeks too. Since Pisceans are often delicate and also neglectful, care is a must. A lot of what you feel in the body is not really you – you’re picking up energies from the environment and from people you are in rapport with. Don’t identify with these sensations. Just observe them, relax and take appropriate precautions. As the Sun moves into your zone of work and service, this is an ideal opportunity to be productive and get a lot done. Its wider purpose is to enable you to give to others in ways that make you feel good while also leaving others feeling happier.