Free Weekly Horoscope – September 1 to 7, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for September 1 – September 7, 2019

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Venus in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn (September 1 – September 11) brings the timely gift of love, but paradoxically, it also allows for some peace in the closure of a love relationship. This is the aspect to enhance a love vow or oath with the timely application of loving energy, and is also a good aspect to better understand the importance of devotion and responsive caring.

Venus in Virgo is square Jupiter in Sagittarius (September 2 – September 13). Our experience of beauty and affection is challenged and tested with the difficulty of attracting or acquiring prosperity. Some might say that the act of appreciating beauty is a form of prosperity in itself. Unfortunately, this aspect may create the hardship of our not being able to acknowledge beauty as a form of wealth within itself. This aspect reminds us that something more than love’s blindness is required in order for us to fully realize our riches.

Mercury and Mars conjunct in Virgo (September 3 – September 13) brings the forces of communication (Mercury) together with the forces of action (Mars). This is not a very good time for bluffing. This aspect brings words and deeds together – the greatest actions occur with words and are empowered in the expression of the message. This is an excellent aspect to get others motivated through speech.

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces (September 4 – September 13) brings on an acute awareness of the opposing struggle between classic feminine archetypes in today’s changing modern culture, and the universal and natural or spiritual expression of femininity, which is often at odds with a new model of beauty. This may also be an awakening aspect for the feminine spirit to see the divine within.

Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn (September 5 – September 12) brings favorable dialog concerning where to draw the lines. This is a good time to make an impression, to teach and to communicate to others those important matters that must be clarified. Timely information and news represents a gift or blessing and news concerning the end of a long and arduous task brings relief.

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on September 6 puts the emphasis on travel and vision quests. With this visionary process comes the desire to expand. While the Virgo Sun reminds us to budget our resources for the coming of the changing season, Sagittarius Moon reminds us to extend ourselves while the brilliant beauty of summer is still happening.

Mercury in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius (September 6 – September 14) creates a difficult block between the media, or communications industry, and the sponsors and producers of consumer goods. Another way of putting this may be to note that this block of energy flow occurs between Mercury, represented as the salesman, informant, and negotiator and Jupiter, represented as the source that allows wealth to flow: manufacturer, banker, fund raiser, etc.

Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (September 6 – September 14) allows a breakthrough to occur for those who fear accepting the work of fate. This aspect can often help us to overcome the pain of separation concerning love. It is the place where love triumphs over death. Replace what is lost with the act of love itself. In this there is great power.

Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces (September 7 – September 13) brings out an acute awareness in discussions concerning disputes or challenges with regard to personal and religious beliefs. It also brings out strong discussions regarding spiritual matters, and there is often a push for a really good argument to ensue. It is wisest to be clear on one’s own beliefs, and not to put oneself in a position of having to defend or expose those beliefs before a pack of merciless critics.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: You might feel that there’s so much to do and not enough time to get it done, as this week’s tempo will probably be busy and demanding. On the plus side, it will also be a productive week. What you need to watch out for is a tendency to do too much or to overdo whatever you’re engaged in. There is an element of excess to this week’s energies, and if you’re not careful, this could undermine your health. Try to pace yourself and to be moderate in all your endeavors. That way, you’ll end the week having accomplished a lot and with your health intact.

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Taurus: Going over the top in some way needs to be guarded against this week, as a lack of moderation or realism could lead you into an unproductive situation. It may be tempting to think that there’s a pot of gold at the end of a particular rainbow, but under this week’s configuration, it is probably an illusion. It would be better to focus on what you know is real and true and to use your creative energies to bring about some kind of change that will, in some small way, get you closer to where you want to be. Honesty, transparency, realism, moderation, discipline and a focused mind will procure the best results this week.

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Gemini: There might be a lot happening on the domestic front now, but your path in life and your relationships with others might also be featured, making this a very important time to focus on your priorities. What matters most to you? Are you currently demonstrating that? This is a good week to reconnect with your innermost needs. By making it your mission to nourish yourself and those close to you, it will become apparent what needs to stay and what needs to go. Focus on creating a nurturing space, and don’t let others derail you. If you feel confused about which direction to take, give it a little more time before making a decision.

