Free Weekly Horoscope – September 8 to 14, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for September 8 – September 14, 2019

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Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (September 8 – September 14) brings favorable news and optimistic discussion around issues of control and power. Mercury is the communications tower that transmits information concerning those lively issues that deeply concern us. Pluto’s disruptive energy focuses our attention on painful realities. This is a good time to express encouraging words and reinforce the troubled people of our world with a sense of hope.

Mars in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn (September 9 – October 12) affects our actions with a sense of good timing. This is a favorable time to apply diligent practice to one’s favorite sport, especially those physical activities which demand precision and perfect timing.

Mars in Virgo square Jupiter in Sagittarius (September 12 – September 24) is a very difficult time to excel in business endeavors, especially in actively trading markets. The square aspect of these two planets creates a challenging dynamic in the struggle to grow economically. This aspect warns us that there will be trouble when approaching the job market aggressively. Trying to make progress using headstrong attitudes and unwarranted self-confidence might impede progress.

Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Virgo (September 13 – September 14) suggesting an emphasis on the need to communicate love. This conjunction of Mercury and Venus takes place in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo, and this is a time when intimate thoughts and secrets are shared, or these thoughts are possibly even doubted and questioned by a loved one. Thus, this is an excellent aspect to discuss and communicate love matters.

Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces (September 14 – September 28). Mars activates and stirs up action, while Neptune calms and dissolves all concern. When in opposition these two planets create an acute awareness of our spiritual beliefs and how those beliefs are being expressed and absorbed. Establishing a healthy attitude about yourself and your own beliefs is the best remedy for dealing with oppositions to our spiritual well-being.

Mercury enters Libra (September 14 – October 3). Libra is the autumn sign that emphasizes balance and adjustment. Mercury in Libra brings us a mental focus on the acts of harmonizing and adjusting to the changing season. This is a good time for people to converse by gathering and collecting important information as our decision making process kicks into high gear.

Venus enters Libra (September 14 – October 8) and during this period, the course of magnetism, affection and feminine perception begins to focus on harmonizing and balancing relationships, marriages and friendships. Through dealing, compromising and attempting more sensitivity to others, living with and showing affection to those with whom we have chosen to be becomes the focus of Venus in Libra.

Full Moon in Pisces on September 14 brings out the psychic in everyone. People can be very sensitive and as a result, express themselves in a very artistic or perhaps even nonsensical manner. Don’t overdo anything as far as trying to accomplish the perfect atmosphere as a very little bit can go a very long way with the Full Moon in Pisces.

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Aries: From progress to disappointment, the Full Moon on September 14 is liable to leave you feeling unmotivated and unable to make much headway. This could be down to poor energy levels, a lack of motivation, or circumstances that resemble a quagmire. This could be frustrating, because you probably want to get on with things but feel unable to. The antidote for this is to take time out to rest and to carefully examine the deeper reasons for any frustration. Is what you want really that important? Do you think if you achieve a particular thing that it will make you happy, or would you benefit from something softer and gentler? Would tolerance and acceptance help? Or would your life function better if you were more organized? It might be difficult to get on top of things, but that is what you should aim for, because once things are in order – be it your body, soul or circumstances – everything else will work better.

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Taurus: If you can’t see the way forward, it may be best to wait a while until things clear, which will happen after the Full Moon on September4. Until then, it will be easy to fall for some kind of illusion, cast by either your wishful thinking or someone else’s false promises. Be particularly wary of friends, acquaintances, and other contacts who might add to the confusion. Conversely, there may be an element of sadness, which could easily be amplified, as emotions likely will be running high. Take all this with a pinch of salt though, because the truth of a situation is usually quite different (and better) from what might seem apparent at first. Therefore, it would be prudent to give things a little time before jumping to conclusions or allowing yourself to be swept away on a tide of emotion that may in hindsight seem rather silly. Immersing yourself in fun and creative activities is the way to go, and it could help to remember the following: “People who laugh actually live longer than those who don’t laugh. Few persons realize that health actually varies according to the amount of laughter one enjoys.” (James J. Walsh).

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Gemini: Everything that was said last week applies this week, only more so. A confusing Full Moon occurs at the top of your chart on September 14, increasing uncertainty and making it even more difficult to choose the right path. Wait until this influence is over before making decisions, especially those that relate to your personal or professional life. Be wary of someone who promises big things but is unlikely to deliver. Trust your instincts rather than the words of others, because it looks as though the most reliable person is you. Be the end of the week, things should become clearer.

