Free Weekly Horoscope – May 24-May 30, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for May 24 – May 30, 2020

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Mercury enters Cancer (May 28 – August 5) and the shift in communications turns our attention from an emphasis on details and logic (Mercury in Gemini) to a focus on feelings and senses (Mercury in Cancer). This is a time when many people will appear to intuit their way through conversations. Thoughts may blend with mood as the emphasis on emotional expression takes center stage. As Mercury goes through the sign of Cancer, take special note of a tendency for people to talk more specifically about their feelings, defenses and the need to be nurtured.
First Quarter Moon in Virgo on May 30 emphasizes the need to keep the flow going both on a logical and a practical level, particularly when it comes to relaying information. As we anticipate our summer plans, there is a strong desire to follow through on dreams and desires with detailed clarity. Virgo Moon encourages us to assess matters properly, and to be pragmatic and specific when delegating certain tasks or jobs. First Quarter Virgo Moon is an excellent time to launch a health program and to cleanse the body of excess toxins.
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: Do you have a message you wish to impart? Is there something you need to communicate, a conversation you need to have, or a point you need to make? This is a week to impress your ideas on others, share your knowledge, or simply uplift someone with a kind word. In fact, this is a great week to stop and consider how your words affect others and, if possible, to soften what you say so that others are more receptive. Communication is a two-way process, and this week also brings opportunities to listen. When people feel heard, they also, to a certain extent, feel healed.

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Taurus: Sometimes in life you have to negotiate for what you want rather than sit and wait for people to notice your talents and reward you accordingly. This week, whether you want to be rewarded with money, love, or something else., recognize that what you really want is appreciation for your efforts, but only when you appreciate yourself will others likely follow suit. When you truly see your value, that will be the time to request some form of acknowledgment, and the chances are high that you’ll get it. The message this week is to not be afraid to ask for what you want and to acknowledge that you’re truly worth it.

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Gemini: Many things in life can make you lose sight of yourself. Schools, society and even your parents can want you to be someone other than who you are, particularly if you don’t fit into a conventional square box. When the Sun takes its annual trip through your sign, it is an opportunity to come home to yourself. Remember who you are and make the necessary adjustments to help support and nourish yourself. If you have felt flat or low, it’s a sign that you need to recharge your batteries, replenish your soul, and plug into Source. The best way to do this is by doing what you love. Once identified, go and do it. You’ll gain greater clarity and motivation to make progress with your personal aims and ambitions.

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Cancer: According to artist and writer Florence Scovel Shinn, “Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” Cancer folks are blessed with powerful imaginations and equally powerful intuitions. This week, as the Sun joins forces with Mercury and Venus in your house of the soul, your intuition and imagination are likely to become very potent. It would be wise to follow where your inner promptings and visions might point. If you need an answer and can’t seem to separate your thoughts from your feelings, watch for little signs that appear in your daily life. It could be something that catches your eye, a snippet of a conversation you overhear, or a name or phrase you see on the side of a bus.

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Leo: This week challenges you to find joy outside of material situations. The more you push for something, the more frustrated you’ll likely be. Therefore, watch for feelings of frustration, impatience, intolerance or irritation, and try to nip them in the bud before they manifest as angry outbursts. The easiest way to do that is to let go of the things you think you need and focus more on what is truly important to you. Perhaps this is the time to enjoy the company of like-minded souls rather than feeling aggrieved at what you can’t have.

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Virgo: Your personal life is the one thing that could cast a shadow over this otherwise rosy picture. If you’re not careful, all the potential for making progress in your life could be undermined by a troublesome relationship. Trying to figure out the truth could be tricky, and it might be tempting to plow energy into something that would be better directed elsewhere. Don’t get bogged down in other people’s treachery, deceit, or complicated situations. Strive to be assertive rather than angry or passive. Perhaps you need to put some boundaries in place, and figure out which relationships are supportive and which are draining. Then take necessary action while keeping your focus on where you want to go.

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Libra: You’re not out of the woods yet, but that might not be a problem: you might actually be liking these particular woods! Maybe you find a certain affinity in their tranquility. Maybe the inability to move forward in a straight line and get anywhere constructive feels supportive rather than frustrating. Maybe this is where you are meant to be, at least for the time being. Sometimes being lost can teach you something important: perhaps there is a different path or reveal things about your character that would otherwise remain dormant. Something important is taking place in your world. Perhaps you can’t clearly identify what that is, but for now it is enough to simply enjoy the journey and see where you end up. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Scorpio: Like most people, you like to be in control, or at least you like to think you are in control. Deep down, though, you realize that all the pretenses of running the show such as making a lot of money, owning a home, and being physically fit and strong, are merely covers for the feeling that you are a fragile being with very little control over anything. If you feel as if you could do with a bit more control and be more on top of things, it might help to adopt a go-with-the-flow approach.

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Sagittarius: “Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives,” wrote author C. S. Lewis. It might be worth remembering this world encourages you to believe that happiness comes through having lots of money and material pleasures. Your primary relationship might be with your phone, laptop, or iPad, but of course you’ll never find happiness in technology. This week brings opportunities to connect with others and enjoy spending time with people who mean something to you. By nurturing your relationships, you will, in effect, nurture your level of happiness and shore up your defenses against anxiety, depression and malaise. Perhaps your needs are simpler than you might think, and this is the week to discover what those needs are.

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Capricorn: As Jupiter turns on its heels and heads back to meet with powerful Pluto, you have a second chance to do something big, important, or meaningful. Be mindful, however, that any tendency toward excess or compulsive desire might be masking your need for something big, important and meaningful in your life. Pay close attention to your feelings this week, because they will be a clue to what you really want. Your health is still a focal point, and this too can warn you of any imbalances on the subtle planes. For example, do you get a sinking feeling when you think of work or when you have to see a certain person? Listen to your body – its impulses, desires, craving and feelings – and allow its wisdom to direct you accordingly.

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Aquarius: Aquarius is a sign that lives largely on the mental plane, but if you spend too much time here, you could think your life away. The antidote to all this thinking, analyzing, and possible information overload is to play, so your rather pleasant task this week is to consider how you can have more fun. What do you enjoy? What would you love to do more of? Do you have any creative skills or artistic abilities? Everyone is creative to a certain extent. There is something you can make with your hands, manifest with your voice, create with your words, or imagine into being with your mental pictures. Choose something and go and do it, knowing that recreation is vital to the replenishment of a dry and brittle spirit.

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Pisces: Our homes often reflect the problems and issues we carry within us. If your mind is scattered and haphazard, for example, you might live in a messy house that lacks order and symmetry. If you hold on to emotions and find it difficult to let go and move on, you might have piles of clutter. A poor financial state is often reflected by a home that looks drab and neglected. The outer mirrors the inner, so with a cluster of planets in your domestic zone and Mars bringing greater awareness about the self, you might feel inclined to make some changes to your abode. If a total transformation feels either impossible or unnecessary, then small changes will do. A colorful piece of art that you love could bring a shift toward feeling more abundant, and moving a bit of clutter might enable new energies to flow. Enjoy the process, knowing you’re helping to bring changes to your life and to all those who come through your door.

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