Free Weekly Horoscope – Oct 27 to Nov 2, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for October 27 – November 2, 2019

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Mars in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn (October 27 – November 9) commonly affects actions with a sense of poor timing. Offensive and defensive forces are likely to be confronted with this aspect. This is a good time to proceed with extra caution and to continue to stay constantly focused during these Mars square Saturn days.

New Moon in Scorpio is on October 28. Change is around us all the time – spontaneously erupting in our lives. This New Moon puts us in touch with a new understanding of the passionate depths we experience through birth, sex, death and transformation.

Mercury and Venus conjunct in Scorpio (October 30 – November 2) is an excellent time to discuss and communicate about love matters, and it is likely that an endless flow of details will get expressed. Know that there is a need to communicate the love occurring in your life right now, and the most thoughtful, easygoing and light-hearted ways of expressing that love might be best.

Venus enters Sagittarius (November 1 – November 26) bringing out a love of the arts, philosophy, travel, cultural exploration, outer space and sports achievements. Expect an extroverted spirit of camaraderie among people in general, spreading affection beyond the usual bounds.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: The New Moon in your power zone on October 28 makes this the week to take charge and transform a difficult situation into something better or let it go completely. It’s a good week to let go of detrimental habits and anything that no longer serves you while working to improve what has potential. It might help to imagine the snake shedding its skin: sometimes you outgrow a part of yourself and need to move on. This could well be one of those times, so whether it’s a little tweak or a radical shift, the trick is being willing to change.

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Taurus: If a relationship could do with an invigoration of energy, the New Moon on October 28 is a good omen. This is a helpful time to start over with someone, move on from difficulties and welcome a new phase. New relationships can also be forged at this point, and with Uranus in your sign, it could well be a case of “watch this space,” as anything could happen. In fact, it might be wise to not try to predict too much or take anything for granted, because a very uncertain dynamic is currently at work. Do not act in haste; wait until this week is over, at least, before making any moves. Remember that the key to success in your personal life is communicating in a loving and compassionate manner. Forgiveness and acceptance are the solutions to any current problem.

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Gemini: While you still need to pursue your passions, it’s also time to become more organized and get down to work. You have things you need to attend to related to work, health, obligations or general stuff that needs sorting, and the New Moon on October 28 is the perfect time to get your life more streamlined and functioning more effectively. Evaluate your routines to see whether they are working for you. Keeping late hours and erratic habits, for example, are not good for Geminis, tempting as they are. Use this New Moon to make some revisions in your daily life.

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Cancer: Life begins to lighten with the Sun in your house of fun followed by a New Moon in the same zone. This is the moment to stop taking life so seriously and see its funny side. Look at life as a game to be enjoyed. If you can see yourself and others as characters in a play or a game, then suddenly things are no longer life or death. Begin this process by inviting more fun and laughter into your days or by engaging in a favorite hobby or creative project. It is, in short, a time to express yourself: sing, dance, write, make art or music, take photos, do crafts or cook. Do something that expresses the essence of who you are, and enjoy it.

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Leo: A need for moderation and steadiness continues as unpredictable Uranus opposes the New Moon. The days around October 28 could be unsettled, and it might be best to go with whatever is happening without too much resistance. For example, you might have disruptions at home or changes at work. The good news is that this brings an opportunity for positive change and new beginnings. If you have had any sort of stagnancy in your life, you can be sure that sudden events are the universe’s way of saying it’s time for change. Whether the changes are to your liking or not, remember that the purpose is the same: to move you forward in some way and to bring a little more excitement to your days.

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Virgo: With a New Moon in your communication zone on October 28, it’s time to try a new perspective in your thinking. Could your attitude do with more positivity, for example, or do you need to see opportunities where previously you saw dead ends? Perhaps you need to believe in yourself a bit more or in the universe’s ability to give you what you need. You might experience a eureka moment in which previous doubts or confusion fall away, leaving you with a much clearer sense of how things actually are or how they can be if you apply yourself in the right way. This is a great opportunity to break free from previous limitations and restrictions which should bring about a real sense of freedom and possibility.

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Libra: Money and your material life take center stage as the New Moon on October 28 brings the opportunity to make some changes in this department. Perhaps now is the time to adopt a more empowering mindset where you believe you can be more financially abundant, become more organized with your finances, or whatever that would lead to an improvement. Correspondingly, a shift in attitude might result in a new opportunity, or it could be the other way around: some change brings about a more positive mindset. Either way, this is the week to expect changes in your material life and to negotiate for what you want.

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Scorpio: It’s time for new beginnings and a renewed sense of energy and potential as the New Moon on October 28 falls in your sign. Now you can make a fresh start or begin something new. Life could take a new direction. At the very least, set your intention for something you would like to happen, and then use your mental powers to bring it into being. It might help to remember that windows of opportunity don’t stay open forever, and if you want to make things happen and improve your lot, it helps to move in sync with the forces around you. That time for you is now, so don’t waste it.

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Sagittarius: As the New Moon takes place in your spiritual zone on October 28, it’s time to take your foot off the gas and rest and gather yourself. If you’re unsure what to do next, this is the perfect time to receive spiritual guidance. Whether you meditate to tune in to the answer or wait for your nightly dreams to provide a clue, you need to allow yourself a certain amount of quiet and solitude to hear the whispers of your soul. Allow your feelings to guide you. Sagittarians are blessed with the ability to just know, and your wisdom is second to none, so you don’t need to over think anything; just let your intuition guide you.

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Capricorn: The New Moon in your zone of future hopes and wishes on October 28 is a good omen if you have a dream or a desire that you wish to fulfill. It’s all about being more connected, so now is a good time to think about how you can be more involved in life, whether it’s through your community or the wider world. Joining a group and participating in a worthy cause are good uses of this New Moon, as would making a new friend or forging new connections. This is a very sociable New Moon, so you might find yourself out and about more than usual or spending more time with friends, all of which are good.

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Aquarius: Success and achievement beckon this week as the New Moon lands at the top of your chart on October 28. This is a good moment to focus on your career and welcome new beginnings and fresh starts, whether it’s a new project or a fresh determination to move on with your vocation. If you have any questions or uncertainties in this area, it can help to think about what you really want to do while trying not to let doubts and fears get in the way.

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Pisces: The New Moon on October 28 signifies that it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and to dare to do something new or different. It doesn’t really matter how small a thing it is. It could just be something you haven’t previously entertained. The purpose of the New Moon in your adventure zone is to help you break free from your restrictions, and sometimes it takes an experience or a journey to do that. This is a week to look forward to, as you will likely receive an invitation or an opportunity that will be wise to accept, even if your first thought is to decline. Sometimes you don’t always know what is good for you, but the universe does. Watch and wait and then say yes to whatever comes your way.

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