You Can Develop Psychic Ability

Psychic AbilityMost people believe that psychic ability is a special gift that one is born with. Well, actually that is true. We are all born with it. We can all access our higher self and connect with the universal mind. But like anything else, it takes practice. Channeling is a skill which can be learned. It takes a burning desire and dedication to be good at it. Learning this could accelerate ones spiritual growth and open doorways to enlighten spiritually.

People ask me why the psychic readers at the Center for the new Age are so good. Well they are dedicated to helping others and this is their full time job. They do it every day. It’s not just a hobby or something they do for entertainment at parties. They are serious about providing the best channeled information to their clients. Most of our readers have many years of experience.

In the past, words like psychic and medium were used when describing someone with this ability. I think the word channeling better describes it. There are hundreds of stories of scientists trying to disprove paranormal phenomena, only to become convinced that there is definitely something to it. Many become channels themselves. Science is finally catching up with spirituality. Please understand you don’t have to be spiritual to be psychic, but it does seem to be the next step in the enlightenment process. Channeling helps one to find their higher purpose and helps them to achieve more than they thought possible. Parents become more aware of how to help their children. Husbands and wives begin to communicate on new levels. Life in general just gets better. Channeling will give you the wise teacher you seek as you access all the knowledge and wisdom that is and will ever be known.

Some people think that if they channel, they will get far out or Woo Woo. People who channel report feeling more grounded and stable and in charge of their lives. Others are afraid that if they channel, they run the risk of losing control of their own mind. Not true, you are merely developing a part of your own brain to access higher energy signals. It’s kind of like tuning up your computer or using new software. You are in control of the information you choose to access. Those who become adept at it are those who put aside enough time to bring the guidance through regularly. It like playing the piano, you can’t learn it in one lesson. You have to practice.

So where do you start. Well first you have to have that burning desire and then you have to make a commitment to learn everything you possible can about the techniques and exercises needed to develop that area of your brain and raise your energy vibration to be able to access higher frequencies. It also helps to hand out with other people who have developed the level of success you want to achieve. Remember, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Take your commitment seriously. The future is determined by what you intend to create.

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