Free Weekly Horoscope – January 10 – January 16, 2021

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for January 10 – January 16, 2021

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New Moon in Capricorn on January 13 urges us to create newer goals and set new heights for ourselves. This is a grounding time as much as it is uplifting and challenging at the same time. Strength of will is enhanced by the bounty of love in one’s heart. This New Moon brings new light – rejoice!

Mercury conjunct Saturn (January 10 – January 15) brings talk about putting an end to the useless or unwanted components of our lives. There is a discerning quality at work with Mercury conjunct Saturn, making this aspect a very good one for speakers and writers to inspire, initiate and capture vital thoughts. News concerning the end of a cycle is likely to occur. Overall, Mercury conjunct Saturn tends to bring out a strong tone of seriousness in communications.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter (January 11 – January 19) creates expansive talk which spreads quickly with news about the economic state of matters. Thoughts and information regarding some form of visionary breakthrough highlight this aspect. On more mundane levels, this is a prosperous aspect for communicating the need for a job or a financial loan.

Mars square Saturn (January 13 – January 19) is an aspect that is known for creating confrontations between offensive and defensive forces, and is usually not a good time to start a new enterprise This may be an especially difficult time to muster the strength to finish up projects, or to end affairs amicably.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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This could be a week of high frustration in which you can’t have what you want when you want it. So watch for a short fuse that could lead to explosive outbursts, and focus instead on your direction in life, whether that’s your career, ambitions, or purpose. Utilize the power of the New Moon to start fresh professionally, begin a new project, or move forward with future plans. It might help to consider what a successful, meaningful life means to you, and then make those necessary changes. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

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With Mars and Uranus in your sign squaring Saturn and Jupiter, it will be a challenge to keep an even temper this week. Aim to do so, for volatile outbursts will be counterproductive. Try to ascertain why you feel frustrated/irritable, and aim to address the root cause rather than allow a bad mood to get the better of you. If you feel unable to express yourself or to be who you really are, then you might have grounds for frustration and need to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to be you, but also recognize there are certain limits. Your challenge this week might be to find a happy medium between what you want to do and what you can actually do. The New Moon brings the opportunity to create a new paradigm where you see the world differently, and perhaps this is the way forward. Liberate yourself from outdated beliefs and move toward developing a more adventurous attitude.

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This week you might need to let go of something to create space for something new. The New Moon in your transformation zone on January 13 suggests a time of cleansing, rejuvenation, and rebirth, so this could be a time to clear out what you no longer need or renovate what you already have. You will know which approach applies to which situation because what needs to go will probably feel like it’s cluttering your life or detrimental to your well-being. A self-defeating habit can be just as damaging as a destructive situation or a pile of clutter behind your sfa, and this is the ideal time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Be ruthless in your purging, for this is a New Moon that amplifies the need for transformation and rebirth. By the end of the week, you should feel as though you are heading toward rejuvenation.

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Your personal and social life take center stage as the majority of planets take up residence in your zones governing people. This could be quite a sociable week, and you might actually benefit from the somewhat tricky paring (conjunction) of Mars and Uranus, since it is likely to breathe new life and excitement into your social life. You might experience an element of drama, though – disagreements, perhaps. The New Moon in your marriage zone could make this a time to clear the air and transform an important relationship. Life might feel a bit intense this week, but it could also be very cathartic, especially if you focus on turning over a new leaf in your relationships.

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With a very intense New Moon in your work, health, and daily life area, this is the week to start fresh in one of these areas. It could feel appropriate, for example, to begin a new health program or get checked out if you’re not feeling well. It’s also good for clearing out old toxins. If you feel that your body could do with purifying, taking crabapple essence can help rid you of both physical and emotional toxicity. New beginnings at work could also be appropriate and once again, the need to change or transform a work situation could be important now to enable you to move to the next level. All in all, this is a great week to be productive, so get as much done as you can, but make your health and wellbeing your number one priority.

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Have you been compromising your integrity? Have you allowed your authenticity to slide? Are you finding it difficult to express yourself or to march to your drumbeat? If so, the powerful New Moon on January 13 is your opportunity to allow your true self to shine without compromise or apology. You can only be yourself; it’s pointless and damaging trying to be anything else so utilize the power of this New Moon by following your heart’s desire, and let your creative spirit shine through.

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A powerful New Moon brings changes to your home and family life. You might feel the need to let go of a phase of life, heal a family rift or difficult relationship, clear out old energies in your home, or transform the place where you live. This is very much a week of moving on and closing a door on the past. At the same time, the New Moon squares the Mars-Uranus conjunction in your zone of transformation and rebirth, so this could feel like a heavy week with a fair amount of emotional clearing to do. You will emerge at the end of it with a sense of catharsis, especially if you’re prepared to face your demons rather than run away from what you consider frightening or unpleasant. Something in your psyche wants to make itself known, and while you might need to keep a grip on compulsive or risky behavior, such things can also have important messages for you.

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A powerful New Moon on January 13 encourages you to shed your old approach to life and embrace a shiny new attitude that says, “I can” rather than “I can’t.” The challenge to staying positive might lie with other people, due to tensions at home or in key relationships. Indeed, other people might be acting unpredictably and making it difficult for you to feel settled. Following on last week’s advice, try to refrain from judging the behavior of others as good or bad and simply allow them to be themselves. Also consider that the Mars-Uranus conjunction in your relationship zone generates refreshing or dynamic change. Perhaps a particular relationship can’t stay the same, and now would be a good time to clear the air.

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With a powerful and transformative New Moon in your money zone, this is the ideal week to start fresh in your material world. Does a situation need transforming? Do you need to let go of something? Do you need to change some aspect of your work? The alignment of Mars and Uranus suggests you would benefit from making a creative or dynamic change even if it seems a bit risky or sudden. Sometimes you can’t wait for all the circumstances to be right; you have to take action now. It certainly looks as though something needs to change in your material world, at least. By being bold and brave, you will likely be successful in your efforts.

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With a New Moon in your sign, the theme of new beginnings continues. This would be a good week to start fresh in some area of your life. Given that Mars and Uranus – a feisty and revolutionary combination – are currently aligning in your zone of authenticity, you might need to be honest with yourself and others about what you really want. The time for compromise is over. If you’re not true to yourself now, you could suffer a bout of frustration, irritability, or resentment. If you can follow your path, this could be a very creative and refreshing period. Some element of breaking free and expressing yourself might need to occur.

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The New Moon on January 13 brings you the opportunity to close something, to release what must be laid to rest. This is also a very intuitive New Moon, enabling you to more easily tap into divine guidance or trust your inner voice. Any issues currently emerging might be better understood by accessing your inner wisdom through dreams, feelings, signs from the universe, or sudden insights. Life at home might be volatile or unpredictable, but you can always take refuge in the sanctity of more soulful pursuits. Focus on creating inner peace, and the external chaos might seem less of an issue.

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Most disturbances have roots somewhere in the psyche, so even if something happens that isn’t to your liking, ask yourself whether a part of you is inviting it. Nothing can enter your reality without it being a part of you somewhere, and the high level of planetary activity in your subconscious and belief areas suggests the need for caution in your thoughts. Thoughts can easily become things, especially if you think them often enough and back them up with feeling, so try to be aware this week if your mind is entertaining demons or angels. Angry outbursts might be a sign that something needs to be addressed, but remember the old Arab proverb: “When you shoot an arrow of truth, dip its point in honey.” On the positive side, the New Moon will likely bring developments to your social life; friends, groups, and organizations could be a theme. The week’s advice is to embrace the new, finish the old, and consider how to plant positive seeds to manifest a hope or dream.

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