Free Weekly Horoscope – September 12 – September 18, 2021

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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for September 12 – September 18, 2021

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Some of the staff at The Center for the New Age are experiencing some serious health challenges this week and so our newsletter is not as full as we’d like it to be. The good news is the horoscope is complete for each sign and right on. Be sure to send us light and love this week as you go about your daily business and we will keep you posted as we overcome our challenges. It’s all perfect.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign


There’s no stopping you this week as the sun joins forces with Mars, making you a powerhouse in getting things done and being more organized. It’s time to push through those jobs that have been building up and tend to things that need sorting out. Find ways to improve your health and well-being and your efficiency at work or home. “Effort and discipline” are the keywords in improving your life – especially with your health or work. Your daily routine will determine your future path.

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What is the point of living if we don’t do what we came here to do and be who we were destined to be? With the Sun joining forces with Mars in your zone of authenticity, stronger feelings of ‘what you need to do’ will rise to the surface. It could be simply saying no to something that compromises your integrity, or it could be something bigger and more life changing. Either way, we each have a unique blueprint and this month, yours will begin to shine through revealing that your courage to stand up and be yourself is required in the week ahead. And it will leave you feeling much more on track.

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The Sun in Mars this week will definitely make you feel at odds with yourself. Some home and domestic bliss challenges could arise, but perhaps the real challenge is identifying and resolving the source of the trouble. Gemini, ask yourself – what part are you playing in these events? This is a good time to dig deep and reveal those inner truths you have buried so well. Mind yourself deeply and you will uncover what you need to know. Ultimately you can begin applying the answers and make the foundation of your life more rewarding.

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The ego has its place, as it gives us a sense of separateness and strength when that is appropriate. But many of our problems stem from the ego running unchecked. We build up defenses, such as the need to be right or to know something, when acknowledging that what we don’t know could lead us to surrender and acceptance. Therefore, if you have a choice to accept a situation or resist it, the trick might be to find a balance by being assertive and speaking your truth while allowing others to speak their truths as well.

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The Sun aligning with Mars reveals your wealth and material sector, and Leo, it’s time to get down to work! You are a powerhouse with the ability to change your material circumstances for the better, so decide what you want in your life. Once you realize that you, and only you, have the power to change things you will become unstoppable. Don’t ignore your feeling or need to prioritize what’s important to you. If you’re not sure what those things are, just consider where you spend your money and you’ll have a better idea of what’s important to you.

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The Sun aligns with Mars in your sign this week allowing you extra power to create changes in your life. Many of us act as if we are powerless. We remain in unfulfilling jobs, unhappy relationships or uninspiring places simply because these things are familiar or because we have little idea how to change it for the better. In this time, you can make empowering changes. The only thing stopping you is your belief about what is possible. It might be time to make that bold move and stand up for yourself. When you believe you can, you will begin to see amazing changes.

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Even if you are used to striving for balance, sometimes it can be difficult to hold it all in when there’s conflict. And sometimes the healthiest thing is to allow what has been bubbling under the surface to come into the open. This week, as Mars align with the Sun in your unconscious sector, it might be difficult to keep things concealed. Whether this is temporarily embarrassing or not shouldn’t really matter. We all have emotional outbursts from time to time and then wonder what got into us. Remind yourself that it’s not so much about what got into you and more about what needs to get out of you. Notice how your energy and vitality increase when you honor what’s really going on internally.

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This week, as Mars aligns with the Sun in an auspicious area of your chart, it highlights your desire to serve others. You want to make a difference, such as helping a charity or setting up a business for a friend. It could be something smaller, such as lending a hand to a project in your community or taking the time to chat with an elderly neighbor. It could be something even less active, such as a daily meditation that sends peace to troubled spots in the world. It all helps, and whatever your current situation, you can play your part by allowing your good intentions to ripple out into the universe.

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When we manifest anything, whether it’s a business idea, relationship, or health improvement, we first need to be committed to it. We need to decide on a course of action and stick with it, not allowing doubt, fear, or inaction to weaken our commitment. As the Sun and Mars align at the top of your chart, you now have tremendous power to make something happen, to forge ahead in a specific direction, or to emerge triumphant from a challenge or battle. Don’t give up. When an opportunity presents itself or a door opens, you’d be well advised to move toward it.

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Many of the problems in the world stem from humanity’s focus on the material. As long as we feel empty inside, we will continue to look in the wrong places for satisfaction: money, things, outward success, appearance, and pleasure. These things can temporarily make us feel better, but if we really want to fix a problem, we must create a more meaningful and soulful life. This week, as the Sun aligns with Mars, you have an empowering opportunity to discover what gives you a sense of meaning and to then find ways to materialize it. Be alert to moments when you feel a real sense of connection to the universe, when you feel on track and “right.” Perceive that these are clues to your bigger purpose in life.

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Letting go is seldom easy, unless you no longer have a vested interest in what you are leaving behind. It is unlikely that you feel completely dispassionate about a situation that probably needs to change. You have two ways forward: Transform the problem by fixing or healing it, or release it if that is the only solution. Deep down, we always know when something is obsolete. Whether it’s an aspect of you that you’re ready to change or a situation that is problematic, you need to think about shedding your old skin.

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Much of what was said for the last week still applies, perhaps even more so as the Sun and Mars form a conjunction in your zone of other people. You might need to decide whether you need to be tough with someone, set boundaries to protect yourself, give someone the benefit of the doubt, or forgive someone’s weaknesses. It should help to recognize that every conflict usually has two sides, so even if you can only see the fault of another, it might be that any accusations leveled at you have some basis. Rather than focusing on who is right or wrong, concentrate on mending disagreements. Use discord as an invitation to look in the mirror the other person is holding up to see the lesson it’s trying to teach you.

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