Free Weekly Horoscope – July 26-August 1, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for July 26 – August 1, 2020

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First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on July 27 arouses our moods in deep and impassioned ways. Intense exchanges between people leave strong impressions, and this waxing Quarter Moon of Scorpio continues to bring our moods to a strange and intense level of existence. Don’t go looking for trouble or you’ll surely find it, and this brand of trouble is difficult to deal with!
Jupiter is sextile Neptune (July 27 – August 28). Jupiter directs our senses to prosperity and brings expansion and new realms of fulfillment and discovery. Neptune brings the unknown and life’s great mysteries into a place in the human spirit where they can be felt and experienced. Jupiter sextile Neptune provides us with opportunities for new areas and confidence, and the spirit may be newly empowered with divine intuition.
Venus square Neptune (July 27 – August 5) is a time when you may find your desires at odds with your spiritual beliefs, and it may be a hard time for some people to make a personal connection with spiritual teachings. This may also appear to be a hard time to concentrate or meditate on spiritual activities and certainly it is best to avoid arguments concerning spiritual beliefs with loved ones at this time.
Mercury opposite Jupiter (July 30 – August 7) produces non-stop talk concerning financial situations and the need for advancement, a raise or an income. There are obsessive concerns being raised regarding the need to excel in a crunch or in a jobless market. Issues concerning wealth become controversial and it is a time of acute awareness concerning talk about and exchange of money.
Mercury trine Neptune (July 30 – August 7) brings feminine love in harmony with spiritual expression. When one comes from a place of love, it is easier to draw down a spiritual enhancement of that love and to love unconditionally is a way to acquire gifts of the spirit world.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: The heavy mood shifts and life becomes more fun as the Sun moves into Leo on July 22, bringing opportunities for enjoyable and lighthearted experiences. With Mars also in your sign, you have much power at your disposal, especially to do what you want. Some people might accuse you of being self-centered at this time. As long as you’re meeting your obligations and treating others fairly and respectfully, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pursue your own interests and express your right to be you. If you’re not sure of the next steps of your journey or if something keeps knocking at your door, why not listen to your heart and take a chance and give whatever your heart whispers a try!

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Taurus: If the past few weeks have been busy and left you feeling like a spinning top, this is the week to come home to yourself. The Sun’s move to the nadir of your chart reflects a need to stop for a while, touch base, and anchor yourself. When you get caught up in busyness, you forget that your soul appreciates the simple things in life. Now is your opportunity to nurture your inner self. It’s a good time to focus on your home, family and domestic matters, perhaps attending to any jobs that need done around the house and spending more time with family. The key word is “nourishment” so whether it’s doing more home-cooking, enhancing your decor, or creating a healing garden, now is the time to find ways to welcome your soul back home.

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Gemini: While material and personal issues begin to give way, you still have the little matter of Mercury and Mars at loggerheads. Any tensions you’ve recently experienced are likely to find expression in a bout of anger, irritability or nervous strain. This might be an opportune time to examine your general attitude and see where there is room for improvement. This might mean, for example, realizing that the more time you spend in pointless overthinking and analyzing, the less likely you are to create constructive outcomes. The answer is startlingly simple: think less and do more. Perhaps you can identify where your mind keeps you stuck to see whether there’s an opposite state that provides the answer.

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Cancer: Although having the Sun journeying through your sign is normally a positive experience and great for recalibrating your trajectory, recent weeks might have seen you under great pressure due to all the heavyweight planets in opposition. It should be a welcome relief when the Sun moves into Leo enabling you to get on with practical matters such as earning a living, moving your material life forward and enjoying the physical side of life. Start by taking a little time out to enjoy simple pleasures, from a lavish meal or a sensuous massage to a walk in the rain-soaked woods or languishing in a candlelit oil-scented bath It is probably what you need, so don’t short-change yourself by thinking that you have to keep your nose to the grind-stone. Enjoy your work by all means, but the purpose of the Sun’s journey through your material zone is to foster a sense of abundance. If you have enough, now is the time to enjoy it.

