7 Days to Life: Confidence

Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose

In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.

This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”). The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.
This week we have seven activities to help us be more confident, in turn empowering ourselves and changing our entire lives.
Day 1:  Just for today, write down positive affirmations about yourself.  Take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle of the page.  One side of the page is going to be your affirmations; the other side will be where you write your ego’s doubts and fears.  Begin with the affirmation “I AM confident.”  Once you write that on the affirmation side, write down your ego’s response.  It might say something like “Oh, boy am I NOT confident” or “I’m working on my confidence.”  Whatever it is, be open and honest with yourself.  After writing the response, re-write the “I am confident” affirmation until you believe it to be true.  By writing both sides of the situation down, you see both perspectives in a lighter way.  You will eventually work yourself out of the dark forest of insecurity and fear and into a brighter place.  Once you feel more confident than you did when you started, move along to writing other affirmations such as “I am kind, beautiful, and loveable” or “I am able to conquer the world” – whatever you feel you wish to affirm – and write down your ego’s response.  Write the affirmation until you believe it to be true.
Day 2:  Just for today, do something you truly love to do.  Paint, sing, dance, go for a hike…do whatever lights up your heart.  When we do something we are passionate about, our confidence skyrockets.  We are in our domain, where we perform best.  When you are doing whatever you love to do, notice how you feel.  Are you happy?  Accomplished?  Proud?  Honored?  Everything you feel when you’re living your passion adds up to your confidence in doing it.  Remember, there are things you can easily do that others find scary or impossible.  You are more confident than you know and when you believe in yourself, you shine brighter than you could ever imagine.
Day 3:  Just for today, ask yourself what makes you feel vulnerable.  Is there any way you can change or accept that?  One example might be kindness.  People are quick to think that kindness is often weakness, making them vulnerable.  But, it’s not – it’s actually the exact opposite.  If this is the case for you, accept your kindness as a strength because it’s usually easier for people to disconnect from their emotions whereas kindness if packed full of them; it takes courage and patience to be kind.  Write down a list of your “weaknesses” and see if there is anything on your list that you have mistaken for not being one of the best things about you.  You will reveal to yourself just how strong and empowered you actually are.
Day 4:  Just for today, stop comparing yourself to other people and situations.  Tallying yourself up against someone else isn’t going to get you anywhere near completion or confidence.  When you compare, you’re switching your focus from yourself to external forces that are beyond your control.  There is nothing like you in the Universe – there never has been and there never will be anything like you.  Own who you are and remind yourself of how uniquely important you are to the greater picture of all that is.  You have your special path and purpose and so does everyone else.  We are all here to do the best that we can, in the best ways that only we can.  And you live your path and purpose so well!
Day 5:  Just for today, reflect upon a time that you stepped completely out of your comfort zone.  Did the worst case scenario actually happen?  Were all of the anxiety and rushes of fear worth it in the end?  As the great Tom Petty has said, “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”  Look at all of the feelings leading up to stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Then compare them to the feelings that you felt afterwards.  Be proud of yourself for really going for it and putting the anxiety and fear to shame!  Your experience is just one of many you can have to help you move towards more confidence.
Day 6:  Just for today, meditate and ask your angels and guides to instill more confidence in you.  Get yourself settled into a nice, relaxed position and open yourself to receiving.  Don’t hold any attachments to the outcome of the meditation – just let things flow.  Kindly request your angels and guides to send you all of the colored rays of light you could possibly need to build your confidence.  Begin by inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt, fear, insecurity, etc.  Imagine a pillar of sparkling light coming through the top of your head filling every cell of your body.  Have faith in knowing that your angels and guides are helping you and sending you the energy you need.  Once you feel more relaxed, confident, and calm, thank your support team for all of their help.
Day 7:  Just for today, do one thing you normally wouldn’t do in your comfort zone.  Don’t just go and do it with doubt in the back of your head; amp yourself up.  Give yourself a pep-talk, play some upbeat or inspirational music, and don’t forget to ask your angels and guides for help.  Whatever you feel like you always wish you could do but fear or doubt has put it aside – go do it! What better time is there than the present moment – the only time we truly have to do anything we want? When you do what you think you can’t, the voice that says you couldn’t loses its authority.  Also, most of the time when we do something that scares us, we don’t give ourselves the credit for doing it.  Let yourself feel proud and humbled by your renewed confidence in yourself! This is you. This is your life. You’ve made it this far and have done so much so well.  You can be the one to make your life anything you have ever dreamt of!
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”
– Marianne Williamson

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