Free Weekly Horoscope – December 8 – 14, 2019

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for December 8-14, 2019

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Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (December 8 – December 16) is a good time to focus love on spiritual beliefs. This aspect can have a strong healing effect on the soul, and reaches into the feminine parts of our being with a calm fortitude. This serves as an excellent aspect to reach out spiritually to those we love as well as to our spirit guides.

Mercury enters Sagittarius (December 9 – January 16, 2020) and during the next five weeks, we are able to see the big picture with much positive energy. No matter how dark things might look around us, we want to focus on the silver lining of every black cloud. Because we expect happy outcomes, they invariably happen.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (December 11 – December 21) is a favorable time to apply discipline with regard to art and love related matters. It represents the diligent application of taking care of the people and things we love. It may also indicate there is a strong timely quality about love matters taking place, or that love matters are undergoing a restriction, or possibly even closure of some kind.

Full Moon in Gemini (December 12) manifests itself by the need for changes and spontaneity. Safety lies in thinking about your feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak with ease these days. You might have a better ability to keep a cool head, but beware, a cold heart can discourage others. Harmony of thinking and feeling is important.

Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (December 13 – December 22) creates an active trend to empower our beliefs. Actions to create balance will be well received, especially with regards to the necessity of upholding our faith in humanity. Mars guarantees activities will occur and with Neptune in the trine position, these activities will be favorably stirred up with spiritual and psychic awareness, bringing gifts from Neptune.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (December 13 – December 23) represents a love or fascination at work concerning matters of fate as well as power. This is the place where the influences of love and power merge into one, and may help to create a breakthrough for those who are having difficulty accepting the work of fate or higher powers.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: This is some week for you! Your 10th house (your life’s work )has been strong all year, but this month at least 60 per cent and at times 70 percent of the planets are in or moving through your 10th house. Mighty cosmic geniuses are supporting your rise and success. If you can manage to keep your health, you’re on top of the world. You won’t be able to avoid working hard or avoid the demands of your career, but you can pace yourself better. Rest when tired; drop the inessentials from your life or delegate them to others. Get more massages or health treatments and look into detox regimes.

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Taurus: It is time to work on your beliefs, because this will be the key to your success this month and in the months to come. You could say you’re in a rather privileged position, as though you’ve been given the keys to the universe, but first you have to understand how the universe works, or you could unleash the contents of Pandora’s box. Your powerful 9th house (philosophy and perspective) is very strong giving an intense interest in religion, philosophy, theology and higher education. You will find a juicy theological discussion more interesting than a night out on the town; a sermon more interesting than a rock concert. Well over half of the planets are either in the 9th house or moving through there so these interests are unusually strong and this will continue to be the trend for next year as well.

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Gemini: Transformation is your theme this week as a huge cluster of planets illuminates your zone of rebirth. This is the time to begin shedding all that is no longer right for you. It will benefit you to at least think about what you would like to be free of, whether it’s old stuff you no longer need or a situation that is weighing you down. Finance, as has been the case for many months now, is not a big issue. The Full Moon of the 12th is a good financial day for you as earnings will be stronger with more enthusiasm and zeal for finance on your part.

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Cancer: With a tremendous amount of energy located in the relationship area of your chart, December is a month for dealing with or focusing on other people. The arrival of Jupiter is a good omen for your personal life, sweeping away problems and difficulties. With Saturn and Pluto also there, Jupiter’s influence won’t act like a magic wand, but it will add a different dynamic. For example, a relationship is still tricky, but a new one becomes a source of pleasure. A problem with another that seemed unsolvable suddenly becomes null and void.

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Leo: This is a serious time when it pays to put your nose to the grindstone and do whatever needs to be done. The key lies in organization and forging good habits. Jupiter in your zone of work and health will be a tremendous boon in helping you get your life sorted. For example, it could be that something in your world isn’t working too well. Maybe it’s an aspect of work, your health or just a sense that life feels overwhelming with too much to do and not enough time. Use this week to ditch the things on your calendar that aren’t really essential and offload some things onto others to free yourself up.

