Free Weekly Horoscope – June 21-June 27, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for June 21 – June 27, 2020

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New Moon in Cancer (June 21) beckons to our moods to tune into new feelings about ourselves. The New Cancer Moon invites new experience and brings new desire to nurture the child within and build up a fresh outlook on our home life. Cancer focuses on the nurturing strength of the mother. This is a good time to bring new things to the home and brighten up one’s outlook with nurturing and uplifting moods and feelings. This is also the second solar eclipse of the month bringing forth a particularly acute sensitivity to surroundings that has a direct bearing on our moods.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: As a powerful solar eclipse occurs at the base of your chart on June 21, this is a time of change and development in your home life, family life, and inner self. With Mercury also retrograding through this zone, it’s unlikely that things will run smoothly, and you might need to let go of something or embrace a new beginning. Either way, it’s unlikely that things can or should stay as they are. You might need to rethink a domestic issue, and even though this might be tricky, try to remember that this is a time of opportunity – a potential new chapter of your life.

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Taurus: The second eclipse of the month – this time in your house of communication – is likely to highlight your thought processes and the ways you relate to others. For example, if you have a message that you wish to get out there, now is the time. But running concurrently with these major shifts in the ways you think and express yourself is Mercury, which is heading backward in the same region. This suggests you need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s to make sure that what you are doing, thinking and saying are as right as they can be. Essentially, this is about the thoughts you allow to take up residence in your mind and whether they are helpful friends or unwelcome guests.

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Gemini: A powerful solar eclipse in your money zone on June 21 is likely to bring developments to your material world. This is a time to embrace change and go with wherever the universe wants to take you. For example, you might witness some kind of financial or material end that comes from selling something important or changing the way you make money. Mercury retrograding through this same area is unlikely to help matters, but any difficulties that emerge are likely to show you what needs to change, so don’t try to continue with something if it has been problematic. Instead, be prepared to close that door and look for something new. On a positive level, this is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf in your material life and get your work/money situation the way you really want it to be.

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Cancer: An extremely powerful solar eclipse falls in your sign this week, and if you are born around the beginning of the sign (June 21 – June 23) you will almost certainly be affected. Not only that, but Mercury is now retrograding through your sign, so it would seem that something in your life can’t carry on as it has been. You need to face up to something and start doing whatever is being asked of you. For some Cancers, that will be something minor or moderate. For others, this will feel like a pivotal time. If it seems as though fate is stepping in and directing matters, it probably is. Any door that closes shows you that this particular area of your life is finished, and it’s time for something new. So try to embrace rather than resist whatever is happening. Your personal life is the key area that is ripe for development.

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Leo: Sometimes you have to admit you don’t have as much control as you think. This is difficult for Leos, since your natural tendency is to take charge and make things happen, but as a solar eclipse occurs in your spiritual zone, perhaps something better will happen for you. Maybe your inner self is asking you to surrender to a valuable process that could lead you to the pot of gold. Whether you’d like to talk with angels, connect with God, or hear your intuition, the door is now opening to a more mysterious and spiritual way of living. All you have to do is step through it.

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Virgo: The solar eclipse on June 21 is likely to bring developments to your social life, including friends and any clubs, groups or organizations you belong to. Perhaps you will witness an ending; if so, it is probably for the best. Eclipses tend to be pretty final so don’t waste your time on regrets. Instead, move forward with your eyes on the future, for this is where your success lies. This eclipse could bring about a new beginning either for your social life or with a dream, hope or vision that you have wanted to manifest, but with Mercury retrograde, you might need to reevaluate the dream or vision first, and make sure it is viable or still in alignment with your heart.

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Libra: What do you want to do? This is the million-dollar question, as a powerful solar eclipse occurs at the top of your chart on June 21 bringing a change in direction. It’s a good idea to remember that as one door closes, another opens, so don’t be unduly concerned if something comes to an end. Chances are that something better is waiting in the winds. Here comes an opportunity to take a big step toward your true purpose in life. But if the path ahead isn’t obvious, you might first need to release what is outworn ,and then follow what calls you.

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Scorpio: A powerful solar eclipse falls in your zone of adventure and new horizons this week, which is good news, as it’s likely to bring you new possibilities and experiences. This is particularly beneficial if life has felt stagnant lately or if you’ve been treading water for some time. If so, this eclipse could catapult you out of the doldrums and into an exciting new phase of life. Ultimately your challenge this week is to identify what gives you a sense of meaning and make that a bigger part of your life.

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Sagittarius: Having a solar eclipse in the most sensitive region of your chart might not be a barrel of laughs, but it is healing. Expect a little (or big) transformation in a situation that has been bothering you for some time. This is a real opportunity to let go of old pain and purge negativity, such as destructive emotions, old baggage, bodily toxins, or anything that could be construed as old skin that needs to be shed. Bear in mind that this eclipse falls in the death and rebirth regions of your chart, making this a potentially painful time, but if you are able to go with it, you will move toward an-important rebirth and rejuvenation.

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Capricorn: With a solar eclipse in your opposite sign on June 21, this could be a pivotal time in your relationships. One partnership in particular is likely to experience changes. No matter what has led to the current situation, it would appear that honest communication is the key to resolving things. Taking the time to listen with our heart and ensuring that you are listened to is important now. What is or isn’t said could be the factor that determines how things progress. You might have the balance of power, so be mindful of using that power fairly. It might also help to remember that eclipses have a will of their own, and often what you personally desire might not be part of the universe’s grand plan. Being humble enough to know when to back down could be a critical lesson this week.

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Aquarius: Your health and work become the key themes as a solar eclipse on June 21 brings changes and potential new beginnings to these areas. Underpinning them both is the way you live your day-to-day life, including when you get up, the food you eat, the exercise you do, how you make use of your hours, and whether you’re happy with the way you spend your days. If there is room for improvement, don’t be surprised to see changes, because eclipses have an element of fate about them If it is right for you to change your job role, for example, then now is the time it will happen, but don’t expect it to be an effortless process, because Mercury retrograding in the same area will require you to do a bit of sorting before you can more forward. Events this week should at least set you on the right course. Is it time to embrace a new beginning?

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Pisces: With a powerful solar eclipse in your zone of authenticity, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to pretend, whether that’s pretending you’re happy in a situation you’re really not happy with or pretending to be someone you’re not. This is actually one of the easiest and more fortunate places to have this potent eclipse, so embrace whatever feelings and events emerge at this time, for they’re showing you who you really are. Around this time, you could have a growing awareness of the need to be more creative or to spend your days doing more of what you enjoy. Either way, a creative solution is now called for, and don’t be surprised if you experience a new beginning connected to creativity, children, animals, art, culture, fun, or romance. This is one of the nicer places to have a big eclipse.

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