Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose

We all really remember lives before this. It’s why we have fears, habits, or passions that we can’t explain. It’s why we go and find true beauty in nature and appreciate it. It’s why we have accumulated differences and uniqueness from each other. More people are starting to wake up and remember a little bit more of themselves in every “break through” of a life lesson they have.

That process of waking up is you becoming more of who you really are in the Big Picture. Becoming more of your true self (which usually vibrates at a higher frequency/pattern) is part of what is called the “Ascension.” The Ascension is ultimately the world raising its vibration to a frequency at which lower vibrations do not exist, thus transforming the Earth to a more positive and light-filled planet – like a “Heaven on Earth.”
People are waking up all over the world and together, we are making life on Earth that much better. Lives with more love, light, compassion, authenticity, and positive action. This is what the “New Earth” is; this is what the world is changing into.
The path there is a little brighter for the people who are aware of the Ascension. But for those who aren’t really aware, all of the great souls who don’t quite know what you’re really doing yet, I have a loving message for you.
There are people who don’t know about any of this spiritual/Ascension stuff, and that’s okay. I’ve had a lot of clients who don’t have this information, and more often than not they don’t see how beautiful and perfect they are because the veil over their eyes hasn’t been lifted yet.
Long story short: times are changing in the world and we’re all being faced with opportunities to be changing with it. This is a great big cycle and “change” is the main act right now. We might see small (yet big) things changing around us, such as celebrities using their fame as a voice for the masses, people standing strong for moral values, acts of Mother Nature cleansing old wounds, or lies and corruption being publicly exposed. Deep, deep down, maybe not even on a conscious level, we know the world is changing. Now it’s the time to focus on our inner selves. What do we really want to do with our time here, what do we want to put our heart into, what don’t we want to waste our energy doing anymore, etc. We know we have what it takes to help change this world to be a better place and there is one great way for you to truly start making a difference.
The advice I give to you today might seem selfish or a bit isolated to some since it’s more inward than outward, but that’s what the present time is calling for – working on an individual level in a collective effort. You won’t be alone in doing this. My advice to you is this:
Ask the Universe for what you need in your life to change. Healing, a new career path, love, abundance, authenticity, a life doing exactly what you want, whatever it may be. Ask, and then stay open to receiving it in the best way possible instead of focusing on how you think it will come.
After you ask and you stay detached and open to however it may manifest itself, there is one final and crucial step: Allow your life to change.
Now, you really have to allow the change to happen. As Vironika Tugaleva once said, “Change is not something you do. Change is something you allow.” Sometimes we hold onto old fears, doubts, etc. that build a wall between what we want and how we get it. And that’s fine – that’s human. We have all of those conditioned into us and our ego loves that shit. But, you’re going to have to really release everything, including any judgments of past attempts or failures of making change in your life.
You’re going to have to figure out your own way of letting all of that go to allow what may come. One way is imagine everything you’re holding onto, all of those fears or doubts or worries or failures or insecurities, and pack it all into metaphorical luggage. Go ahead and carry it around until you tell the Universe “I’m done with it! I don’t need this anymore!” and then drop the bags. Use any method of letting go that works for you. After you tell the Universe you’re done with it all, affirm it to yourself until it’s true. Tell yourself you really are done with everything you don’t need in life. When you make peace and release the past, you free yourself. You can’t change if you aren’t free.
This is how you allow your life to change into anything you want. You’re the master and creator of everything in your life, whether you realize it or not. You have to be the one to say “I’m changing my life” instead of “Why isn’t my life changing?” You change your life by dropping what’s not serving your highest good anymore. Make room for what’s needed for the life you want. Allow it to come in the best way that the Universe can send it to you and allow yourself to truly let go and receive it.
This Ascension is creating change in every aspect of life on Earth and by changing different parts of our lives in this way, we create a massive ripple effect on the rest of the world. What you change inside yourself you help change in the outside world. This is how you “be the change.” Don’t be afraid of the changes that come; they will help you to eventually transform into an empowered and beautiful person you could never imagine to be without the change.
“A willingness to let go of an old self and allow creative thoughts to remake a person into a better version of oneself requires an act of courage.” – Kilroy J. Oldster

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