You Can Develop Psychic Ability – Part 2

Psychic AbilityIn our newsletter of Jan. 26, we talked about developing psychic abilities.  We spoke about the burning desire and practice needed to open the channel in your brain to the higher channels of energy and warned that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. You can review this article on our website. Now  let’s assume you have that burning desire and have done your research.  The next step would be practice.  As for myself, I started using a pendulum. A pendulum is a weight at the end of a chain that swings in different directions, depending on the questions you are asking it. There are kits and books with specific information on exactly how to use the pendulum correctly.  Again it takes practice.
Another method is the Tarot Cards. These come in a wide range of subjects and styles, from fairies and angels to Celtic and Egyptian, And then there is a standard Crowley deck. The Center carries about 60 different ones and each one comes with a guide book on how to use it.  There are also many different books and Cd’s available teaching Tarot. Gigi, one of our psychic readers at the Center, is an expert on the subject and has a video on her web page that you can access on our site.
Another method is channeling and I highly recommend Sanaya Roman’s book, Opening To Channel. Many Centers offer classes on this subject and it is always better to have someone who is an expert helping you get started. In the beginning you may have doubts that the information you are getting is actually channeled and not just your own thoughts. So it helps to have someone who is experienced evaluate you and the information you are receiving.
Again, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. So commitment to honing your skill is important.  This is a serious ability, but it can also be fun and exciting when done correctly. How long it will take is up to how much time your willing to spend developing it. It’s like any thing else, You don’t learn to play a concerto on the piano in one day or even one year. It requires dedication.
Once learned, psychic ability can be a real blessing in your life. It will aid you in making correct decisions for your highest and best good. It will give you confidence in the decisions you do make and help you to have more success and prosperity in your life,  I hope this information has been valuable.  It is the Center’s mission to educate all humanity on powerful abilities we all possess. We have over fifteen World Famous Psychics that can help you and guide you to your Higher Self, so don’t hesitate to ask for our help. Namaste

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