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Leo: The Sun’s arrival in your sign is cause for celebration, as this is the point at which your energy, motivation and joie de vivre return. You will naturally feel inclined to follow pursuits and activities that replenish your spirits or give you a feeling of plugging back into source. Consider what makes you feel good – what brings a sense of joy or excitement – and go do more of that. Now is the time to pay attention to your needs and make alterations to your life path that better honor the truth of who you are.

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Virgo: Mercury has been squaring Mars more or less all month, which probably hasn’t been great for your mental state. If you’ve felt keyed up, agitated, impatient, or more prone to anger and irrationality than usual, now you know why. Everything is speeded up when Mars and Mercury get together, and it’s likely that this hasn’t been the most relaxing month you’ve ever experienced. It should be a welcome relief when the Sun drifts into your zone of quiet contemplation, allowing you to step back from the madness and rest your frazzled mind, body and spirit. This is a good time to sleep more, rest, meditate or whatever works to calm your nerves and bring you back down to Earth: a deep-tissue massage, a walk in the woods, or playing with paints or clay. This is the week to work toward calming your spirit and reconnecting with your soul.

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Libra: For probably longer than you can remember, your domestic and family life has been a major theme. It might include issues with your past and childhood, obligations to family members, house moves and so on. Although there have been many positives in this area, at times it could also have felt heavy and onerous because Saturn and Pluto in this part of your chart are not a light and joyous combination. You need periods of lightness and relief, and this is going to be a week when the focus shifts to your social life, future, hopes and dreams. Now is the time to catch up with friends, enjoy excursions, take part in group activities, and enjoy a lighter phase of life.

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Scorpio: What does success mean to you? Maybe your definition of success is about the recognition of your achievements. It’s important to know what success means to you as the Sun sailing over the top of your chart will impress on you the need to move forward with your life. It might be a mistake to head toward what is offered to you if it doesn’t deeply resonate within your heart. This week, take a moment to identify how you want to spend your life, and then see what doors open that could facilitate this.

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Sagittarius: The Sun’s move into Leo should put a spring in your step, especially if you’ve found the past few weeks oppressive. This week promises light time and is ideal for getting out and feeling the wind in your hair. Adventure is the theme, so take any opportunity to head off into unfamiliar territory; it might just blow the cobwebs away. The more optimistic state of mind might then lead you to contemplate your true desires and how to manifest them. Barbara Sher said: “You must go after your wish. As soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.”

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Capricorn: Being comfortable is nice, but too much comfort for too long might cause you to start to atrophy. The soul needs to grow. Periodically, we will either be pushed toward growth through adverse circumstances, or we will move toward it because an opportunity has come our way or we feel fed up with the way things are. This week could see you wondering whether there is more you could be doing. You might come up against an uncomfortable thought or realization, or you might wrestle with yourself in some way. This shows that deep down you are ready for renewal, and what comes after could be exciting. Don’t resist going deep this week, because the result of your inner excavations could see you merging with a priceless treasure.

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Aquarius: After productivity comes play, but this week you will be more likely to thrive if your play involves others. The Sun’s movement into your relationship zone puts the focus firmly on your personal life and reminds you what C. S. Lewis wrote: “Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.” If you need to bridge the gap between yourself and another, now is the time. Also recognize that conflict can be creative if you use it as a way to clear the air or become more aware of yourself. It sometimes helps to remember that whatever delights or angers you in another is often what is hidden away inside of yourself.

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Pisces: It certainly seems true that people with a strong sense of purpose are less likely to get ill than people who drift aimlessly. Although not all of us can be dedicated to our work, we can each find something that gives us a sense of meaning and in turn boosts our health and immunity. Whatever your passion is – whatever your unique way of helping, serving or inspiring – now is the time to find it and make a difference not only in your life, but in the lives of others.

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