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Virgo: In general at this time of the year there are more parties, but this week there will be more than the norm. Jupiter is in your 5th house (our place of joy, fun, our child within and our creative expression) and Venus will be there until the 20th. You are entering a yearly (and for some of you, a lifetime) personal pleasure peak. Your 4th house of home and family is strong so there is much focus – as there should be – on the family and their emotional wellness. Your family is the career this month – your mission. Get into emotional harmony, get the family situation on track, and your regular career will fall into place very naturally.

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Libra: All the work, effort and extra responsibilities of the past two years are starting to pay off. Good things are happening with the Full Moon in Gemini. Your emotional life is much more optimistic than it has been. Your moods are a bit brighter (and next year you will see even more improvement). Family support is better. The family circle starts to expand. Siblings and sibling figures are prospering and having wonderful financial opportunities. The only issue – and it is a big issue – is health. There are many planets – long term ones – that are in stressful alignment with you. Rest more. Delegate as much as possible. Work steadily and pace yourself. Keep your focus on the real essentials in your life and let go of the non-essentials.

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Scorpio: If you’ve felt isolated in any way, even with people around you, the Full Moon this week will see you come out of your shell and back into the world. As a result, this is a perfect time to get in touch with people including friends, relatives, and neighbors. Getting out and about and accepting whatever invitations come your way will enable you to meet new people and remember that life is for living. And to emphasize this, Venus is providing you with gifts of comforts, passion, love of fine things, beauty and art so enjoy the good things of life the universe is providing for you.

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Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Gemini focuses on personal matters. A lot of activity and coming and going are predicted. Personal independence is at its maximum now, so take responsibility for your own happiness. Make the changes that need to be made knowing you have the support of the cosmos. Your love planet Mercury is in your own sign so there’s not much you need to do to attract love. It finds you and you have it on your terms. Those in a relationship will find the significant other very devoted and very attentive.

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Capricorn: The Full Moon in Gemini is a time that is tailor made for interfacing, interacting human relationships. Saturn and Pluto are travelling together closely – closer than they have been all year. Jupiter in your sign will initiate a multi-year cycle of prosperity. More importantly, Jupiter will help you lighten up a bit. You’ve been much too serious over the past two years and this has probably affected your love life. Jupiter now brings some joy and optimism. Some of you could be contemplating cosmetic-type surgery and this is a good time to really think about such a procedure. Perhaps a new friend is coming into the picture and may be the one with whom to discuss a procedure of this type.

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Aquarius: For two years now, your spiritual life and practice has been about discipline and it has been an effort. You practised with teeth clenched and shoulders hunched. You bore down. A lot of this is good. It’s the daily discipline, day in, day out, feeling good or feeling bad, that takes us to the goal. But now, with benevolent, jovial Jupiter in your 12th house well into next yuear, your practice will be more joyful. You won’t be doing it out of a sense of duty, but because you enjoy it. Progress will be a lot swifter. Because Jupiter rules your 11th house (define), the spiritual side of astrology will become interesting and will unfold for you. Under the Full Moon, your inner world is reconciling with the outer now. You seem to be receiving guidance as you make the right moves, get things done, handle people with finesse and sympany. It is a valid spiritual path for the coming year and your status and prestige will register an increase.

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Pisces: Career is the main headline this week. Not only are you in a yearly career peak (and for many of you it’s been a lifetime peak) but the Full Moon indicates your short-term career goals have been achieved and so a shift in attitude and direction is needed. Career goals can now be most effectively pursued through networking and being more involved with groups and organizations. Your current love is supporting your career but on the other side, he or she is not in agreement with you and this seems to promote drama in your personal lives. Are you making changes to your health regime? A health scare can happen, but since your health is generally good it is not likely to be anything more than that however, getting checked out seems to be a positive move to resolve any conflicts which might be occurring.

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