Free Weekly Horoscope – January 12 – 18, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for January 12 – January 18, 2020

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Mercury conjunct Saturn (January 12 – January 17) brings talk about putting an end to the unwanted components of our lives. This aspect also sets a tone of discipline and limitation on our speech and attempts at communication.

Mercury conjunct Pluto (January 12 – January 20) brings out power issues in our life. The greater powers and struggles in our lives are spoken about and communicated in a wide variety of ways. The areas of our lives requiring transformation and sacrifice, struggle and challenge, now brings us to the point in our sojourn where we can talk about those hardships that have forged our own characters and inner strengths.

Saturn conjunct Pluto (January 12 – January 14) is a very rare aspect. On a global level, we may expect to see big shifts in things such as governments, political boundaries, economic happenings or far-reaching advancements in technology or thought. On a personal level, we will examine our simple responsibilities and realize what is enough. While staying rooted in the practical and keeping our perspectives broadened, stay grounded and do what’s practical and important for you.

Venus enters Pisces (January 13 – February 7). The planet of magnetism, attraction and love will be placing our desires and attention on Pisces related talents and practices over the next month. Music, poetry, the arts, psychic phenomena, spiritual and religious practices will all be endearing attractions and lively pursuits during this period. Venus is the feminine planet of love and Pisces is an extremely feminine, dreamy and spiritual expression being animated by the love force of Venus. Love endeavors will emphasize passivity, tenderness, sensitivity and the need for a gentle approach towards love’s expression.

Mercury enters Aquarius (January 16 – February 3). As the force of communication (Mercury) travels through the constellation of fixed thought and meditation (Aquarius), there are great opportunities for us to share and to empower each other through our knowledge. This is a splendid time to communicate ideas and investigate the latest in technology, science and the world of invention. Mercury in Aquarius is also a special time to speak out on humanitarian issues and the rights of freedom.

Last Quarter Moon in Libra on January 17 reminds us of the need to continue working on the imbalances in our relationships. The Last Quarter Moon aspect confirms the need to make amends with others and unite peacefully. If some aspect of your connection to a friend or loved one disrupts your sense of peace, reach within for the answers. A balanced response will soon follow but don’t expect instant answers.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: There’s more to life than success and achievement. You have an inner life and a domestic world, both of which may have been suffering if your focus has been on external matters. Take a moment to come home to, touch base with, and nurture yourself and those around you. This should alleviate any tensions that have been brewing and enable you to see which responsibilities and commitments you can let go of so that you can live a simpler life.

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Taurus: We all like to think that we’re right, but when we cling too tightly to our opinions, we can become unable to see other possibilities. What may become apparent to you is that we create our own realities from our thinking, and it’s this you need to monitor. If your life is working well for you, then all that may happen is an element of discord in travel plans or within your thoughts and communications, but if there is room for improvement, then look to see how your thinking could be at the root of the problem. All you have to do is adopt a more positive and proactive attitude and believe that most anything is possible.

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Gemini: With Saturn and Pluto conjunct, an aspect that is very rarely in anyone’s chart, could it be that you are feeling a dependency on someone else and this is bringing you some tension? It would seem that someone else has the power and it’s never a good idea to be beholden to someone. Although it may be tempting to lean on others, remember that they will then have power over you, and in the long run, it might be better to create a more self-empowering situation, even if this requires certain sacrifices. It’s not just money that’s calling for a balancing of power; matters connected with sex or death could also come into play. Although this looks rather deep and complicated, all you have to do is ask whether a situation is empowering you or not; then you will know what to do.

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Cancer: This is a favorable time to step into the spotlight through your work or in other areas. Expect to receive more attention than usual and to feel more emotion. An issue may flare up that could bring clarity but also a clash or sense of restriction or heavy responsibly. It will, however, be short lived, so try to ride any waves of chaos or disharmony. Remember your right to have your own needs met despite the demands of others. Seek balance in this area, and you will probably find this week is easier than if you deny your own well-being.

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Leo: This is a particularly good week to focus on your health, because if you have pushed yourself and not taken time to rest, you might need to do less and have more quiet time or better quality sleep. Perhaps you need to focus on your inner needs rather than your practical everyday affairs. Too much work can wear down the soul, so try to tune in to what your body, mind and spirit are craving. By addressing your deeper needs, you will be able to handle any imbalance before it manifests on the physical level.

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Virgo: No matter what tensions are brewing this week or what stresses emerge to challenge you, the answer lies in being your authentic self. This may mean refusing to compromise your integrity or sticking to your path when others challenge you. It may be a clash within you or you try to align what your heart wants with what your head thinks is best. What will emerge from any discord is a growing sense of clarity about your next steps and don’t berate yourself if you haven’t received all the answers yet. The planets will do a good job indicating the path that lies ahead.

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Libra: With so many planets in your domestic area, it is likely there are some things you could let go of or some changes you could make in your state of mind that would alter your circumstances. You may be redecorating, wanting or planning to move, or getting rid of or acquiring possessions. It will serve you well to be conscious of the changes you’re making. Your home will become more self-nurturing and support your soul – a reflection of the kind of life you wish to live.

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Scorpio: Scorpio is normally a sign known for its integrity, but you might still need to check that your words are in line with your beliefs and that your actions follow your words. The best result of the two conjunctions – Mercury and Saturn conjunct Pluto – is to put your beliefs into action. Perhaps you could communicate to the wider world about something you believe in or act on something you feel passionately about. The time to act is now, but first make sure your actions are in sync with what comes out of your mouth. As the modern mantra goes, “Be the change you want to see!”

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Sagittarius: Last week we talked of the importance of aligning your values with the way you live. It is perhaps time for a change, even a small change as deciding to shop or invest in more ethical companies. You may decide to earn your money by doing more good. Alternatively, you may feel life should be enjoyed and not whiled away in an office. Perhaps the appeal of a simpler life is growing. Whatever your current situation, Mars in your sign will give you the energy and motivation to enact the changes that are calling you.

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Capricorn: While in many ways the spotlight is on you, it is important that you strike a balance between your needs and the needs of others. By giving more to others who need your assistance, you will create stronger bonds and better relationships, so let someone else be the center of attention for a little while. Of if the situation is a negative one, be ready to spot the lesson, because this week has the potential for a steep learning curve, even to the point of releasing a chunk of negative karma. Let go of what you don’t need where relationships are concerned, and focus instead on the path of joy.

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Aquarius: Events this week might bring about a sense of powerlessness, but that is only likely to be the case if you’re overriding the needs of your body, trying to do too much, or allowing suppressed material in your unconscious to dominate. Anger, sadness, grief, and resentment will all take their toll on the body eventually, This, therefore, is a good week to view your body as the cherished home of your soul, and work to bring your mental, spiritual and physical bodies into alignment.

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Pisces: There may be a conflict between how you want to do things and how other people think things should be done. Friends and acquaintances could prove tricky and the answer probably lies within a compromise. Self centered actions are likely to backfire, but too much denial of your own needs could result in problems too. Listen to what your friends and associates are saying and weigh that against how you feel; then try to strike a balance.

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