Free Weekly Horoscope – November 10 to 16, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for November 10 – 16, 2019

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Full Moon in Taurus on November 12 invites us to celebrate beauty and the perfection of the valuable elements of the earth and brings us an appreciation for the beauty in nature. This Full Moon reminds us to take the time to enjoy and create beauty around us and indulge ourselves a little in some luxurious pleasure or leisure time.

Mars in Libra is sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 12 – November 21). This is the time to make true efforts to promote career skills or to enhance a career move. Remember – action is required; mere good intentions will get you nothing while this aspect is in full force.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn (November 13 – November 16) gives people an opportunity to earn vital lessons concerning boundaries, limitations and responsibilities. Mercury sextile Saturn holds the potential to bring out very important news, so long as we are paying attention and listening. This tends to be a time when struggles and difficulties are frequently discussed, and people collectively draw conclusions concerning how to best handle their problems or responsibilities.

Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (November 13 – November 20) is a superb aspect for discussing personal philosophies and metaphysical subjects, and a good time to communicate with the spirit world. Mercury trine Neptune brings gifts of encouraging news from spirit. Out of the upheaval comes a much needed boon. Those who are open to communication and prayer will have a spiritual channel now open to their hearts and minds, to find peace where it is desired.

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (November 14 – November 22) indicates what we want is challenged by what we know is best for us. Consequently, it may be difficult for some people to make a personal connection with spiritual teachings. Beliefs concerning love matters may be tested. Despite the conflicts, this is a time to rise to the challenge of believing in love and loving your own choice of spiritual path.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: Whatever has been confusing or uncertain begins to clear as the Full Moon on November 12 brings illumination, particularly to financial and personal issues. If you’re still grappling in the dark and unsure how best to progress, think about your main values; these will point you in the right direction. For example, if your main values are freedom, courage, and passion, any decision you make needs to be in alignment with these values. Write down the cornerstones of your life – the parts of yourself you deem the best – and use the Full Moon to make some changes.

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Taurus: Although a strong relationship theme is present, making this a good time to enjoy being with other people, the Full Moon in your sign on November 12 puts the spotlight on you; it highlights the need to determine what you want. Whether you need to promote yourself or dance more to your own tune, the Full Moon helps you become clear about what needs to happen for your well-being. Others can play key roles, perhaps providing support, encouragement, or something you need to progress, so don’t forget the importance of sharing your thoughts, idea and requests for help. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

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Gemini: It might help to start listening to your gut feelings this week, especially if you have a problem or a dilemma, because the Full Moon in your house of the soul on November 12 is likely to reveal helpful insight. You might also receive a revelation that isn’t entirely to your liking, but the main thing is to remember that your inner compass will lead you in the right direction. Trust yourself and the messages being revealed to you. Even if things seem a bit strange, go with them; it could be that things are happening behind the scenes that will make more sense in time.

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Cancer: Once you know who you are, it’s easier to go into the world and do your thing, which is what the Full Moon on November 12 is all about. As Mercury continues its backward motion, it pays to focus on yourself, your creativity and what you love to do. Joy is the central theme, so consider what fills you with delight and makes you come alive. Don’t be afraid to make a change or alter course if it feels right to do so, especially if it concerns your future hopes and dreams. Whatever happens around this Full Moon is evidence of how you need to proceed, so look out for stop or go signs, and respond accordingly.

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Leo: Home and work are the central issues, as a Full Moon occurs at the top of your chart on November 12. Things could come to fruition in your professional life, which could feel rather satisfying, but you will likely have issues relating to your home life or difficulty achieving balance between home and work. Direct your focus to matters closer to home, because the more you can resolve and straighten out domestically, the easier you will find success in other departments. Without a strong foundation, little of merit can be accomplished. Attend to whatever is pressing at home, and everything else should take care of itself.

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Virgo: Your beliefs are ripe for change as the Full Moon opposes Mercury retrograde in your zone of attitude and communication. Everything in your life boils down to what goes on in your head: think it and it will be so. If your life has room for improvement, this is potentially a pivotal time when you can change things by changing your thought patterns. This is easier said than done, because beliefs run deep, but this is one of those times when it is easier to dismantle old, rigid mental structures. See if you can become conscious of where your thinking holds you back. If you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative, give thanks; then you can begin to correct it.

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Libra: The Full Moon on November 12 activates your financial areas, so once again the theme is monetary. This time other people could be involved, which complicates the picture slightly. It’s one thing when you only have to deal with your financial stuff, but it’s quite another when you have another person to consider. Maybe it’s with a partner, a bank manager, a government official, or your clients; whatever the case, a change is in the offing. The change could be how money comes to you, so you might need to adopt a flexible and detached approach. Either way, it all comes to a head this week. You should find that things get easier after the Full Moon, but it won’t hurt to give reasonable consideration to your financial picture and perhaps see how your thoughts and beliefs contribute to your current situation.

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Scorpio: As the Moon grows full in your opposite sign on November 12, other people are likely to become more important, at least in the sense that you will have to give some attention to a particular relationship. While you might be busy dealing with your own life and issues, changes happening with another person might need your support. This is a time of harvest. Whether it’s plentiful or not depends on how much effort you’ve put in. If you’re happy with the results, this is a week to enjoy the fruits of your labors. If there’s room for improvement, this Full Moon shows you where you need to direct your energy. The answer could lie in connecting more fully with someone.

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Sagittarius: Health and work are the main contenders for your attention as the Moon grows full on November 12. This would be a good time to bring matters to a head in either or both of these domains. What will help you most is not the opinions of others, but your intuition. What does your gut say? You would be wise to trust it, for it’s likely to be very accurate. Making a change could also be beneficial, so once you’ve tuned in and listened to your intuition, be willing to make necessary alterations. This is not the time to keep things as they are; it is a time to innovate.

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Capricorn: If you need a reason to let your hair down and do what you want for a change, then the Full Moon on November 12 gives you a good excuse. The Moon is positioning itself in your house of fun, giving you permission to enjoy some much needed downtime and to immerse yourself in hobbies or creative activities. We all need to replenish ourselves from time to time, and the Full Moon is such a time for you. This could be a very sociable week, with friends and group activities high on the agenda. All this should lend a sense of ease and laid-back enjoyment, which is ultimately what you’re after. You also have more power than usual to make things happen, so if there’s something you want to manifest – a project, idea, relationship, or event – get to it, for you will likely be successful.

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Aquarius: You might feel like a ship without a rudder this week. As the Full Moon occurs in your domestic zone on November 12, things could get a little intense, especially at home. Remind yourself that whatever goes on this week is a little out of the ordinary and probably not worth spending too much time sweating over. Trying to achieve and accomplish anything constructive might be tricky, so you might be better off opening yourself to freedom and spontaneity. At the same time, it might help to set some limits or boundaries for yourself. Otherwise, you could end up feeling all over the place. Perhaps the best use of the Full Moon will be to get in touch with your inner feelings and do whatever needs to be done for your home and family. Something is likely to come to fruition, which makes it easier for you to move on.

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Pisces: Prepare for one or two frustrations as the Full Moon opposes Mercury retrograde in your travel and movement areas on November 12. Getting from A to B could be problematic, so allow for more time, and be ready with a sack full of patience if things don’t go according to plan. Take any glitches and hold-ups as signs that you need to turn within and reflect on the deeper meaning of your place in the universe. If you already live a meaningful life, this week should pass without too much irritation. But if your place in the universe is not yet certain, use this week to ask some bigger questions, such as “What gives me a sense of meaning?” “What would feel like a big adventure for me?” Use your answers/insights to illuminate the path ahead.

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