Free Weekly Horoscope – September 22 to 28, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for September 22 – September 28, 2019

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Last Quarter Moon in Gemini on September 22 brings out talkative moods and informative interaction. People will have a lot on their minds and intellectual pursuits are emphasized, but this is the time to ease the mind by not using it so much to stir unwanted and frustrating mixed emotions.

Mercury in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius (September 24 – September 29) may bring good news of expansion or prosperity to those who are open to broadening their awareness. Mercury brings news while Jupiter brings wealth and prosperous advancement. This is an especially good time to look openly for opportunity when sharing information and to promote oneself and one’s actions or even start a new enterprise.

Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn (September 25 – October 5) creates obstacles and restrictions concerning the timely expression of love. This aspect sometimes creates blocks in the flow of care and love due to external responsibilities and restrictions that cause and create separation. No matter how much one prioritizes their focuses of love, it is still likely to be misinterpreted on some level during Venus square Saturn.

Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (September 26 – October 2) brings obstacles with regard to communicating to those of other generations. This is a particularly difficult time to deal with harsh issues and discuss them in a manner that makes the hardships any easier.

New Moon in Virgo on September 28 is a splendid time to organize one’s life in a new manner. It calls to our feelings a new form of skepticism, a new way of analyzing and to apply caution. New Virgo Moon prepares us for the changes occurring around us in the physical world.

Venus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius (September 28 – October 5) leads matters concerning love and attraction to a favorable opportunity to allowing for advancement to more prosperous realms. This serves as an excellent time to shower loved ones with gifts and compliments to allow expansion to occur in love matters, and to take the next step towards enlivening and enhancing a love relationship.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: After what could have been a demanding few weeks, the emphasis shifts toward the enjoyment you can have sharing your time with like-minded folk. The New Moon on September 28 in this area signifies the opportunity to make a fresh start in a relationship, to allow the past to fall away, and to let bygones be bygones. New relationships can also be forged at this time, as can commitments in existing relationships. Reconnecting with partners, perhaps by spending more time together, is favorable now, and it will be easier to communicate in a heartfelt, loving way. Overall, this is a great week to focus on others and to remember that much of our well-being comes from happy and satisfied relationships.

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Taurus: The New Moon on September 28 is an ideal time to focus on your health and general well-being, and if all isn’t perfect, it’s a good time to make the change that will support your body, mind and spirit. In the run up to September 28, it would be beneficial to clear out anything that isn’t supportive. For example, let go of detrimental habits: the coffee that kick-starts your day but drains you later, a lack of exercise, or inconsistent routines. Use the New Moon to implement new habits and routines that will nourish you.

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Gemini: The New Moon in your fun and creativity zone marks the beginning of a lighter period, suggesting that to improve your well-being and happiness levels, you will follow your heart in matters large and small. Now is a good time to sign up for a creative course or a class you would enjoy. It’s also good for beginning a creative project or to simply spend some time doing what you like, whether that’s going out for a meal or taking a trip to the theater, art gallery or cinema. There is a cultured element to this New Moon, so it’s a good time to remember that there’s more to life than work and that subjecting yourself to the arts is good for the soul.

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Cancer: It’s all about your home and family this week as a New Moon on September 28 brings the potential for change and new beginnings in this area. It’s a good time to make changes at home: clear out your clutter, determine how you can make your home a more nurturing space, or welcome a new addition. Relations with family members could benefit too, so if things have been strained, now is the time to let go of the past and to build on what you have. This is a good moment to evaluate the integrity of your home to see whether there’s a way to make it stronger.

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Leo: The New Moon on September 28 is the perfect time to examine your attitude to see whether there’s any room for improvement. Most Leos are pretty positive, having a can-do approach to life, but there is bound to be some little chink in your armor. Perhaps a mental concept lets you down from time to time. This is the perfect time to try to change it. At the very least, remind yourself that a positive approach tends to bring about positive results, so if there’s a particular outcome you want, something you’re trying to achieve, or a relationship you want to improve, your attitude will count for more than you might realize.

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Virgo: Whether you’re already doing what you love or not, this week’s New Moon on September 28 is an opportune time to turn over a new leaf in your material world and leave any old sabotaging habits behind. It is also a good time to negotiate, and the key to getting what you want is to really appreciate your worth. If you’re not valuing yourself, it is unlikely that others will. However, when you realize what you have to offer, others will respond in kind – through an increase in income or a change in job or anything else that facilitates a better state of financial affairs. A fresh approach will produce good results toward the end of the week, particularly if that goes hand in hand with focusing on doing what you enjoy.

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Libra: It’s time for new beginnings and a renewal of spirit as a New Moon alongside Mercury and Venus in your sign brings opportunities for enjoyment, positive communications, and a fresh start. September 28 especially is the day to set your intention for what you desire, and from this point on, you can move forward. The whole of this week, however, is good for recharging your batteries and spending more time engaged in pursuits and activities that make you feel good. This is particularly important if you have been bogged down by heavy stuff, especially on a domestic level or with your inner feelings. There could still be some issues here, but by averting your attention to what you need and enjoy, everything else will either begin to slot into place or not seem such a big deal.

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Scorpio: The New Moon on September 28 signals the need to release the past. Now is the time to bring something to a close so that you can move on. It may also be a good time to begin something of a spiritual or esoteric nature, from a psychic development or meditation course to a dream journal or course of healing. Allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition will be the best course of action now, so go with what feels right. You can heighten your inner knowing by slowing down and allowing yourself more quiet time alone. Rest may also be a requirement, and this is a good time to replenish your spirit by engaging in activities that nourish you on an inner level.

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Sagittarius: The end of the month should be a lot easier than the previous weeks. Although there is still potential to make progress with your life direction and to manifest your hopes for your future into reality, the New Moon on September 28 has a very sociable feel and invites you to enjoy life a little more than you have recently. Now is the time to hook up with your friends, get out and about, or forge new friendships and connections. There are few things that we can achieve on our own, and this is certainly one time when you will achieve more as part of a team. In fact, it may be helpful to gather your tribe, those like-minded people who will support you in your endeavors.

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Capricorn: Perhaps it’s time to put the past behind you as a glorious New Moon occurs at the top of your chart, encouraging you to focus on the future and your direction in life. This is a good time to start something new, forge a new beginning, or head in a new direction. Starting afresh concerning your career will be rewarded, so now is the time to begin a new project, jot down ideas, or decide to do things differently from now on. You don’t have to remain shackled to the past or continue to do things the way they’ve always been done.

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Aquarius: While this is a good week to take a trip to see new places, it might be more important to try to see a situation in a new way. We can all get stuck in our habitual thought patterns and choices, which eventually can become quite limiting. A particular problem could transform when you see it with new eyes. This is a good week to question yourself or to see whether you can challenge yourself to think bigger or more optimistically. Perhaps there is a way to make lemonade out of your lemons.

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Pisces: It’s time to make a fresh start as a New Moon occurs in your zone of rebirth. Let go of whatever is old, outworn, or beyond repair. It’s also a good time to release anything that has been sabotaging you. This could be anything from a bad habit to a soul-destroying situation. Detoxing your body and cleaning your home are other good uses of this New Moon, and by the end of the week, you should feel a sense of renewal as releasing the old energies makes way for the new.

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