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Cancer: This week is all about communication, and your choice is whether to communicate in love and kindness or with anger and impatience. It might seem that something needs to be said, and this is certainly an ideal time to get your message across, which bodes especially well if you are involved in teaching, speaking, writing, sales or anything else that relies on communication. Be it with neighbors, family members, or people you meet along travels, it is important to remember that we have tremendous power to affect others’ well-being with our speech and listening skills. This is one such time when you can inspire or demoralize, depending on your state of mind.

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Leo: With a cluster of planets in your money zone, the time has come to contemplate material matters with a view to making empowering changes. It seems everything is on your side to help you bring about a positive improvement, from how you’re earning your money to getting what you need and creating greater satisfaction in your job. And the key may be to utilize your talents and focus on what you love. If you need some encouragement, ask others whether you have what it takes but remember that ultimately whether you can is determined by your belief in yourself.

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Virgo: With a cluster of planets in your sign, this is a good time to make headway with your personal goals and ambitions. Doing whatever is important to you will recharge your batteries and lift your spirits, so be resolute in your determination to follow your feelings. It’s also important to begin to take action, because there is a window of opportunity open to you now, but it won’t last forever. First, get clear on what you want to do and then go and do it.

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Libra: With a cluster of planets in your zone of endings and seclusion, this is a time for winding things down rather than charging full steam ahead into new ventures. For one thing, you probably don’t have the energy, so instead of trying to force things, why not go with the flow to see where that takes you. The universe might decide that you would benefit from some time out from your usual routines, and this could provide the refreshment that your spirit is seeking. Perhaps you sense the need to rest or retreat in order to recharge. Whatever the case, this is a time to feel your way forward rather than use logic to figure things out.

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Scorpio: Part of the difficulty in achieving one’s goals in life is in knowing what you want to achieve. Once we have a clear idea, we are at least halfway there, and this week, as a cluster of planets align in your house of hopes and dreams, your vision for the future is likely to become a whole lot clearer. Not only that, but you’ll have the motivation to start making things happen. Thus, this is a great week for getting out into the world and making a difference. It doesn’t matter whether that difference is large or small. You could be making a difference in society or in your community. Maybe you will forge new connections with people who lead to new opportunities. Perhaps you will simply help a friend or acquaintance who then in turn helps someone else. Whatever good you do, be assured that it will ripple out and reach more people that you can imagine.

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Sagittarius: New directions beckon, so if you are in a position to make a change, then take it that the omens are good. It certainly seems that things can’t stay the same and the more daring and adventurous you can be, the better. You have what it takes to be successful now, and at the very least, there should be a sense of forward movement in your career or your purpose in life. You just need to be mindful of sorrows or confusion on the home/family front, as this could, if you’re not careful, impede your progress.

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Capricorn: Adventure is your theme as a cluster of planets aligns in your travel and expansion zone. Whatever you choose to do, make it a challenge. Perhaps confront a fear, visit a new place, or try something new. Alternatively, you might feel drawn to learn something that stretches your mind, or maybe you don’t need to do anything because life will send an opportunity to knock on your door. All you have to do is say yes, for in the acceptance of the call, you will grow as a person and ultimately, that’s what life is really about.

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Aquarius: Do you know what your demons are? Are you aware of how much energy it takes to try to keep on top of them? Many of us carry guilty secrets, anger and resentment, or fears and insecurities, but if we don’t periodically attempt to deal with them, they can make our lives miserable. There is a strong transformative element this week, meaning that you’re in a good position to face your monsters and to transform them into something positive and powerful. A willingness to let go might be all that’s needed at this stage.

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Pisces: “A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.” With Joubert’s quote in mind, you might not be able to change other people, but you can change how you relate to them. As a cluster of planets activates your relationship zone this week, it seems that tolerance is the key to maintaining your equilibrium. Try not to allow other people’s negativity or inconsiderate behavior knock you off your trajectory, because Jupiter at the top of your chart promises success and opportunities if you are open to receive them. Be there for others, but don’t be taken advantage of.

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