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Cancer: It is said that 95 percent of our decisions and actions are made subconsciously, with little conscious awareness. From the people we choose as partners and friends to the reactions we display in certain situations, much of our lives are automatic responses resulting from the subconscious tapes that we have running in our minds. If you want to exercise a little more free will, the Full Moon on September 14 will show you where your automatic responses, limiting beliefs and negativity originate. This is a good week to challenge not just your belief system (particularly if it’s limiting you) but also to change your outlook on life. Maybe the trick this week is to take a situation that seems problematic and turn it around to find the good in it.

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Leo: There is a strong financial aspect to this week’s picture, particularly around the Full Moon on September 14, which could bring about some uncertainty, confusion or deception. However, the good news is that you’re the one with the power, so don’t be deterred if someone says you can’t have something or that you will come out as the loser. You would be well advised to not take what other people say too seriously. Rather, press on doing your thing and believing in your ability to succeed. Honor usually triumphs and even when it doesn’t, at least your conscience will be clear. Aim to be sensible and realistic with material matters. This may mean living within your means and refraining from buying or investing in things you don’t really need. It also could mean setting some boundaries so that you’re not adversely affected by others. Either way, it is advisable to wait another week or so before making important financial decisions.

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Virgo: With a Full Moon in your opposite sign, this may not be the most straightforward week you’ve ever had, especially where other people are concerned. Perhaps someone is causing confusion or, worse, being deceptive. Either way, it looks as though you will need to be the strong one. You could benefit from setting some boundaries so that you’re not being swamped by the other person. Having said that, it might be tempting to take a view that may seem quite harsh to others, especially those feeling extra-sensitive or going through a difficult time. Perhaps the best approach is to find a middle ground and to be kind and compassionate but also remain strong and resolute.

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Libra: Given the amount of problems the world is currently facing, it’s not surprising that we take everything so seriously, and there is no doubt that this contributes to the wave of physical and mental illness across the planet. If your health could be better, rather than seeking physical cures – particularly if you’ve always done that to no avail – it might be wise to consider how a jovial spirit often coincides with good health. If your life has become too serious, find ways to lighten it up. Making time for fun, watching comedy, spending time with friends, or doing things you enjoy could all help your cells to function better. Leave the heavy stuff behind, and you may find that all becomes well.

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Scorpio: There is a strong social theme this week, which could burn a hole in your pocket if you’re not careful. While it’s great to get out and enjoy yourself, be wary of overspending – unless your wallet can take the strain! Being overly optimistic when it comes to finances and material matters in general could be a problem so think twice before committing yourself to investing in something that might not be worth it. If money isn’t plentiful, then find ways to enjoy yourself that don’t overextend you. When purchasing something, consider whether you truly need it or whether you’re buying into an illusion. Friendship is the key now, which is perhaps best summed up in this quote: “’The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate these, they can pass you by.”

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Sagittarius: You could be forgiven for feeling like an elastic band that’s about to snap under the Full Moon this week and you will need to be extra tolerant as well as realistic to emerge at the end of the week with your sanity intact. The Full Moon may test you on the domestic front, and it’s here that you will need your wits about you, as your emotions could take you over. If things are uncertain, try to focus your energies on the future rather than the past, because the path ahead is full of potential while what has gone will only seek to bog you down and make you lose your way. At the same time, you need to be realistic about what is possible and to not let sorrows from the past drive you toward that which is inappropriate. Onward and upward should be your motto now despite whatever challenges occur emotionally.

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Capricorn: Don’t let doubts, fears or apathy stop you from experiencing more of what life has to offer. Under this week’s Full Moon, it might be easy to refuse an invitation or to not bother doing something that might actually be good for you so when the temptation arises to say no to something, try to summon the effort to partake in life, because chances are that you will be glad you did. The key to your success now lies in being willing to push out of your comfort zone or to look at life in a different, broader way. Don’t fence yourself in. Be open to opportunities and get ready to say yes!

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Aquarius: Money and material matters take center stage as a Full Moon falls in your financial zone. There could be an element of confusion and uncertainty around the time of this Full Moon, so it is advisable to refrain from making financial decision and impulse buys around this time. It might appear that you’re not in a strong position financially, and your ability to call the shots may be limited. It is better to turn your attention away from material matters, if possible. Instead, focus on increasing your connections with the world, whether that’s through your friendships and acquaintances or by connecting with groups and organizations. Be more involved with life, and you will find that the material problems don’t seem much of a big deal.

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Pisces: The Full Moon on September 14 could be troublesome, especially if you don’t have your boundaries in place where other people are concerned. This could be another week where relationships take up a lot of your energy, and although this might be a mixed bag in terms of happy times and difficulties, the overriding energy is one of tension, conflict and confusion. You might need to be more assertive and draw a line people cannot cross. Alternatively, you might need to decide not to engage in conflict but rather to demonstrate loving kindness instead. It might be that you need a mix of assertiveness and kindness, but whatever is happening with you and others, see it as an opportunity to improve any relationship that means something to you.

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