Free Weekly Horoscope – April 17 – April 23, 2022

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Your Weekly Free Horoscope & Astrology Report
April 17 – April 23, 2022

Free Weekly Horoscope & astrology report

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Sunday, April 17, Mercury Sextiles Venus and Mercury Conjuncts Uranus. Expect the unexpected, today plans are disrupted, people change their minds and goals shift.

Monday, April 18 Venus Sextiles Uranus and the Sun Squares Pluto. A friendship could become a romance while love could turn into friendship.

On Tuesday, April 19 the Sun enters Taurus. April is a very pragmatic month. We are grounded in common sense, solid and practical today. We also seek creature comforts, crave wholesome foods and are drawn to nature. It’s a wonderful month to garden, cook, get a massage, and learn the ancient art of flower arrangement.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Aries free horoscope & astrology report
Aries: As the Sun moves into Taurus, turn your attention to the material side of your life and channel your energy accordingly. This could mean making changes or improvements to your financial situation or enjoying the pleasures that everyday life has to offer. These might be the pleasures that often require a slower pace of life to appreciate, such as noticing a beautiful sunset, appreciating the flowers in your garden, or enjoying an essential massage. Don’t be in a rush and be willing to prepare the ground for material changes, which are likely to be forthcoming in the next week’s eclipse.

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Taurus free horoscope & astrology report
Taurus: The Sun moves into your sign on April 20, signaling a renewal of energy, motivation, confidence and general positivity. This is the time to consider how your life is working and what needs to change, particularly in terms of your personal growth. Are you doing enough of what you enjoy? Do you feel you’re living ethically and marching to your own drum beat? No purpose will be served by denying your needs, your first duty now is to you.

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Gemini free horoscope & astrology report
Gemini: We all need times of peace, quiet and solitude in order to regroup. As the Sun drifts into Taurus on April 20, this is your cue to take the pressure off yourself a bit, not expecting too much of yourself, and sease any struggling and striving. The result will be greater peace and serenity as you go forth with what is, rather than pushing for something that you want, which might not be something that you need. Your ability to download spiritual or intuitive insights will be strong this week. Answers might come through dreams, visions, or a sudden aha moment. Make time and space in your day to better receive higher guidance.

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Cancer free horoscope & astrology report
Cancer: The Sun’s move into Taurus puts the emphasis on your friends, your social life, and your role in the community. Any of these could spring in to life. Perhaps it’s a sparkling conversation with a friend that inspires you, a helpful new connection that suddenly appears. A stimulating group project, or a growing sense of connection with people around you. Whatever the case, this is a very good week to concentrate on being part of a team and to see what wonders you can achieve together. No person is an island and the more you can connect with others, the better you will fare.

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Leo free horoscope & astrology report
Leo: It is said that success is 10% talent and 90% perspiration. Well, the good news is this week, you can forget about the perspiration and focus on the talent. While you will always get somewhere if you try hard enough or long enough, a clever idea or an original talent will procure dramatic results quite quickly. So the advice this week is to try something different, break out of your mould, think outside the box. If you happen to have an inspirational idea that seems a bit crazy, run with it anyway. The omens are very favorable for anything that runs counter to the status quo.

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Virgo free horoscope & astrology report
Virgo: When we are in a dark place, it can be difficult to push out towards new things or to believe things will get better. As the Sun moves into Taurus, it’s time to push out of your comfort zone and to move toward adventure and expansion. We all need a little fun in life after an arduous journey. So whether you’re trying time lasted a few hours or several weeks, it’s time to blow away the cobwebs and lighten your spirit by entertaining new possibilities. As you do so, you will find your world begins to enlarge and what was previously off-limits now becomes increasingly possible.

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Libra free horoscope & astrology report
Libra: Sometimes we can observe nature and learn from its wisdom. We can watch the trees shed their leaves and take our cue from their ability to release what is no longer needed. Or we could observe the snake shedding its old skin. These may all be subtle metaphors for you now as you enter a period of psychological or physical release. Let go of what is not doing you any good or whatever is holding you back and keeping you stuck. Then enjoy the lightness that comes from moving on.

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Scorpio free horoscope & astrology report
Scorpio: The Sun’s move into your opposite sign puts the emphasis for the next few weeks on your relationships and interactions with others. This could be a positive time in the sense that your relationships can become a source of happiness. Perhaps you could benefit from a professional person whose services you hire or you might begin a work partnership with someone. Either way, this time favors interaction with others. However, if you experience some conflict, take this as an opportunity to clear the air and move things forward. Sometimes conflict can lead to creative change in healthy relationships.

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Sagittarius free horoscope & astrology report
Sagittarius: The Sun’s move into Taurus on April 20 signals the need to knuckle down and get things done. Perhaps this is a contrast to the past few weeks when you have felt a bit freer and easier. But after the party, comes the cleaning up and, whether you simply need to catch up on jobs or focus more on correcting any health imbalances, this is the week to give more serious attention to how your life functions. It is possible to get a lot done now and to enjoy a sense of satisfaction that comes from clearing that which has built up and straightening out the crooked aspects of your existence, whether it’s a broken item that needs mending or correcting an unhealthy habit.

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Capricorn free horoscope & astrology report
Capricorn: Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else. As we get older and become a more moulded by society, it’s easy to forget how to be ourselves. Sometimes we are impressed by other people and aspire to be like them, or we love rules and fear of upsetting others to keep us stuck in roles that aren’t really for us. This week, as the Sun moves into your zone of fun and authenticity, it’s important for you to try to express yourself by saying what you feel, doing something that feels important to your well-being, or refusing to compromise your integrity.

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Aquarius free horoscope & astrology report
Aquarius: The focus shifts to your home and family from April 20. This is where you can begin to enjoy time spent with family or to put your energy into making your home a nurturing space. However, with Uranus and Mercury here, don’t be surprised if the tempo is a bit erratic or there’s an odd unpredictable event. Things may not always run smoothly, but thinking outside the box or being open to doing things differently will help enormously. Trying to keep things as they are will not work too well now, but innovations and new ventures will pay off.

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Pisces free horoscope & astrology report
Pisces: Mars’s entry into your sign signals a time when you can move mountains and make much progress, particularly with any personal ambitions. Success and victory are more likely to be yours now, so don’t waste the opportunity to attempt something new or push beyond what is safe. It will be an opportunity to show the world what you can do.

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