Psychic: Adria

Psychic: AdriaAdria Wind Horse Estribou

Angel Channel – Ask questions of the angels. Receive angelic insights and joy.

Adria channels angels Ariel and Raphael.

Medium – Connect with loved ones who have passed.

Animal Communication – Speak with your animal friends! (living or passed on)

Adria connects telepathically and empathically to learn your animal’s perspective.

Spirit Animals – Are there animal guides walking the path with you, assisting you now? Adria channels messages from your spirit animal guides.

  • Receive angelic insight and joy
  • Reconnect in love with those no longer in body
  • Access the wisdom of higher dimensions

Uncovering Your Gifts – What gifts are beginning to unfold in you and are ready to embrace the heightened energies on the planet right now?

Ascension Guide – Are there areas where you’re stuck in old patterns without realizing that you are free to ascend higher? How can you assist yourself on your spiritual evolution at this time?


​“One of the deepest most powerful mystical experiences of my life!!!” – Melba, Texas

“What a message! And how precise it is to how I currently feel! Such insight and I feel more understanding about what is happening at the moment.” – Erica, Australia

“I cannot thank you enough for the incredible gifts you bring to the planet through your messages from the Angels.  My life completely shifted after I started listening to their beautiful advice.” – Jean, Hawaii

A clear channel is a doorway to the energies and knowledge of the beings they transmit. Like a fine-tuned radio. They are not translating through the mind what happens; they are allowing those energies to flow through.

Available in the bookstore – Channeled Books:

Angel Insights for Unprecedented Times (April 2020)

Why Did Lemuria Fall? (2018)

Look for Adria’s monthly articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.





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