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Ascension Oracle Card Readings
Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairempathic, Claircognizant
Reiki Master & Lightworker
Access Bars® Practitioner
Crystal Healer
In-Personal & Long-Distance Sessions Available

The Ascension is this: the Earth has literally raised its vibration/frequency to a higher level (technically called the 5th Dimension, or “reality” as I like to call it) and this level of vibration contains much more positivity, love, peace, and joy than lower vibrations (such as the 3rd or 4th Dimension). Because of this, the people on Earth can subconsciously or consciously choose to “ascend” and raise their vibrations to higher and lighter frequencies as well.

When people do choose to ascend, they usually end up needing a little guidance because they either haven’t done anything spiritual before and they are “waking up” to deeper meanings of life, or they are being called to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life purpose and path. That’s where I come in.

I help people to discover things such as:
– what they need to overcome
– the next big step they can take
– what they can do to help take the next step
– what they need to let go of
– what their big lesson is right now
– what blessing they are being given by the Universe
– their higher purpose and life path in the following areas: personal/self, relationships, home, work, and social life/hobbies

I help people ascend to their higher vibrations and purpose in life, reminding them of the bigger picture. Together with their angels and guides, we review through past, present, and future situations and clarify what their path of light contains.

While I do the Ascension readings, my favorite thing to do is work together with clients to help them heal. I use two healing therapies: one is Reiki (which is like Universal Energy that flows through me and out of my hands) and the other is called Access Consciousness Bars. I am a certified Reiki Master and one of the elite few certified Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioners in Northern Arizona.

– subtle movement of energy that induces natural self-healing
– balances chakras and cleanses auras, restoring balance and wellness
– cuts emotional/energetic cords from others that can leave us feeling drained
– detoxifies energies and removes blockages
– reduces stress and anxiety
– relieves pain and discomfort
– increases energy levels
– clears the mind and improves focus
– supports the immune system
– compliments medical treatment
– enhances creativity and spirituality
– combine with Access Bars® for a super effective healing treatment!

– healing from injuries, pain, illnesses, emotional traumas, etc.
– addictions, depression, anxiety, etc.
– attracting abundance of all kinds
– health and wellness
– getting a better night’s sleep
– stress management
– all aspects of all relationships
– weight loss/gain
– and so much more!

The Bars allow the person to access parts of their consciousness and unconsciousness to heal traumas, physical pain, addictions, depression, etc. to return them to their natural balance and wellness. It amplifies the body’s natural electricity to get rid of toxins and blockages that are causing all of the pain, mental illness, etc. The electricity flows so strongly during a session that the client must remove their watch to prevent them from breaking.

I combine The Bars® with Reiki to effectively and easily release lifelong blockages (and even blockages from past lives) which prevent the client to make the changes they want in their life. This process has assisted thousands of people in changing many aspects of their lives including sleep, health, phobias, weight, depression, pain management, creativity blocks, money, relationships, anxiety, stress, and so much more.

Almost every healing session with a client includes relaying messages their spirit guides and angels, as well as providing as much authentic and light-filled guidance as I possibly can. It’s cool because it works for clients anywhere in the world (long-distance sessions with me are always available). That’s what’s awesome about healing with energy: there really isn’t any time or space to confine it.

My career goal is to help people understand and become their spiritual and authentic selves, while wholeheartedly helping them heal whatever may be holding them from growing to their most beautiful heights. I hope to work with you towards divine guidance and healing!

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10 Responses to Psychic: Sarah

  1. “Sarah is a very gifted and gentle healer. I have experienced her reiki and bars abilities long-distance, and I could feel her healing energy clearing my body and releasing emotions and toxins my body did not need. I usually have trouble sleeping, but sleep so soundly when she works on me! Her genuine, caring intentions help guide her to heal mind, body, and soul.” – Jessica

  2. “Sarah, thank you so much for the enlightening sessions that you have conducted. I am grateful to you for identifying two of my Guides and I can’t even begin to describe the peace and rush of emotions that I felt during my reading, reiki, and bars session. I feel so much freer and lighting. Still working on some stuff, but thanks to you, I have more courage and am conscious of the efforts. Thank you!” – Debbi

  3. “Wow – thank you so much! This [psychic oracle card reading] is a lot to digest. It’s very reassuring that this is all real because I have heard some of these specific things told to me before from ‘energy specialists’ like yourself. It’s amazing and otherworldly that you can do what you do and tap into an alternate world. I am amazed and overwhelmed. You are awesome!” – Forrest

  4. “I used to have serious anxiety about life in general. You’ve encouraged e to dig deep into my spirituality and in doing that, I’ve become comfortable in accepting what is happening around me. On a physical level, you’ve broken up and relieved many pains in my back, knees, and headaches. I wish everyone believed in the healing powers of Reiki and the Bars. I think the world would be a better place!” – Laurienne

  5. “Thank you so much! This [psychic oracle card reading and Bars session] was very insightful!” – Marquis

  6. “I have been learning so much since your reiki session and it might just me but I feel like I’ve been much more direct and having an easier time speaking my truth. You have really opened my eyes…So, long story short, I am so thankful for you!” – Shelby

  7. “I have been learning so much since our Reiki session … I feel like I’ve been much more direct and having an easier time speaking my truth. You have really opened my eyes … So long story short, I am so thankful for you!”

  8. “I was really surprised by the feelings I felt during the session. I felt relaxed the whole time, and very comfortable. I could feel the warmth and cold of the sensations. I look forward to the next experience! Thank you Sarah!”

  9. “Sarah made me feel so comfortable when I was unsure of what Reiki involved. I had a lot of negativity that I needed to release and she helped me be able to do that. My second session was comfortable and relaxing. I can’t wait to do it again!”

  10. “Oh boy the calmness I felt [during the Reiki/Bars session] was amazing. I’ve been racing through life and not realizing it was me, not life, taking on everything. Sarah allowed me to focus on myself and to listen to my body. It has been amazing since I had this experience. Thank you for improving my life and giving me the due strength I’ve had locked away. God Bless You!”

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