Free Weekly Horoscope – October 25 – October 31, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for October 25-31, 2020

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Mercury enters Libra (October 28 – November 10) aligning us with diplomacy, tact and the need to contact with friends and loved ones. This is a good time for people to communicate by gathering important information as our decision making process kicks into high gear.

Venus enters Libra (October 28 – November 21) and now the course of magnetism, affection and feminine perception begins to focus on harmonizing and balancing relationships, marriages, and friendships. Libra strives hard to apply a great wealth of knowledge, common law, history and helpful information with regard to relationships. Attraction is a mystery; Libra seeks to decode the mystery.

Full Moon in Taurus on October 31 invites us to celebrate the beauty and the perfection of the valuable elements of the earth and brings appreciation for the beauty in nature. This Full Moon reminds us to take the time to enjoy and create beauty around us and to indulge a little bit in some luxurious pleasures or leisure time.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Life begins to calm a little as the tension in the sky breaks but a feeling of intensity remains as the Sun enters your zone of the underworld, and Mercury retrogrades through it. You might experience a transformation or a rebirth. Mars is still in your sign and will be for the next few months, so this is very much a period of reassessment in terms of what you want for yourself and your life in general. If you didn’t get things quite right in the past few months, you’re now being afforded a second chance, whether this means working hard to further your interests or striving to become more assertive with others. Either way, this is a time in your life when you have to put your needs first, even if this means upsetting one or two apple carts.

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As the Sun moves into your relationship zone and Mercury retrogrades through it, it’s time to consider how you come across to others and how your most important relationships are working. If there is room for improvement, clear and honest communication will do much to change things for the better. Sometimes all that’s needed to remove a deadlock or a source of conflict is to talk openly from a heartfelt place. Likewise, the ability to listen and really be present for the other person can have a very healing effect. If you believe your needs aren’t being met, then say so – nicely. Likewise, if you have been neglectful, this is a good time to make amends and strive to see the divine light in everyone you meet.

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Now is the time to examine how your daily routines and habits either support you or work against you. Could you be more organized in the way you work? Could you improve your health by focusing on routines that support your body, such as going to bed an hour earlier for better quality sleep? Or is there a backlog of work or duties you need to get on top of that, when completed, would leave you feeling much better? Whatever is nagging away at you or calling your attention, does so because there is perhaps a need to tighten up the structures of your life or repair what isn’t working so that you can function in a healthier way.

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We all need to make time for recreation, and as Mercury retrogrades through your zone of fun and enjoyment, you should find increasing opportunities to let your hair down and relax a little while focusing on being more creative and expressive. This is a good week to pick up a pen, paintbrush, camera or guitar and it’s a favorable time to bake a cake or create something nice in the garden. Maybe you would feel better if you sang some of your favorite songs or danced to your favorite tunes. It is, in short, a time to reconnect with your inner child, remembering what makes you feel glad to be alive. In doing so, you will find yourself becoming rejuvenated or know how to create joy in your life on a more regular basis.

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As the Sun moves into your zone of home and family and Mercury retrogrades through it, a slower pace begins to set the scene, and this will provide a much welcome relief if life has been stressful lately. Perhaps all you need now is to return home to yourself and focus more on nourishing yourself and those you care about. This is a good time to catch up with family members, improve your domestic surroundings, or spend time connecting with your inner self. Writing in a journal or talking with a counselor are both good examples of reconnecting with your deeper self. All in all, this is a time to shine a light on the deeper aspects of yourself and your life.

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Willie Nelson said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” That’s easy to say of course, but how easy is it to drift into negative thinking or expect that something won’t work, that it will be too difficult, or that you won’t succeed? How often do you make negative judgments about other people or situations that then create a sense of discord within you? Whatever your particular train of negative thought, this is a good week to become more conscious of it and turn it around to something more positive or accepting. Sometimes resistance is the problem, and the solution is to simply accept whatever is happening or accept the way other people are. This is also a perfect opportunity to articulate your thoughts and feelings, share what you know, inspire others, get something off your chest, or express an idea. Communication is absolutely key this week, and it could work very much in your favor if you pick the right moment to say the right thing.

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Thus far, October has likely been either dramatic, eventful or very productive, depending on how you’ve expressed the potent planetary energies. The good news now is that whether you feel you were successful or not, this week onward, life begins to be a little less intense. Now you can turn your attention to other matters, most likely your material life. Whether you need to sort out financial matters, you want to feel more abundant, or you want to make more of your talents, this is a great week for improving your material world and to enjoy what you have. It might also help to consider what you value most, and then make those things a priority in your life.

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The Sun’s arrival in Scorpio is good news, as this is where you can begin again in some way. From small beginnings, such as feeling a renewal of energy and positivity, to bigger developments that enable you to feel you are making personal progress, this is a week when the old ways fall away and a new, more invigorated spirit takes its place. You can benefit now from considering what you need to do next for your progress and focusing on activities that enable you to recharge your batteries. When you plug into Source, energy, enthusiasm and inspiration always follow, and it is likely this week will bring at least one opportunity to reconnect with your true self.

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Sometimes a problem can’t be figured out by logic alone. Sometimes things just don’t make sense, and you have to trust your feelings. As the Sun and retrograde Mercury journey through your zone of the soul and spirit, this is a good week to tune in to your inner self, which you can do by observing your dreams or watching the signs around you and seeing whether you can decipher what the universe is trying to tell you. You could draw a mandala, write in your journal, or spend time in meditation or quiet contemplation. All these methods can strengthen your connection with your intuition, which in turn will point the way forward.

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The Sun’s move into Scorpio is good news for your social life, putting the emphasis less on work and achievements and more on happy times spent with others. Much of the tension and drama of recent times should be fading away, leaving you in lighter spirits and more able to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Mercury retrograde in this same area adds to the social element, but it asks you to perhaps review and re-evaluate your friends and any groups you belong to, your connections with people, or the world in general. Either way, this is a good week to catch up with friends, engage with groups, form new acquaintances, rejuvenate distant friendships, and generally work to create connections with others so that you feel more linked to the world around you. It’s all too easy in today’s world to become isolated, so watch for those little windows of social opportunity that could enable you to feel more connected to others and to life itself.

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If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to take action. This week, as the Sun sails over the highest point of your chart, it might become more apparent that your direction needs some attention. It could be something connected with your work or your ambitions, in which case it’s time to get moving and push yourself forward. A little self-promotion might be in order, and taking steps to further your career could be productive right now. But it could feel bigger than that, and you might need to make adjustments to the trajectory of your life and contemplate what or where next? Either way, this is a time to look at where you’re going and work toward making your life a little bit more successful.

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Adventure becomes the central theme, along with a sense of growing possibility, so use this week to think about what you could become, what you could do, and what might be possible. In most cases, the only limits are the ones you place on yourself, so this week it would serve you to challenge your perceptions about what is possible. At the very least, you should have an opportunity to broaden your horizons a little and move out of your comfort zone. This might mean going somewhere new, trying something different, or entertaining a new idea, philosophy, or belief. Sometimes a conversation with someone can spark a new way of seeing life, so be open to your encounters with others, realizing that fate might have orchestrated the meeting to give you a sign or a message that could spark your inspiration.

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