Free Weekly Horoscope – December 6 – December 12, 2020

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for December 6 – December 12, 2020

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Venus trine Neptune (December 6 – December 14) brings feminine love in harmony with spiritual expression. To love unconditionally is a way to aquire gifts of the spirit world. This has something to do with the old adage – what goes around comes around. Feminine expression is emphasized with this aspect and there is a greater potential to create a spiritually enhanced atmosphere. Venus trine Neptune helps to ease our woes with a support network of feminiee kindness.

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo on December 6 calls for the release of emotional currents which are often caused by our doubts. This release or expression can sometimes come in disruptive ways. Virgo Moon affects the general course of moods with the need to create protective defenses, often causing skeptical, analytical or even cynical interactions with others. This is a time to be aware as what one is protecting may quite possibly be an ill of some kind that may actually need to be banished and released.

Venus sextile Pluto (December 10 – December 16) points to the opportunity to grow and transform with love related struggles. This is best done with kind gestures of love. Let love be your greatest weapon. Its value is priceless and no master of the universe can afford to be without it. Set your price high and don’t sell yourself short.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Problems of previous months have eventually been resolved and you will now have the chance to work to a quieter schedule. Your relationships with colleagues from other cities or overseas become important and negotiations happen as part of the eveyday course of business without any haste or stress. You are likely to go on a journey that opens new doors – new opportunities and prospects. In addition, new and influential people and patrons appear on your horizon. In addition, there are positive changes in your personal life and this week you will stop being so anxious and fussy which will immediately improve your relationships with those you love.

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A new, active and positive period is soon to begin in your professional life and this week you need to deal with all the various organizational activities that are prerequisites to your next breakthrough. The complicated and contentious issues that have recently dogged you seem to have ended. For the first time in a long time you can take a breather. All the storms are behind you and this is the week to figure out what happened and to put your affairs, thoughts and feelings in order.

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This week sees an end to the long-lasting problem over which you have lately lost sleep. Allies who act as mediators and who can resolve the most heavily disputed issues you have had will turn up to be of assistance to you. Your earnings and your expenses are moderate, but chances are you will have to pay out a sum of money to eliminate a recent problem so that you can follow the path to a better future. You may start to think about moving to a new place, where you have already lived or often visited. Think about how you can make preparations and discuss with family members or with friends this week how to turn the plan into reality.

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You have a good chance to improve your financial and professional standing right now. By fixing old problems with opponents, you will be able to bring about a bright and positive change to your business or career. Legal questions that have been poisoning your life for a long time will be sorted out this week. Although things may not develop in quite the way you had planned or dreamed, the result is a positive. You now have the chance to worry not about the past, but about future business and future work and this week will provide you the opportunity to consider and to plan your actions.

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The stars forecast a renewal of relationships with some of your former colleagues, but be cautious when signing important documents about co-operation and take into account all complications possible. Things that have to be done should be done, but anything non-essential – especially if it is stressful – is better off being rescheduled. You and the children or children figures in your life are going into a period of redefinition of the self – the self-concept, the image, the personality. You are upgrading and this is reflected in the way you dress and your accessories to the delight of those close to you including your spouse and/or family members.

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All professionally active Virgos will come upon surprising new opportunities this week and you willl need to devote yourself to them. There will be different work to do but you are completely ready for it. The problems of past months are vanishing, but there are, however, new ones already looming on the horizon involving relationships with colleagues from other cities or overseas. This is why you need to be very cautious when signing documents and try to cover all the bases. By doing so, you will save yourself from misfortunes which might possibly happen. There are many changes in your personal life and most of them are promising ones. Family members are more temperatmental than usual but your close relatives are now ready to help you deal with any recent problems you have experienced with a parent or siblings and siblling figures relative to financial changes in which you have been involved.

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You are entering a more serene and predictable period in your life. Conflict with toxic opponents is left behind thanks to the incredible efforts of favorably disposed mediators, friends and close relatives who are making it possible to placate the opposing party and open a new chapter in your career. As a result, the things which you consider yours will remain yours. Your financial situation is stable. You have a regular inflow of money and the amount will be increasing noticeably this week. You will not have many expenses, but this is only a temporary situation as you can expect to make lots of investments in your business and needs of the people you love in the future.

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This is a positive period for you financially. You have regular inflows of money and a significant increase in the amount this week gives you the chance to pay off your debts and solve the knottiest issues that have been bothering you recently. Times of change in your personal life have arrived. Many Scorpions will find a new accommodation this week and this is true both for those moving far away and for those who are staying closer to home. The complicated relationships with your relatives will be sorted out now as the old arguments run aground and the old issues of your family members are put to rights.

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This week you may possibly start to consider a move to a different city or abroad and will make these plans reality in the near future. It is possible that some very promising cooperation develops with colleagues from other cities or overseas and that you consider establishing a business far away from your home. It is also possible that you renew old ties now or return to a place you have visited many times before. The situation in your personal life will stabilize this week. In particular, misunderstandings with children and the related expenses will come to an end. This is true for both those couples who have differing views on the upbriging and future of their children and for those couples going through a divorce and trying to retain some influence over their offspring.

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Your problems will be behind you and this becomes obvious to you by the end of the week. You will finally sort out a complicated family situation. After enduring many arguments and demands, you will find some peace at last. The question over disputed real estate, land or some other large property will reach a conclusion that suits both parties. Your business can continue in its standard operating mode with your friends and those close to you helping you to resolve compelx situations. Couples going through a divorce will reach a settlement and thus be able to make plans for the future. However, your energy levels are not high right now, so try to stick to your limits and remember about the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

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Opportunities that only begin to show themselves this week will fully unfurl next year. It is natural that these opportunities demand serious effort and responsibility on your part. As your future depends on your decisions, you need to think everything through properly right now. For those whose life is centered around love or family, the stars are promising peace and tranquillity. Your relationships with relatives who experienced grave siuttations in their lives stabilize now. You will reconcile and protracted problems among your close relatives will cease. Although the situation is improving, you will face other problems – this time connected to real estate – in the near future. Therefore, you need to consider all the possible variants and take measures now so as not to be caught flat footed.

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This is one of the best weeks of the year for you. You are making great strides and see that many issues you have been trying to resolve for some time are eventually being sorted out. Although you will gain a lot, it is not everything; it is only what you have earned. Thus, it seems as though a chapter of your career or even of your life has finished. You will have to re-organize now and search out the new paths and possibilities ahead. Take time this week to consider and plan for how things will work out in your future. December is quite good financially for you with regular inflows of cash and the amount increasing noticeably especially with the possibility of your receiving a large sum at the beginning of this week. Look forward to it and enjoy!

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