Free Weekly Horoscope – July 31 – August 6, 2022

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July 31 – August 6, 2022

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We often associate August with the long lazy days of summer, but it might not be this easy to feel languid this August, as the energies are for the most part either dynamic or abrasive. There are of course, always lessons and opportunities combined within the more difficult transit, and if we can align ourselves with them, there’s no reason why we can’t find things to enjoy about this month.

It all begins with a conjunction between Mars and Uranus. This is not restful or peaceful combination, but all planets have their uses, and this particular combination is one that, when channeled correctly, can have a big impact. If you desire to make a change that will lead toward a new direction or if you channel a lot of energy into a project, you will be working in harmony with the energies. If you feel rebellious, this is an indication that the energies have you behaving slightly off kilter. You might need to find a way to express this powerful energy.

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Aries: As you start this month, be mindful of any tendency towards irritability or rebelliousness, and consider whether the root of any frustration or restlessness is a need for change. It may be that you need to break a pattern in your material life or take a different course of action. As Jupiter resides in your sign now, promising expansion, and the Sun in your creativity and fun zone makes this time to focus more on what you enjoy.

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Taurus: With Mars and Uranus exactly conjoined at the very start of the week, you need to be careful about where and how you direct your energy. The best use of this explosive combination is to create some sort of progressive change that feels innovative. This week, life is calling you to be a bit more daring. However, you may need to work on staying grounded, so make sure you change your physical energy into activities that help ground and connect you to the Earth.

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Gemini: Sometimes it takes real effort to think positively. Other times thinking positively feels effortless. The good news for you this week is that a return to a more upbeat state of mind is on its way. Consequently, you’re likely to see a more positive set of results.

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Cancer: The good news for you is that now you have a greater opportunity to change your financial situation for the better, whether that means utilizing a business idea or align yourself with a more abundant attitude. Remembering the principles of the law of attraction will help, and the more positivity you can direct into your material life, the better your results will be.

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Leo: The Sun’s journey through your sign is the equivalent of the beginning of a new year, a time when you get to reassess your life and make the necessary changes that will enable you to push forward with your personal desires. There is support on hand should you wish to make a change or pursue a project that requires a leap in faith. All that’s needed now is a bit of courage and faith in the universe that what you want will come to pass.

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Virgo: Your sensitivity and receptivity to the unseen dimensions is increasing. The best way to capitalize on this growing spiritual power is to observe the subtle signs and synchronicity that may be taking place in your life. From a dream with a message, to a snippet of overheard conversation, if you pose the question, the universe or your intuitive self will answer it. This is also a time to bring closure to a matter that needs to be put to rest, but once again, if there are any uncertainties about which path to choose, trust your internal promptings.

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Libra: Few things can be achieved solely by one’s efforts. This is a week where one team effort will be more successful than going it alone, so whether you’re spending time discussing the problem with a friend or sharing an idea with others who could help you bring it into reality, this is the time to join forces with others. Your social life therefore needs to be a priority now.

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Scorpio: With the Sun shining brightly in your achievement zone, now is the time to press on with your ambitions, and focus on your direction in life. You may simply find yourself focusing more on work and your responsibilities in the outside world, which could feel satisfying if you enjoy your work. You’re likely to be in the limelight and this is a good time to push yourself forward in a way that feels meaningful for you.

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Sagittarius: Travel, adventure and new horizons are the theme this week, making this a good time to do something different. This week it will be easier to leave your limitations behind and feel that there are more possibilities than you previously thought. Your challenge now is to see the world with fresh eyes and that may mean engaging with something new.

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Capricorn: Whenever we feel overwhelmed, it can help to create space within and around us. A body full of toxins can result in sluggish energy. If you feel under pressure or restricted, as if the walls are closing in on you, see what you can physically remove that might help to create a sense of space and freedom.

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Aquarius: Saturn continues his journey through your sign, you have been learning a lot about being more responsible, whether that means taking on more responsibility for yourself and striving to put your life in better order or caring for others. Don’t allow minor blips to knock your confidence. If there are tensions in a relationship or if your family life is unsettling, try to keep your focus on the improvements that you make while at the same time, acknowledging that life can send us curveballs. At these times, we have to be adaptable and make necessary adjustments.

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Pisces: Work and health are the themes this week, and you now have the opportunity to make positive changes to both. The key is to adopt an organized approach and focus on making your life work more efficiently. Money becomes tight and things keep going wrong with the house or car. If life is giving you a little message that you need to clean up your act, take it and put in the effort. This is a great time to be productive and make your life function like a well-oiled machine.

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