Free Weekly Horoscope – October 18 – October 24, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for October 18-24, 2020

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First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on October 23 brings a strong emphasis on the need for serious labor. Some staunch determination is required. There is a steadily mounting concern to achieve a notable level of accomplishment or completion of projects. The need to hunt for a steady job, a marketing edge, or a secure investment keeps us vigilant and focused.

Venus opposite Neptune (October 18 – October 27) brings on an acute awareness of the opposing struggle between classic feminine archetypes in today’s changing modern culture, and the universal and natural or spiritual expression of femininity, which is often at odds with a new model of beauty.

Mars square Jupiter (October 19 – November 1) is a time when various activities are met with the obstacles of economic oppression and shortfall. This is a very difficult time to excel in business endeavors, especially in actively trading markets. This aspect warns us that there will be trouble when approaching the job market aggressively. Trying to make progress using headstrong attitudes and unwarranted self-confidence might impede progress. This aspect brings no-nonsense demands or increases in our workload. The square aspect of these two planets creates a challenging dynamic in the struggle to grow economically.

Venus trine Jupiter (October 19 – October 29) is a favored and prized aspect that allows for greater potential to receive and expand gifts of love. Love (Venus) is harmoniously placed with prosperity and opportunity (Jupiter). This is a great time to use love to expand your outlook on life.

Venus trine Pluto (October 21 – October 29) often allows a breakthrough to occur for those who fear accepting the work of fate. Adoration and loving energy flows more easily between generations and can often help us to overcome the pain of separation concerning love.

Venus trine Saturn (October 24 – November 3) brings the timely gift of love. Paradoxically, it also allows for some peace in the closure of a love relationship. This is the aspect to enhance a love vow or oath with the timely application of loving energy, and is also a good aspect to better understand the importance of devotion and responsive caring.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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With so much drama in the sky, and Aries as one of the signs caught up in it, this could be another week of tension, frustration and fiery outbursts. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing, though, for it could facilitate a clearing of the air. This could mean the start of a new relationship or starting over in an existing one. Alternatively, it might be time to end something that is no longer working. Notice whatever comes up for you around the end of the week and let your feelings guide you accordingly. This is less a time for logic and more a time for responding to the passions of your soul; wherever you feel pulled is probably where you should be heading.

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This week might be the time to turn over a new leaf with your health, perhaps getting rid of a detrimental habit or instilling a positive new one. Or it could be time for a change or new beginning with your work. The way you live your life on a day-to-day basis is the thing to focus on now. Notice whether you have, in fact, been sabotaging yourself. Now is the time to become aware of unconscious emotions that could be creating problems and take greater care of yourself. Become more empowered in the way you run your life.

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The First Quarter Moon influences you to look for answers to dilemmas that have been seeking regress. Maybe the answer to your dilemma isn’t in logic, books or a black-and-white formula. Maybe the answer, if there is one, is found in simplicity – being much like a child and just following your impulses and doing whatever feels right in the moment. Or maybe the answer lies in allowing things to be as they are and waiting for whatever happens next. Creative and recreational activities could also enable your inner knowing to bubble up to the surface. A lot of problems are there because of our attachment to them. When you let go they often dissolve under their own weight and sometimes, the solutions come as well. This may be the week for that.

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This is a good time to turn over a new leaf with a family member or to welcome a new addition. This First Quarter Moon supports changes at home, such as redecorating or decluttering. Anything you can do to get rid of old, stagnant energies and bring in a higher vibration will be a good use of this moon phase. Life might not be easy this week as planetary energies are somewhat tense, but by looking to your home as the key to both the source of the problem and the solution, you can begin to make progress.

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This week, take a look at where things have gotten too complicated or overwhelming or where you feel burdened to see what you can release. This will help create some space in your world. Work and health might be ongoing areas that need your attention, but much of it boils down to your attitude and how you approach things. If you love what you do and you’re happy in your daily life, then all will be well. If not, now is the time to start entertaining new ideas that will fuel a sense of possibility and potential.

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As the Sun journeys through your zone of money, gifts and talents, the question of whether you’re living your life in a meaningful way and being financially rewarded for it becomes relevant. If you’re not sure how to better utilize your talents or generate more income or a greater sense of abundance, take a moment to consider what you most value. It could be creativity, home, family, beauty, freedom, security, service or any one of a thousand other qualities. Determine what matters most to you and see whether these link into your gifts and talents and whether you are fully expressing these qualities and gifts. Don’t expect it to be an easy process; there is perhaps a block or a challenge you need to get past. Push on anyway because the reward could be priceless.

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This could be a particularly tricky week. Your personal life might need to be addressed, particularly your relationships or your home life, and some sort of change might be required. Keep in mind, it could be a mistake to act with haste, as this is a very impulsive and rather ruthless time. Try to find the middle path if you find yourself pulled toward extremes. If you share the best of Venus’s alignments, you will experience a strong dynamic energy that enables you to move mountains and be hugely productive. This is perhaps what you should be aiming for rather than the high drama of personal conflicts.

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This week things might feel more intense as Mercury retrogrades through your sign. Something might need to come out, whether it’s a conversation or an action that needs to be taken, but make sure you act consciously or there could be regrets. Aim, instead, to release something and prepare to move on or take time out to contemplate what you need for your well-being. Sometimes all you need is a little more rest or quiet to calm the soul. If you make the time to be with yourself, you might find that you have the answers to the dilemma, and life magically begins to improve.

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You now have the potential to turn over a new leaf in matters relating to friends, groups, your social life and your hopes and wishes for the future. Take whichever of these is most relevant, and focus your intention for a new beginning or a positive development. All the while, remember last week’s advice about applying restraint when necessary. This way you’ll make the most of what is available which is basically about creating a new vision of your future and being more involved with the world.

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Although tension is still in the air, the First Quarter Moon will do much to clear it and enable you to move forward. This is a great opportunity to forge a new direction or create a new beginning in the area of your work, ambitions, or purpose in life. Don’t expect it to be easy though, because with Mars squaring Jupiter you will have to put some effort into what you want. However, Venus makes a very nice aspect to Pluto this week; thus, friends are succeeding and are helpful in your career. The doors might be shut in other areas of life, but not in the career.

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“The realist sees reality as concrete. The optimist sees reality as clay.” If you take these words as true and imagine you are an optimist, what would you like to mold from your reality? This is a big question because it puts your life firmly in your hands and means you cannot blame anyone else for your circumstances. If you can see that everything in your life is, at some level, a manifestation of your creation, you can step forward with a view to changing things and manifesting the kind of life you want. It might be something as simple as correcting a situation that isn’t working for you, or it could be creating something new. Perhaps this week is the time to start believing that something you found difficult to entertain could become a very real possibility.

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You probably need to release something, perhaps an aspect of yourself – such as a self defeating pattern or some emotional baggage that does you no favors – a situation that has outlived its usefulness, or material items that are cluttering your life. The First Quarter Moon asks you to let go of what no longer resonates or works for you. This might take some courage, but it will lead you to a feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation. Your 8th house of regeneration is strong until the end of the week and after that, the sign of Scorpio (the natural ruler of the 8th house) is powerful. This is a good time for decluttering your life on all levels.

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