Free Weekly Horoscope – May 10-May 16, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for May 10 – May 16, 2020

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Mercury trine Jupiter (May 10 – May 16) is a most favorable aspect that brings good news of expansion and prosperity to those who are open to broadening their awareness. Mercury brings news, while Jupiter brings wealth and prosperous change. This serves as a good time to advertise and put information out there concerning one’s business endeavors though with perhaps caution as Mercury is just starting to square with Mars and it won’t be difficult to get the attention of an audience, but it may cause some heat in how the message is reciprocated.
Mercury enters Gemini (May 11 – May 28). When in Gemini, Mercury is known to increase our attention to detail, and to cover a wide range of topics and subjects of interest. Mercury in Gemini directs and orchestrates information in an interesting and captivating fashion. The thing to remember, however, is that information is not always well researched or even a correct and accurate representation of the truth so take all information with a grain of salt.
Mercury square Mars (May 11 – May 20) is not a good time to lose one’s temper and it could happen so very easily. This is a good time to be especially careful and to watch what you say. Think before you speak as words can easily be taken the wrong way. This is a good time to hold off on making risk comments especially around associates, customers and strangers, and to be careful not to misinterpret information as being hostile or personal.
Mercury trine Saturn (May 12 -May 23) brings favorable dialog concerning where to draw the lines. This is a good time to make an impression, to teach and to communicate to others those important matters that must be clarified.
Mars enters Pisces (May 13 – June 28) bringing about much activity with regard to music and the arts, not to mention some heated action concerning the politics of our spiritual and religious beliefs. This is a time to activate our creative senses and to work out hot feelings such as anger in an artful and healthy manner. Mars is also the famed god of war, reminding us to be especially cautious given the fact that hatred, violence, aggression and strife are often touching on the pulse of our belief structures (Pisces).
Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on May 14 encourages our consciences to have compassion for our kinfolk, to sort out what it means to assist and guide others. During this time, a kind word or a sympathetic ear has great healing power and oftentimes this promotes greater peace. Don’t let surprises confuse your sense of right and wrong. The closer we get to looking the problems in the face, the more motivated we will be to find solutions that feel right.
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign


Aries: As your ruling planet, Mars, changes signs, so does the tempo and flavor of yor life. Your warrior planet is now slipping into something a little more comfortable, and perhaps you should do the same. Do you really need to do everything you think you do? Maybe the world can continue without your making sure the sun rises at the correct tie. You’ve earned a little off duty time where you can slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. When did you last notice the beauty around you? When did you last have a massage or enjoy a wonderful meal? When did you last take the time to analyze a dream that felt significant, notice a sign sent by God, or sit in quiet contemplation? By taking time to commune with your inner being, you will find that you have the energy to do everything you need to do in a spirit of peace and serenity.

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Taurus: Saturn’s moving into your career and direction area makes this an important phase in your life. You will be rewarded for rising to any challenge put before you. The universe might be testing you to see how much responsibility you can handle, but this will likely lead to your success in the long term. Firming up your career direction is important now, as is treading the path that feels right to you. If life doesn’t feel exciting or liberating, then something isn’t quite right. It’s advisable to look at where and how you might be holding yourself back. Theologian Howard Thurman noted: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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Gemini: As an air sign, you have a naturally rational or logical approach to life, but living in your head can make it difficult to hear the subtle whispers of your heart and soul. What you feel and what you think might be two different things, and your current challenge is to quiet the mind and put more trust in your feelings. When you can do that, the answer to your dilemma will be obvious.

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Cancer: Not everyone can be a force for good in the world, like Mother Teresa or Gandhi, but you can make a difference in some small way. Perhaps something you can do is in alignment with your values for a better society – sharing your talents, helping out where you can, or standing up for something you believe in. It seems that the universe is calling you to be a mover or a shaker or to start something, change something, rattle some cages, or fulfill a dream. Acknowledge whatever keeps prodding you and heed the call.

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Leo: This week is all about optimism – to feel that you can do more and be more and that you might just get lucky. Indeed, you probably will get lucky, especially if you believe in a positive outcome. While luck and good fortune could come in myriad ways, it’s most likely to appear with your work, health and general direction in life. Should an opportunity present itself, or if you receive an offer of help, it would be wise to embrace it; it could make your life a lot easier or help you progress with your direction. Either way, your overall well-being looks set to increase. This is good news if your life has been somewhat challenging lately.

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Virgo: Mercury’s change of signs augers a change of mood, bringing a more ambitious or determined feel to life, so this is a good week to focus on where you want to go. Contemplate where you want to be heading and think how you can set things in motion, but be careful not to overstretch yourself, for Mars’s square to Mercury could result in strained nerves or mental exhaustion. Try not to rush things or do too much. Instead, accept that what is right will find you.

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Libra: The theme of rebirth continues. It might help to see yourself as a snake that has outgrown its old skin. If you resist shedding, you limit yourself by making the process longer and more drawn out than it needs to be. You’re likely to be ready for a change and to let go of all that has been keeping you in the underworld. With your ruling planet Venus turning backward, it is understandable if life doesn’t seem straightforward at present. You might feel uncertain about your direction, or what you thought you wanted seems less appropriate now. This is a good time to consider what truly has value for you and let go of the rest.

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Scorpio: Sometimes people need our help. They might not ask for it, so watch for behavioral insights. A healthy person is a happy person. If people in your life seem to lack joy, you might have something that could help them. An insight might help them see their situation in a better light, or you could offer your support or compassion. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Healing can take place by reaching out to someone rather than pushing them away.

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Sagittarius: The Sun’s journey through your zone of work and health brings an opportunity to strengthen these two areas of your life. If you are not giving your body, mind and soul everything they need, your well-being might slide, alerting you that you need to pay more attention to your body’s needs. With your work, this is the time to get more organized and look at how you can manage your tasks more efficiently. On the plus side, this could be a very productive week, but you need good levels of energy to be productive. Make your health a priority, and you will reap the rewards.

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Capricorn: Following last week’s theme, it might be helpful to ask what a first-rate version of yourself looks like. Who is this person? What is he or she doing? Take a moment to picture yourself being and doing those things, and then make a mental note of the gap between your imagination and your current reality. What do you need to do to shrink the gap? Do you need courage, faith, a plan or a change of priority? Remember that with Jupiter and Pluto in your sign, this is not a year to think small or stay as you are, unless your life is already a source of joy. It is time to expand, be more adventurous, take a chance and embrace the possibilities heading your way.

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Aquarius: Wherever you go, there you are. This saying reflects the modern tendency to constantly want to be going places and doing things, as though you’re trying to escape yourself, but no matter where you go or what you do, you take yourself and all your hang-ups with you. If you feel restless or dissatisfied this week, it might be useful to channel your feelings into making changes in your home rather than filling your days with external excitement. If something in your home grates or a domestic relationship irks, see what you can do to improve the situation. Sometimes you just need a change or perspective and that’s what you’re being called to do now. Reframe a current problem and watch how it changes.

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Pisces: The warrior planet Mars moves into your sign from May 13, bringing new levels of energy, motivation and dynamism. What do you want to do? What do you want to achieve? Whatever your desires, this is the time to get moving and make things happen. You have six weeks, so there’s no need to rush; in fact, that’s one thing you should try to avoid when Mars is around, as the chance of accidents or injuries increase, as do irritation, anger and impatience. These are all signs of the wrong use of potent Martian energy. By applying yourself steadily but with enthusiasm and passion, you will make big progress in a short space of time.

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