Free Weekly Horoscope – May 30 – June 5, 2021

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for May 30 – June 5, 2021

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Mars trine Neptune (May 31 – June 13) is an ideal time to initiate creative and imaginative spiritual practices; it’s a good time to empower the personal outlook and spiritual wellbeing. Mars guarantees activities will occur, and with Neptune in the trine position, these activities will be favorably stirred up with spiritual and psychic awareness.

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces on June 2 is the place where the imagination roams with on-weight accuracy and one’s belief system is profoundly touched. Those areas of our life that bring depth and meaning are often brought out and at times like this, many may choose to be intoxicated on substances that block pain and fear in an effort to escape. Emotional, spiritual and artistic moods set the tone of the day as the season of spring progresses.

Venus enters Cancer (June 2 – June 27), an appropriate place for the expression of love and affection. It invites those with rocky love relationships to patch things up, and to do so with more heart and less uncertainty. Venus in Cancer encourages our affections and affinities to be carefully placed and nurtured. When attractions occur, they will have a lasting impression and will seem very strong and emotionally sound.

Venus trine Jupiter (June 3 – June 13) is a favored and prized aspect that allows for greater potential to receive and expand gifts of love. Love (Venus) is harmoniously placed with prosperity and opportunity (Jupiter). This is a great time to use love to expand your outlook on life. Commonly, this translates to the act of adorning beauty with riches, so it’s not a bad time to adorn your loved ones with jewellery or trinkets. In those cases where people are not feeling so prosperous, at least this aspect allows for the hope of getting through those tight financial situations by appreciating beauty. Innovative gifts of love have a strong effect on loved ones at this time.

Mercury square Neptune (June 5 – June 23) commonly brings about difficulty with communications concerning the challenges and obstacles of the spirit world and human spirituality. While Mercury is squaring to Neptune, our minds are a lot more challenged regarding issues of divine experience, and relaying all this information may seem all the more difficult with this aspect. Anticipate religion related arguments and disputes, and resistance to spiritual teachings.

Mars opposite Pluto (June 5 – June 20) will open up clear visions of the future and will force us to take actions with regard to matters of fate. What does this mean? We’ll be battling the symptoms of war, disease, decay, fear, prejudice, hate, global warming and hopelessness. How do we battle these things? Don’t focus on these things directly; instead, by focusing on solutions that are diametric opposites: peace, health, regeneration, confidence, a sense of oneness with humanity, love, energy conservation, and hope. This aspect reminds us we can neither ignore nor become used to the destructive trends occurring on the planet.

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Mercury retrograding through your zone of busyness makes this the time to slow down and allow space to form in your mind. If you don’t willingly choose to adopt a slower pace, the universe could create events to stall your progress, causing electronics to act up, travel plans to shift, or communications to go awry. All these are signs that your mind is overloaded and needs a break so take a little time out, clear any backlog of communications (emails, magazines, mail, texts, etc.), and enjoy the feeling of greater spaciousness. Watch out for power struggles; you might not be able to have what you want right now, and any attempt to control or manipulate others will need to be investigated. Perhaps it would be helpful to ascertain what is really motivating your actions or others’ actions.

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With the Sun alongside Mercury retrograde in your house of money and resources, this is a very important time for you in the material sense, and you will benefit from working to sort out any financial issues. Don’t be in a rush to make big purchases or hastily make changes that may not run smoothly, such as changing energy suppliers, taking out loans, and so forth. This period is better spent fixing erroneous situations and seeing how you can improve or develop your material world, perhaps by being able to ask for what you deserve. The things we most desire tend to appear in our lives when we truly feel we are worthy of them.

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Have you taken the time to replenish your spirit lately, or are you busy trying to keep everything going? With Mercury retrograde forming a difficult aspect to hazy Neptune, trying to keep on top of things might not be working too well right now. If you are feeling confused, frustrated, or unsure why you’re doing the things you are doing, then you should probably take some time out for yourself. Mercury heading back through your sign is a clear indication that you need to stop trying to move forward and just stand still for a moment. After a while, you might realize that you enjoy the view.

