Free Weekly Horoscope – December 20 – December 26, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for December 20 – December 26, 2020

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Mercury enters Capricorn (December 20 – January 8, 2021 ) during which our thinking is careful and wise. We will plan well and seek knowledge, giving us authority. We approach new ideas with calculated caution, and our ambitions are heightened. Mercury in Capricorn provides a time to be focused, realistic, hard working and disciplined.

First Quarter Moon in Pisces on December 21 often brings our hearts and minds to a peaceful place. A spacey, dreamy sort of consciousness leads to strong psychic awareness. Passive, cheerful and kind sentiments will be greatly appreciated and deep meditation and spiritual practices will empower the imagination.

Mars is square Pluto (December 23 – January 28). Mars emphasizes all forms of action, while Pluto represents the transformational powers of destiny. These two planets in the square position spell out the potential for trouble with regard to our actions. Actions or conflicts concerned with higher powers are likely to backfire. It is best not to bluff those of a higher or unanticipated authority at this time.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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On the 21st you enter a yearly career peak, although it won’t be as strong as your last one in January. You have probably attained many of your short-term goals. Your career is still important, but now you are not so career driven in the way you have been for most of the year. You have been receiving regular inflows of money and the really good news this week is that the largest sum of money will arrive between the 24th and 27th of December so look forward to this ‘reward’ and buy yourself or your family a fabulous holiday gift.

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For the first time in a long time you can take a breather. All the storms are behind you and now is the time to figure out what happened and to put your affairs, thoughts, feelings in order. Those eager to move far away and start a business there will see their dreams come true in the coming year and those who have had some problems with colleagues from other cities or overseas are very close to achieving a resolution. Long standing problems in your personal life or with your relatives are being successfully resolved either due to the conclusion of an old argument or to the end of some convoluted situation. This is a perfect time for sorting out all household matters and celebrating the happiest of holidays.

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A significant and stressful chapter in your life has closed for the better and the long, open road to the future lies ahead. Everything is quiet in your personal life either due to the end of an unhealthy and toxic relationship or to having made up with your partner. Love has been erotic, but by now you have seen the limits of this and yearn for something more. You want philosophical compatibility, a person who is not only satisfying but from whom you can learn and look up to. This week commences your understanding of this new attitude and will continue not only through the holidays, but for almost all of next year.

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Everything is quiet in your personal life. This is especially true for spouses going through a divorce and those now set on a divorce settlement. This is a week for licking your wounds and totaling your gains and losses. There is a long year ahead when you will have to get used to living in an unfamiliar way or to being single. If you do find yourself in such a difficult and uncomfortable situation, you must take into account that eventually you will come to a new period of your life that is brighter, more exciting and more positive. Use this week to put your affairs, thoughts and feelings in order and try to take some pleasure in the holiday season.

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Saturn’s move into your 7th house is going to test your current relationship, and this will be a long term thing. Since only the best will do for you, relationships get subjected to stress tests to see how well they hold up. A relationship that can withstand the next two years can pretty much withstand anything. While Saturn is testing love, Jupiter’s presence in your 7th house will bring romantic opportunities for singles. Usually this kind of transit would suggest marriage but Saturn in the 7th house suggests more caution. Complicated relationships with relatives will be put right in one way or another this week and family relationships will become much better and warmer as a result.

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Past events could have shattered your belief in a better future. However, the situation this week takes on a new twist as your run of bad luck ends and ahead of you lies everything you have been trying to achieve for such a long time. All professionally active Virgos will come upon surprising new opportunities and you will need to devote yourself to them. However, your career planet, Mercury, will be in your 4th house at the beginning of the week and it is a very clear message. Your mission, your career, is the home and family – to be there for them if so needed. Thus, this holiday week will involve different types of work, but you are completely ready and can handle whatever needs to be done.

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You seem to have achieved the goal for which you were well-set. There are some outstanding details but you will deal with them if not this week or next, then in 2021. Those whose interests center on their personal lives and whose problems have been connected to close friends and relatives for a long time, will be able to breathe more easily now. Any conflicts related to the partition of property – mainly of the flat or house – will finish. Single people will enjoy interesting and exciting events this holiday season. Old acquaintances will appear over the horizon and the two long-term planets in the 5th house from the 20th onwards – Jupiter and Saturn – signal a good time, but more in the realm of entertainment than love.

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You will find the energy and resources this month to forever break free of the problems of the past. Jupiter, your financial planet, is in your 4th house of Aquarius and as a result, where you’ve been pretty conservative in financial matters, now you become more adventurous and experimental. You’ll be spending more on the home and family but also earning from them too. This transit favors the fortunate purchase or sale of a home. Family and family connections will play a big role in this and in your financial life in general.

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You are at a turning point, so you need to set yourself specific goals and then put them into action. On the 21st you begin a yearly financial peak which extends into January, but the focus on finance will lessen in the new year. This week you are more interested in intellectual development and that will also be the case in 2021 too. When financial goals are achieved – at least in the short term – it is natural to want to develop the mind and that is exactly what you are doing right now.

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This is a good week for the study of sacred literature, meditation and getting involved in idealistic and charitable causes. This is a holiday week which might involve spiritual breakthroughs for those who desire them. With the Sun in your own sign, you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. This is a good time to indulge the body (within limits) and get it into the shape that you want. It is also good for weight loss and detox regimes. This all shows that your health is good but if necessary, you can enhance it further with spiritual-healing methods.

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You fall under the influence of two powerful planets – Jupiter and Saturn. They open your eyes to both the past and to the future. Such coincidences in the zodiac are very rare and if your fortune should indicate a path to you, follow it without reservation. You may have a chance to get on with your business or to start something new; you need to be in good shape and totally prepared, however. Even though your energy levels are quite high, you should be extra careful while driving and traveling between the 20th of this week and Christmas day.

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Your energy levels are quite high and you should not worry about problems with health. You will enjoy Christmas among friends, children and those close to you. However, the same cannot be said about your personal life. To be more exact, right now, how are you feeling about all of the conflicts and arguments of the past year? As you cannot change what has transpired, you need to use this week to take a pause, reflect and draw a relevant decision regarding your relationship. This is mainly true for those who spent much of this year fighting and in turmoil. Strong couples will make a decision to change many things in their lives, in their usual routine and they will definitely agree to realize their plans in 2021.

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