Deep Spring Clearing of Energies

Angels Raphael and Ariel channeled through Adria Wind Horse Estribou
Psychic: Adria
This is Angel Raphael. It’s not for most of you the case that your worries, your physical clearings, have anything to do with this so-called pandemic or the global economic circumstance. It’s a convenient excuse if you don’t want to grow, if you don’t want to grow higher. But for now, let’s pretend there was not such a thing as a global circumstance, pandemic, job losses and so on and just innocently ask yourself: “Oh, what is this? Why is my stomach in pain?” Or: “why am I crying this morning? What is this?”
Be innocent, be childlike with yourself as if you were not such an adult to blame this so-called pandemic for everything in your circumstance. It’s not what’s going on for most of you. Yes, there is a virus. And yes, some people have it. But there are many other viruses more deadly, smallpox and so on. So that, in our way of perception of humanity right now, is not the problem.
The “problem” is there’s so much light literally bombarding your sphere of existence that it’s as if you’re deep spring cleaning with bleach solution. These things can’t survive—these old emotional traumas, these old habits of the body—they can’t survive that much light. So they’re leaving. They’re exiting. And it feels quite uncomfortable for most of you in one way or another, up and down. It might not be consistently uncomfortable for the last two months, but you have certainly faced some moments which felt like stress release. It is very, very easy to blame it on the global circumstance. But if you look a little more innocently at: “what is it? What’s clearing out?” Then instead of resisting and trying to put on a false smile, “it’s all right. I’ll get through this,” you can welcome a little more the deep cleaning.
We’re not saying happiness is a bad thing. But what you want is for some of these layers to clear if what you’re looking for is greater enlightenment or even just greater ease in the physical self and emotional self—meaning happier and healthier, in simple terms.
This is Angel Ariel. Allow those things to clear from you because you really don’t want to carry around those heavy layers, any of you, regardless of your choice of enlightenment or whatever else you want to do with your journey here. Having those layers clear is going to help you not have that be part of your decision-making and your day-to-day physical circumstance.