Free Weekly Horoscope – April 12-April 18, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for April 12 – April 18, 2020

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Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn on April 14 emphasizes issues of control – whether that means taking control or letting go of it where needed. The waning Capricorn moon reminds us not to give up, to persist and to find a way to overcome the steep and rocky roads. Capricorn Moon gives moods a serious undertone of needing and wanting to take hold of our goals and create results. Life is so serious with Capricorn Moon in its last quarter state, it reminds us that in order to be in control, we must let go of that which we can’t control.

Mercury sextile Venus (April 18 – April 27) brings opportunities for brilliant thoughts to be flashed over ardent love matters. This aspect will be helpful with regard to speaking up and communicating about our affections and our love for those things in life which give us pleasure.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: The Sun’s journey through your sign brings an opportunity to recharge your batteries, plug into the source, and regain your zest for life. Initially, this might seem to be a challenge as Pluto’s square to the Sun could cast a shadow or prevent you from doing what you want. Perhaps there is some obligation or responsibility that you can’t escape, and it certainly seems that the world is demanding of your energy right now. Even so, you should try to find time to consider your needs and replenish your spirit by doing things you enjoy or simply saying no to further demands on your time. Sometimes we have to put some boundaries in place to preserve the essence of who we are.

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Taurus: Change doesn’t have to be dramatic or unsettling, and if you’re feeling stressed in any way, you are making your life much harder. Venus in your house of money, harmonizing with Mars, suggests there is an easier way to get what you want, and it probably involves using your connections and allowing other people to help you. The more you try to take control of the situation, the more likely it is to slip out of your hands, but joining forces will lead you to what you need with the least amount of fuss. Take Eileen Caddy’s advice: “Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.”

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Gemini: “With determination, discipline, and hard work, all dreams become a reality.” It may help to repeat this quote like a mantra this week, particularly if you’re prone to doubting what is possible and what you’re capable of. Success does not get on well with confusion; nor does it sit well with changeability. If you want to manifest a dream or a hope, you need a plan, and then you need to stick to it. The planetary picture is now encouraging you to make big things happen; all you need to do is believe and focus.

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Cancer: It may sometimes seem that life would be easier if it weren’t for other people putting obstacles in your way, but try to see these as tests of your strength of character or tests of your determination and desires. There may be another wobble when the Moon joins Pluto and Jupiter in your relating zone, but try to keep your attention fixed on where you want to be rather than what the problems are. The Sun’s move into Taurus is good news for your friendships and connections, making this a good week to meet with people and forge alliances that feel meaningful.

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Leo: Would you rather be right or happy? It may seem that there are all manner of things for you to feel skeptical about. Perhaps a particular situation isn’t looking too good, or maybe another person is having a negative effect on you, but your weaponry lies in your refusal to give up and your capacity to see the silver lining. The other tool in your armory is your ability to take charge and make things happen. With a proactive approach and a belief that there is always potential and possibility, your sunny nature will break through, and that in itself will help chase the clouds away and allow you to begin to make progress in the outside world, particularly in your professional life.

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Virgo: We can’t get very far in life if we don’t share. This may apply to sharing ourselves in an intimate relationship, or it may apply to sharing what we have. Eventually, the barriers that we have built around us isolate us, and as we lose our connection to others, we lose our connection to life and our ability to enjoy all that life offers. So this week, check out your connections and make sure you are living up to what’s best for you and yours.

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Libra: It is important to consider the needs of others, but Libras can too easily be knocked off course by their concerns for their loved ones. If you think that your life would be quite different if you didn’t have to consider those around you, then that is a clue you need to worry less about upsetting others and focus more on creating a life that works for you. When you’re happy, everyone around you will feel happier too.

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Scorpio: Too much work or duty could prove to be a drain on your energy that affects your health, and too much or too little exercise could have the same negative impact. Here are some good questions to ask yourself: How can I make my life function better, and how can I be more efficient? The answers probably lie in the details. One seemingly small change, from doing the dishes before leaving the house to going to bed half an hour earlier, could make a big difference, so why not try this week to adjust your routine and enjoy the results that even a slight modification will make in your life.

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Sagittarius: How much fun is too much? When does pleasure become excessive and having a good time turn into a bad time? There is a strong element of fun and pleasure in your chart this week, and it would be wise to take opportunities where you can. However, if you find that the good times are burning a hole in your pocket or influencing your health, it may be time to take a more moderate approach. The need to consume – food, alcohol, experiences or goods – often indicates a hole within that can only be sated by living a more meaningful life. This is a good week to contemplate what gives you meaning and to put your energies into manifesting that.

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Capricorn: Any kind of breakdown – in the body, society, home, or a relationship – begins with separation and division. For example, in the body, there’s a lack of cohesion and an inability for every part to work together and function as a whole, which then leads to disease. This week as the Sun returns to the base of your chart, you are called on to find wholeness – not just within your home and family but also within you. What do you need to do to pull yourself together and become a united front? As you strive to create wholeness within you, your strength will ripple out into other areas of your life, creating a much stronger foundation from which to launch yourself.

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Aquarius: There should be no stopping you now as Mars journeys through your sign. However, if things aren’t happening as you would like or if the motivation and strength isn’t bubbling over, maybe the way you are choosing to look at life needs an adjustment. We can have all the rocket fuel in the world, but if we feel there’s nowhere worth exploring, we’ll never leave the ground. Your attitude is the key to your success this week, and if you can look past the dark clouds to the bright light beyond, you will find that the pathway to success and victory is close at hand.

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Pisces: The more tightly we hold on to something, the more likely we are to lose it. As the Buddhists say, attachment is the cause of much of our suffering, so ask yourself: “What am I holding onto? Does it bring up feelings of insecurity or anxiety?” The Universe suggests that the better option is to cultivate an attitude of sharing, and the more you give to others, the more things will be given to you. It could boil down to an attitude of trust; if you can have faith that your needs will be taken care of, you will be able to step out into the world with greater confidence, doing more of what you would love to do and letting go of that which has had its day.

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