Free Weekly Horoscope – July 19-July 25, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for July 19 – July 25, 2020

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New Moon in Cancer on July 20 beckons our feelings and our moods to acknowledge new feelings about ourselves. The New Moon inspires a new experience, the desires to nurture the child within and to build up a new outlook on our home life.

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Aries: The theme of nourishment and family matters takes center stage as a New Moon invites you to focus on new beginnings. What does your soul need to feel more nurtured? Is it a change in decor, more home-cooked meals with your loved ones or time to contemplate deeper matters? Whatever your answer, it might initially seem difficult to implement because Saturn’s opposition to the New Moon seems to be pulling you in the opposite direction. Maybe you have too many responsibilities or demands to meet and cannot take time to nourish yourself. It is important to strike a balance between your obligations to the outside world and your well-being and that of people closest to you.

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Taurus: The New Moon in your menal zone makes this a good week to initiate something new on the mental plane. It could be a good time to sit down and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to get your thoughts down and share what you know. It might be time to begin a course of study or to share your knowledge of a subject by speaking out. This New Moon favors new beginnings in writing, teaching, speaking and learning. With Saturn in opposition, make sure you’ve put in the necessary effort and don’t try to run before you can walk. Conversely, Saturn’s opposition could instill feelings of doubt to the extent that you might think, “Why bother?” This would be a mistake. Use Saturn’s sensible energies to form the thoughts and ideas currently working through your mind.

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Gemini: A New Moon in your money zone is good news for your income and money matters in general, bringing new beginnings and opportunities for beneficial change. It’s a great time to improve your finances, perhaps striving to become more empowered and in charge of this aspect of your life. It’s also about doing what you love and being well paid for it. This is likely to be relevant to you if you’re currently in a situation where you don’t love what you do or you are not being valued enough. You might feel that you’re powerless in the current situation, and maybe fear is keeping you stuck. Maybe if you can let go of what you don’t really need anymore, you will be able to find something better elsewhere. Be brave, be bold and trust that the universe has your back.

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Cancer: Once again you are faced with the theme of your life and desires versus other people’s. The days around the New Moon could be particularly tricky. This is when you’re likely to experience a clash of interests. The New Moon in your sign will urge you to start afresh in some way; however, Saturn in your opposite sign is likely to have other ideas. The result could feel rather restrictive. You might have previously been able to handle the restrictions, but this week is likely to require deeper levels of tolerance. If you’re not able to do what you want to do, you can still plan things in your head. This week is all about working within your limits. Perhaps the universe is asking you to drop an unrealistic dream or “get more real”in some aspect of your life. With the acceptance of what is feasible, you’ll discover a new kind of freedom.

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Leo: Well-being relates not only to the physical but also to mental, emotional and spiritual health. If you don’t feel peace within or lack meaning, purpose, energy or motivation, this could be due to disharmony on the spiritual level – what shamans refer to as soul loss. Rectifying this is easy enough: Open yourself to hearing and acting on the whispers of your soul. This week, with a solar eclipse in your zone of soul and spirit, expect a subtle but powerful shift within as you begin to sense what you need to be happier at a deeper level. Your dreams (and daydreams), visions and imaginings will point you in the right direction.

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Virgo: The New Moon on July 20 is a good omen for new beginnings in your social life and also with any future hopes and wishes. There might be a dream you would like to manifest and now could be a good time to plant the seeds. However, there is the little matter of Saturn directly opposing this optimistic New Moon which suggests the need to be realistic about what you can achieve. You might, for example, need to trim down your dream a little bit or realize that you might be trying to run before you can walk. Your responsibilities to others might get in the way, and you have to attend to practical duties before you can focus on loftier matters. There is perhaps a balancing act to achieve, but you need to remember that no matter how hard you try to wriggle free, Saturn will always ensure that you have to meet your karmic obligations. Factor that in as you push forward with an idealistic vision.

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Libra: The New Moon is likely to call your attention to both your career and your home life, and there could be tension here if you don’t respond in a balanced way. This is the optimal time to begin something new in your career or vocation. However, with Saturn in opposition, it won’t work if you don’t do the adequate preparation or if your goal lacks realism. There is a need to balance practicality with enthusiasm and idealism with hard work. It might also be that family or domestic responsibilities stop you from moving forward in the outside world. If so, remember that Saturn is the planet of karma, and there can be no escaping our debts and responsibilities. It might be that whatever is binding you at home is assisting your spiritual progress in ways you cannot see. Even though this is an important time for your direction in life, you need to remember: “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home” (Confucius). Look at the areas of weakness in your domestic and private life to see whether you can bring strength and wholeness to them; in doing so, your outer world will also gain strength.

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Scorpio: With a New Moon in your travel and adventure zone, this should feel like a very positive and opportune moment. It can be so as long as you remember to keep your feet on the ground. Saturn is in opposition to this Moon, suggesting the need for practicality and realism. Whatever dreams or fanciful notions you’re currently entertaining, you must first anchor them in reality. While it’s important to allow optimism to carry you forward, it is also important not to run before you can walk. Conversely, do not allow pessimism or cynicism to pop the bubble of your dreams. Sometimes an overly cautious or pragmatic response drains the color and enthusiasm from your soul’s desires. This week requires a balancing act between optimism and realism. If you can do this, success is within reach.

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Sagittarius: It is time to embrace the philosophy of “out with the old and in with the new,” but before you rush off and have a complete clear-out of your home or start jettisoning people, things and situations that seem uninspiring, take a moment to contemplate whether or not these have value. Saturn’s opposition to the New Moon across your money and material zone makes it important to hold on to that which you have worked hard for or believe in, while releasing anything holding you back or that no longer resonates with you. This way, if you experience loss, you can be sure that it is what you no longer need and that you shouldn’t mourn for too long. Look instead to the new elements taking shape in your life and put your energy into these.

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Capricorn: All relationships periodically need a reboot, and as a New Moon falls in your relationship zone, this is a perfect time for it. New relationships can be formed and destructive unions left behind. Some aspect of your personal life is likely to change this week. Ask yourself whether this change will leave you stronger and more in charge of your life or weaker. You want to be heading toward changes that feel empowering and give your life a sense of structure and support. Put your well-being first, and remember that relationships are there to enhance your life, not to fill in the holes.

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Aquarius: While last week was good for focusing on your everyday life and progress, this week, with its New Moon, is even better. Now is the time to look at creating a new beginning in your work life, your health, or both. It would be a good time to start a new exercise regime, alter your diet, drop a destructive habit or pattern, or change an aspect of your work. It needs to be real and practical though, because Saturn is directly opposite this New Moon, suggesting that changes won’t count for much if they’re not grounded in reality. Trying to run a marathon, for example, when you’ve not run since school is unlikely to be productive. You might also need to dig out and remove any underlying fears, anxieties, or depressive thoughts, for these negative energies could sabotage positive desire for change. Ultimately, this week’s cosmic picture asks you to strike a balance between work and rest, rationale and faith, and effort and ease.

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Pisces: With a New Moon in your zone of creativity and self-expression, it becomes easier to uncover the real you and feel less inhibited about expressing yourself. However, with Saturn opposite the New Moon, it looks like there’s an impediment in your quest to be yourself or to do more of what you love and enjoy. Perhaps it’s an issue with a friend or a group you belong to, or maybe it’s an ideology that is oppressing you and making it difficult to step out and do what you want. If so, consider your obligations and how they can be balanced with your desires. The challenge this week is to find a way to be a first-rate version of yourself while honoring your responsibilities toward others and the wider world.

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