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If you want to know what to do next; if you’re unsure about something, trust your Cancerian intuition. You are blessed with a strong gut instinct being born under the sign of the Crab, but with the Sun and Mercury retrograde in your house of the soul, it will be particularly strong this week. Trusting your inner knowing will help to cut through any confusion and prevent you from making faulty decisions or implementing ill-thought-out plans. This planetary combination is also a sign that you probably need to take a little time out and rest when you feel the need. Living life in the fast lane or focusing solely on material pursuits will likely be counterproductive, but donning your hermit’s cloak and immersing yourself in the mystical, artistic and poetic will rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

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Before you run full speed ahead, it might be wise to check that your idea, dream or vision is viable. Make sure you’re not succumbing to an illusion. The same holds true for matters connected with friends, groups and acquaintances. Double check the facts before jumping to conclusions. Mercury’s reverse motion through your social zone requires thought and care where your social life and friendships are concerned, so this is a perfect time to iron out problems and catch up with friends you haven’t seen for some time. Don’t be downhearted if some element of confusion seems to spoil things; it will pass, but it probably won’t hurt to have an honest conversion to clear the air when issues build up.

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Issues regarding your direction in life or your career could be central with Mercury retrograde, the north node, and the Sun all at the top of your chart. Something is clearly pulling you toward a certain destination, but it is unwise to move in any direction if you feel confused. Decisions and actions stemming from a lack of clarity rarely end well, so sit tight and wait until you feel clearer before making a move. However, this is a good time to ruminate on where you want to go and how you can better fulfill your purpose in life. Take some time to review and reflect on your trajectory. You might need to decide whether minor changes will suffice or whether a major shift in direction is needed.

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Answers can only come when we ask the questions, so what question is currently burning in your mind? Can you be open enough to receive the answer? There is real danger this week that you could see what you want to see, so it might be best to postpone jumping to any conclusions or making any plans until Mercury breaks away from Neptune’s confusing gaze toward the end of the month. In the meantime, pay attention to your dreams, for the wisdom contained within will almost surely point you in the right direction.

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If you are currently struggling against something, perhaps it’s because you’re not seeing the benefit in letting go of your current position. It is easy to get entrenched in a particular way of thinking, living, or believing and it takes courage to let go of what we were. However, the current planetary activity strongly signals that you need to experience some sort of transformation. You could be on track for a rebirth that will feel wonderful once it happens, but first you need to be brave enough to surrender to what is and adapt to your current situation.

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As Mercury retrogrades through your relationship zone, this is the ideal time to catch up with the people you may have neglected, whether it’s the people close to you or those a bit more distant. Mercury seeks to remind you that if you don’t nurture your relationships, they will wither on the vine, so make this week the time to reconnect, putting people before your other obligations, passions and interests. If things have already slipped away, it will be apparent this week, as your attention will be drawn to an issue with someone you need to fix. This could simply mean being fully present and listening or just taking the time to be together, heart to heart.

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Work and health are the main themes this week, as the Sun with Mercury retrograde asks you to address any issues in these areas as well as to be as productive as time and energy will allow. You might also be feeling the need to get more on top of things, particularly if you feel that your life would benefit from being a bit more organized. This could range from clearing out some clutter to creating more space around you or to finding places for things so that you know where to find them when needed. It could mean sorting out your paperwork and accounts or adopting a healthier lifestyle. Wherever there is room for improvement, now is the time to take some action.

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As Mercury backtracks through your zone of creativity and enjoyment, the focus may be on various pleasures. Indeed, this should be a time when you are able to let your hair down and enjoy yourself if for no other reason than to replenish your spirit, but there is a deeper message implicit in this transit and that is about the need to discover your authentic self. Over time, we can lose sight of who we really are as we take on roles and society’s conditioning, so now your challenge is to allow your true colors to shine.

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This week, the emphasis is on your home and domestic situation as Mercury backtracks through this region of your chart, suggesting that it’s time to review, fix, mend and rework your humble abode. This is a good time to prepare your environment for redecorating, clear out the clutter and create space to welcome fresh new energies. This is less a time for new beginnings (that comes next week) but more a time to tend to that which needs your attention. Your past, family and childhood might also come up for review, and this is one of the best times to undergo inner work, whether it’s the simple process of journaling or beginning a course of counseling or psychotherapy. Either way, your inner self will benefit from a little attention, as when we tie up our inner loose ends, life in the external world begins to change for the better.

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