Free Weekly Horoscope – July 5-July 11, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for July 5 – July 11, 2020

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Full Moon in Capricorn on July 5 is a time when the general course of our moods remains focused, even rather serious as well as work conscious. Thus this Capricorn Full Moon focuses on the accomplishment of goals through the application of persistence and diligence.
Mercury square Mars (July 8 – July 17) is not a good time to lose one’s temper. This is a good time to be especially careful and to watch what you say. Think before you speak as words can easily be taken the wrong way. This aspect is prone to rousing arguments and mental blocks concerning the actions of others. This is a good time to hold off on making risky comments, particularly around associates, customers and strangers and to be careful not to misinterpret information as being hostile or personal.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: A lunar eclipse in the success region of your chart brings the themes of career, purpose and direction to the forefront, and you will likely see changes in these areas. As always with eclipses, the trick is to recognize when fate or destiny is stepping in; then go with events rather than resisting them. Your home life might be affected, but as Mars sits in your sign, you have more power than you think to take charge of situations. While this might seem to contradict the need to go with events, the key is to recognize and accept what you cannot change and to shape the rest.

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Taurus: With a lunar eclipse in your zone of adventure, now is not the time to get settled in your comfort zone. With Uranus in your sign for the foreseeable future, experimentation and exploration are key. If you’re bored or feeling stagnant, restless or confined, do whatever you can to break free and try something new. The eclipse will help you to do this, but it is advisable to look before you leap. Expand your sense of what is possible,, and take practical steps to ensure that you’ll have a safe landing.

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Gemini: July is not likely to be a harmonious or restful month, and your interactions with others will probably be fractious at times. This week especially, issues around money and material matters, such as ownership and what you value could loom large and require you to fight for what you believe is right. As a lunar eclipse occurs on July 5, keep in mind that some sort of transformation or rebirth needs to take place. It could be time to let go of something that now feels like a burden or to bring a financial matter to completion. Prepare to shed yourself of whatever you’ve outgrown, and you’re likely to feel a whole lot lighter and more rejuvenated.

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Cancer: A lunar eclipse on July 5 brings a relationship theme. With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto residing in your zone of others, it is highly likely that something is in the process of changing. It might seem that the other person has all the power, but even if this is the case, there are always things you can do to safeguard your identity – which is what this period is all about. Mercury retrograding through your sign indicates that you need to look at how to make changes in yourself and your life that will enable you to rise from your bed and greet the day with more enthusiasm. This is a good week to reflect on those times when life was so good that you could not wait to get up, and consider what changes you need to make to enable that motivation and happiness to return – regardless of what others might think.

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Leo: This week’s lunar eclipse is likely to bring developments in your day-to-day life including your job and your health. It might be time for change on some level, and as the eclipse brews, you will begin to have greater clarity about what needs to stay and what needs to go. You might realize, for example, that staying up late or eating at irregular times isn’t doing you any favors, or you might decide letting go of an exercise regime you don’t enjoy might be the way forward. These are just examples, and you will need to look at your lifestyle to see what changes are timely. Your work might be ripe for changes, or perhaps some kind of purging is necessary for your health.

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Virgo: A lunar eclipse occurs in your zone of fun this week – as good a place as any to have an eclipse! You might have a revelation about a creative project, talent, relationship, child or lover. Layers of confusion are peeled back, enabling you to better see the truth. The way forward won’t be without work and effort though, and you might need to consider how other people – friends,, acquaintances or connections – will help you express what currently wants to be given form or enables you to live more authentically. The key now is to follow your heart and trust it to make the right choices.

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Libra: This week, a lunar eclipse activates the base of your chart, bringing domestic matters and deep emotional issues to the fore. Life might seem to weigh heavily, but this eclipse should bring some sort of awakening regarding your home or family situation. Expect something to come to fruition such as finishing a project in your home or resolving a family problem. You might find yourself saying goodbye to someone or witnessing the end of an era. There will likely be a sense of completion. If it seems as though fate or destiny is stepping in, it probably is. Don’t resist where life is taking you, especially if you can see a glimmer of light up ahead.

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Scorpio: With a lunar eclipse brewing in your communications and travel zone, this is likely to be a busy week. You might, if not careful, feel overwhelmed with all the activity. Take time to pause and breathe deeply. Try to anchor yourself in grounding and relaxing activities: a walk in the woods, a ten-minute meditation, a soak in the bathtub and so on. This could be a fun time if you don’t have too many expectations and can let go of the need to be productive. On a deeper level, it might be time to get your message across, air your feelings and express what matters to you. It’s also possible you will experience a eureka moment, where layers of confusion are peeled away to reveal some sort of truth or understanding. If so, it’s time to use what is revealed to you to inspire your next steps.

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Sagittarius: If you find yourself feeling insecure, it could be that the lunar eclipse is revealing areas of weakness in your thinking. Watch out for knee-jerk reactions if your fears are triggered, especially where money and your material life are concerned. The eclipse is seeking to remove that which you don’t really need or to bring something to completion. It could be, for example, that a financial matter resolves itself or a material project is completed. It could also be that you feel you don’t have enough of something or fear that you might lose out. Transform your attitude to trust that whatever is right for you won’t pass you by. Faith and trust are the qualities that will make this week’s events much more manageable.

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Capricorn: With a lunar eclipse in your sign, this week is all about you. Get more assertive than usual and voice your needs, wants and desires. If what you want goes unnoticed, then life could become tempestuous for a day or so as suppressed resentment finds its way out This is a good time to make changes in your life and worry less about what others might think. It is difficult to truly be yourself when constantly thinking about other people’s responses. Use this eclipse to express the truth of who you are and allow others to take it or leave it.

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Aquarius: Sometimes it is tempting to go at things with a sledgehammer, especially when you feel something is opposing you. However, a more subtle approach might work better than force this week, as a lunar eclipse in your spiritual zone awakens your soul and requests that you resolve any issues through intuition, prayer and higher guidance. Something hidden might come to light. This could be a psychic gift or a secret you’d prefer to keep under wraps. Whatever comes to light this week needs to do so, as it is part of your soul’s unfolding development.

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Pisces: Although we might like to think we have free will, most of us don’t exercise that power. Instead, we drift along in unsatisfactory conditions or wait for life to present us with a change. This week’s lunar eclipse suggests that if you want your life to change, you must be the one who makes it happen. You have more creative power than you realize, and now is the time to see yourself as the architect or artist of your life. Start creating it as you imagine it in your best daydreams.

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