Free Weekly Horoscope – May 23 – May 29, 2021

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for May 23 – May 29, 2021

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Mercury square Neptune (May 23 – June 10) commonly brings about difficulty with communications concerning the challenges and obstacles of the spirit world and human spirituality. Mercury applies to the act of communicating, while Neptune encompasses the evasive hypersensitive realms of divinity. While Mercury is squaring to Neptune, our minds are a lot more challenged regarding issues of divine experience, and relaying all this information may seem all the more difficult with this aspect. Anticipate religion related arguments and disputes and resistance to spiritual teachings.

Full Moon in Sagittarius and a lunar eclipse on May 26 causes emotional energy to run very high throughout the day. For many, there is a tendency to go way out beyond their usual boundaries and discover new territory. How we choose to perceive and develop our understanding of this new territory is based upon what stage in our life we have come to and what kind of philosophy best suits our own individual needs.

Venus square Neptune (May 27 – June 5) may be a hard time to make a personal connection with spiritual teachings, or to concentrate or meditate on spiritual activities. Love matters may be thwarted by conflicts between belief systems and it is best to avoid arguments concerning spiritual beliefs with loved ones at this time.

Mercury conjunct Venus (May 29 – July 7) suggests an emphasis on the need and ability to communicate love. Both communication and love are expressed in a variety of ways so be sure to let those you truly love know it; sometimes it’s what isn’t said that disquiets the heart. Hold no expectations in the expression of love, and take no offense if your attempts to be loving are in fact poorly interpreted but know that there is a need to communicate the love that is happening now and the most simple and practical (not only complex) way to express that love might be best.

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There is a lot of truth in the saying “You can if you think you can.” So much of success and achievement in life is determined by the ability to believe in what we’re attempting. If we doubt, hold back and allow fear to get in the way, we are much less likely to succeed than if we keep the faith. That is your challenge now as a lunar eclipse activates the belief and faith area of your chart while the Sun illuminates your communication zone. Now really is the time to demonstrate your faith in your dreams and express whatever is within you. Let go of any beliefs that say “I can’t” and replace them with ones that say “I can.” Then watch for signs from the universe to confirm and direct you on your path.

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With the Sun and a lunar eclipse affecting your zone of money and attachments, you will likely need to let go of something this week, perhaps a possession, something connected with money, or an attitude of clinging and holding on. While it is a good idea to work toward what you want or to earn more money, don’t be too attached to the result. The Full Moon’s lunar eclipse in your zone of endings on May 26 suggests that something needs to be released. Try not to overthink it, as you’ll probably be in a clearing-out mode anyway. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. It is Lao Tzu’s advice not to resist them; that only creates sorrow. “Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

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With a lunar eclipse in your opposite sign on May 26, it might be difficult to avoid relationship issues, and something could come to a head this week. Try to identify what is essential or important to you, and communicate this without fear, guilt or awkwardness. It is important to be clear about who you really are and what you need to be happy. Jupiter’s recent change of sign (two weeks ago) urges you to seize any opportunity for a new life. How this ties in to your relationships might boil down to whether you start a new life together or head in a different direction without a particular person.

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The lunar eclipse on May 26 suggests that matters concerning work or health will come to a head. The best approach is to let go and gently accept whatever is happening. Of course, with Mars in your sign, you will feel a bit more warrior-like than usual, with extra confidence or a fighting spirit. You can draw on this energy if the situation calls for courage, motivation or assertiveness, but if you can ‘t do much about it now, it might be best to adopt a moment-by-moment approach and see what unfolds. Try to let go of old ways of doing things, particularly if they’re not really working anymore.

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Under this week’s lunar eclipse, you might need to let go of something that was once important to your heart. You could also have a sense of things coming together in some area. The focus will likely be on any of the following: creativity and creative projects, children, animals, love affairs and the need to follow your heart or live more authentically. Allow things to come to a natural place of fulfillment while being mindful that a moderate approach works better than going over the top. Enjoy yourself if you get the chance, but rein in any excess.

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The big areas of life – career/direction, relationships and home and family – are all activated this week. You’ll likely feel there’s a lot going on, particularly around the lunar eclipse that falls in your home and domestic area on May 26. You can expect matters to come to a head, so take care not to overreact or see things as more dramatic than they are. It might help to let go of some aspect of your past, such as forgiving a parent or getting rid of clutter and old stuff from your home. You could end the week with a sense of completion, but remember to keep your feet on the ground, and to try to see things as they really are.

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The lunar eclipse on May 26 activates the communication area of your chart, suggesting that your thoughts and beliefs are absolutely key to whatever is going on. Reality follows thought, and it could be that you need to let go of a limiting, outmoded mental habit. When you catch yourself thinking in a way that does you no favors, replace those thoughts with more positive thinking. Much of the planetary activity in your chart now is expansive, optimistic and adventurous, suggesting that life will support you, so it shouldn’t hurt to push the frontiers of what you think is possible and pursue what gives you a sense of meaning.

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Money is likely to be a theme for at least part of the week as a lunar eclipse falls in your material zone on May 26. Some kind of financial or material matter will likely come to a head. Once again, the theme of letting go is appropriate, so try to see whether there’s a way you can become less attached. This is a good time to ask for help, either financially or psychologically, as the planets show that kind of support will be forthcoming if you ask. Maybe you don’t have to do everything single handedly, and you can allow yourself to be just a little vulnerable. If others think you’re invincible, they won’t realize you need a hand now and then. If you need help, ask for it.

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If you haven’t been letting your needs and feelings show, then the lunar eclipse on May 26 could do the job for you. This could be a time of drama and intensity, and your challenge might be to let go of emotional demands or some aspect of your personality that isn’t doing you any favors. Whatever you react to emotionally around May 26 could be an indication of what you need to release. We get very attached to our habits, routines, beliefs, needs and identities, and something is likely to challenge an unhealthy need or attachment. Even if you don’t catch it at the time, allow hindsight to show you what might be unhealthy, and see whether you can just let it go. On the positive side, the eclipse in your sign suggests a time of fulfillment or culmination when some aspect of your life seems to come together.

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With a lunar eclipse occurring in your zone of the past on May 26, this is a great opportunity to spend time in quiet contemplation or to let go of old baggage. Perhaps it’s time to release the past so that you can move on or deal with something from your past that rears its ugly head. Old memories are likely to surface along with old attachments, suppressed needs and unresolved emotions. Try not to get too caught up in all this. If emotional debris does come up or you find yourself drifting unproductively, channel your energy into your work or firm up your health and well-being. Becoming more productive, organized and efficient is the way forward now, so don’t wallow too long in the past or in what has been lost. Focus instead on what you have and what you can create.

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Connecting with the world at large will likely be a focus this week as the lunar eclipse activates your social area. Friends might play bigger roles in the proceedings, or your role in a group, organization or society could come to a culmination. However it plays out, something is coming to a head in your social life, and if it seems appropriate to bring a matter to completion or let someone or something go, then do so. The focus now needs to be on what you can create that has meaning for you, and if you can put this out into the world so that it benefits others, so much the better.

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Do you have a clear sense of your life purpose? Whether you’re already on track or have some confusion, the lunar eclipse on May 26 will bring much needed clarity about your next steps, so this week your direction could take a forward leap. It could be that you will first need to let go of something that no longer fits your vision of who and what you want to be. A cluster of planets at the base of your chart suggests you need to come home to yourself. The more time you can spend in quiet contemplation, the sooner you will realize what you really need for your growth, happiness and well-being.

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