Free Weekly Horoscope – September 20-September 26, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for September 20-26, 2020

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Mercury square Pluto (September 21 – September 27) brings obstacles with regard to communicating to those of other generations. This is a particularly difficult time to deal with harsh issues and discuss them in a manner that makes the hardships any easier. This aspect often brings difficult and sometimes fatal news.
Mercury square Saturn (September 23 – September 29) affects communications and information in a way that is timely, and often difficult to take or to get around. Mercury governs communications, and the square aspect presents an obstacle, making it difficult for information to penetrate very easily. Instead, information is likely to be stifled by obstacles getting in the way of deadlines given that Mercury is squaring to Saturn, which represents time and the discipline that it takes to reach a goal or to summon a response necessary to accomplish a desired effect.
Mercury opposite Mars (September 24 – October 1) is not a time to lose one’s temper. It may also be a particularly common time to observe a number of people doing just that! This aspect creates an acute awareness of the need to watch what you say, preferably before you speak.
First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on September 24 brings a strong emphasis on the need for serious labor. Some staunch determination is required. There is a steadily mounting concern to achieve a notable level of accomplishment or completion of projects. People’s moods are greatly moved by the acknowledgement of merits. The need to hunt for a steady job, a marketing edge, or a secure investment keeps us vigilant and focused.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries: As the Sun moves into Libra on September 23, your relationships begin to take center stage, and while Mars’s journey through your sign might have been encouraging you to focus on your needs and what you want, now you are being asked to consider the needs of others and to work out problems in key relationships. This could be a good time for partnerships, as it favors spending time with people and enjoying the love and support that the special people in your life can bring, but it can also indicate conflict, particularly if a relationship is unbalanced or needs aren’t being met. It might help to remember that conflict can be creative, as it forces change and holds up a mirror to who you are and what you want.

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Taurus: After play comes work. The Sun’s move into Libra signifies you’re likely to feel more inclined to straighten out your day-to-day affairs, whether that means applying yourself more intently to your work or booking at how you can become more organized and efficient so that your life functions more effectively. Sometimes loosening structures creates the space you need to play and discover who you are, but too much for too long can result in a life that drifts, a body that falls out of condition, or a home that becomes too disorganized or full of clutter. Decide what needs to be streamlined, and then set to it.

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Gemini: The Sun’s move into your house of fun makes this a perfect week to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. The focus should be on recreation, because hobbies and enjoyable pastimes are literally how you recreate yourself, and this is what you’re being called to do now. Perhaps it’s an artistic interlude or spending time with friends, lovers, or companions enjoying a nice meal or a fun adventure. Whatever you do, try to be mindful of the need to carve out pleasurable time for yourself. It’s also important that you be your authentic self and no longer compromise your integrity.

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Cancer: It’s time to focus on Cancer’s favorite things in life: home and family. The Sun’s return to the base of your chart signifies a physical or metaphorical need to return home, touch base with yourself, and attend to your inner needs. It’s also the perfect time for nourishing your home, making changes, or tending to jobs that need doing. By making your home more beautiful and nurturing, you create a space that better serves your needs. This is also a good week to see how any problem areas in your home could reflect problems in your life. For example, if piles of clutter are blocking the flow of energy in your home, would removing them have a beneficial effect on your life? The answer is most likely yes, so this is an ideal time to see how improving your surroundings can have a favorable impact on your life.

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Leo: As the Sun moves into your zone of mental thought, this is a good moment to be more mindful of the thoughts you keep, the beliefs you hold, and your general attitude toward yourself, life and others. Any weaknesses in your life are probably due to repetitive thought patterns undermining you. We all have a tendency to sabotage ourselves in some ways, and your task this week is to identify your mental culprits and begin to hold pictures in your mind of the results you wish to see.

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Virgo: Abundance is the theme this week as the Sun moves into your money zone. Perhaps the solution to any shortage or insecurity is to focus on your talents. Are you using your gifts to their full capacity? Do you feel deserving of the rewards that could come from doing what you love? Many times, we sabotage ourselves where money is concerned. We either think too small or want it too much. Now you have the opportunity to improve your relationship with money and strike the right balance between having enough and being happy with what you have.

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Libra: The Sun moves into your sign on September 23, ushering in a new phase and activating increased energy, motivation and enthusiasm. This is a good week to forget about the past as much as possible and forge ahead. There might be relationship issues and conflicts to resolve, but underneath lies the need to determine what is best for your personal progress. Disputes and conflicts with others might be showing you to put your needs first for a while. If you don’t honor your being, you will suffer the consequences in lack of energy, depression, anger, irritability or resentment. To be true to yourself, you might need to be assertive, even with the risk of upsetting others.

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Scorpio: The Sun’s move into your zone of soul and spirit signals a time for rest and quiet contemplation. This is your time-out period after what has probably been a busy phase, so make the most of any opportunity to meditate, enjoy some solitude, and catch up on sleep. The purpose of this solar transit is to find inner peace, but you sometimes have to experience the opposite to find it. Any disturbances of the spirit might be showing you where you need to shine the light of consciousness to better understand your hidden motivations. The more aware you are of what makes you tick, the more you can find inner peace.

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Sagittarius: With Jupiter’s conjunction to Pluto, you have far more power than you might realize, but this is less a time for seeing what you can get and more a time of seeing what you can give. The Sun’s move into your social zone is very much about giving and sharing with others, whether it’s sharing time with a friend or giving your time to help another. Either way, your social life and role in the community or within society is likely to move up a notch, making this the week to concentrate on your friends and acquaintances and what you can do to help make the world a better place.

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Capricorn: What does success mean to you? Is it recognition for your efforts, a certain standard of living, a feeling of having made it, climbing up the ladder of ambition, or living life on your own terms, happy in what you are doing? As the Sun sails over the successful region of your chart, this is certainly a good time to channel your energies into your professional life, aims, and ambitions. The time is also right to take constructive action and push forward, but for true fulfillment, it won’t hurt to consider whether you are on the right path and doing what you really love. That’s when who you are and what your purpose is will click into alignment, leading to a true sense of success.

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Aquarius: The intensity of the previous weeks begins to fade as the Sun moves into your zone of adventure on September 23. This is your opportunity to spread your wings; seek out new places, people and experiences; and move out of comfortable ruts. The result could be a new world of adventure and opportunity opening up, particularly if you’re prepared to believe that better things can come. The possibilities are best summed up by the following quote from Andre Gide: Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore,” so don’t cling to what is safe and predictable; instead, be willing to take a chance and try something new. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Pisces: As the Sun moves into your zone of transformation this week, you now have opportunities to rebirth yourself and rejuvenate and renovate your inner being, your surroundings, and even your life. The changes can be as small or big as you like, depending on how much needs to change, but if you find yourself acting impulsively or you are overtaken by emotions or dark psychological states, the transformation might require a bit more effort by shining a light into the recesses of your psyche to become more conscious of your motivations. Seeking to become empowered, either within yourself or with life in general, is the goal of the Sun’s journey through this deep and dark area of your chart.

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