7 Days to Life: Mental Wellness

Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose

In this “7 Days to Life” Series, we will be adding little practices into our every day lives that will help us grow to our best heights yet. By incorporating an action into each day of our week, we will become more aware of the true presence of each week’s theme in our lives.
This Series is here to help teach us how we can change our lives by focusing on doing just one thing a day. Don’t worry about carrying one day’s activity to the next. Eventually, we will naturally begin to add these practices into the rest of our lives (the “Life” part in “7 Days to Life”). The goal here is to concentrate on the phrase “Just for today…” Staying in the mindset that we only have to focus on the present day will help us learn that the only day we truly have to change our lives is today.
This week we have seven activities to help improve our mental wellness, in turn creating a space inside of ourselves that is balanced and healthy.
Day 1:  Just for today, incorporate awareness of your breath into everything you normally do.  By noticing your breathing – are you holding your breath at all? – and being mindful of your breath throughout the day, you are able to connect with your body on a deeper level.  Our bodies help us to become aware of what’s going on in the inside.  When we are in a constant flow of mindful inhalation and exhalation, we are more in the flow of life, as well as having more life-force energy in us.  When we are holding our breath or restricting our bodies to short inhalations and exhalations, we know that there is something in our minds that is restricting us.  Becoming aware of your breath will give you that “inside information” you need to maintain mental wellness.
Day 2:  Just for today, don’t avoid any of your emotions.  Fully accept your feelings and let yourself feel them completely.  So often do we feel something, and then either shove it down deep into our minds or move our attention elsewhere.  It’s so important to face how we feel in order to heal and recover.  But, do keep in mind that we are not our emotions, we only feel them.  Be sure to feel the emotions and when you have felt all they have to offer, detach from them and let them pass.  This will help maintain mental wellness by releasing any “clogged” emotions; it also helps our minds by being aware of what’s really going on inside and being able to overcome any of it – how empowering!
Day 3:  Just for today, read some positive quotes and share your favorite one with someone.  Reading thoughts of higher vibrations lifts our energy and gets us outside of our perspective which is always beneficial for our mental wellness.  We all know at least one person who could benefit from it in the same way, so sending a quick text or posting on social media the quote that really helped you is a small but influential way of spreading positivity.  When we share positive energy, more positive energy comes to us!
Day 4:  Just for today, don’t compare or judge yourself based on others.  To remember that we are all unique, all different, and all having our special paths, we increase our mental wellness in such an amazing way.  We free ourselves to be who we truly are when we realize that comparisons are just another way that our ego masters us.  When we focus more on our authenticity and less on judging ourselves, we open ourselves up to who we truly are:  the soul who can help the world in their own great way.  How can it get any better?
Day 5:  Just for today, don’t gossip, lie, or use any harsh language.  What good are we doing for ourselves if we are talking about others, blocking our truths with lies, or vocally contributing to any negativity in the world?  Actually, what good are we doing for our whole world if we do any of that?  Our mental wellness depends upon multiple factors, but a very important one is what/how we speak.  When we say something, it means our mind has registered the thought, created that vibration, and then we speak it which amplifies the energy surrounding our thought.  Keeping our words focused on positivity, love, compassion, light, truth, etc. helps to raise our vibration creating healthier minds.
Day 6:  Just for today, learn something new.  Read an article on an interested topic, try a new hobby, talk to someone you’ve never met before (“strangers” have such a way of teaching us things!), cook something new, etc.  Broadening our wisdom promotes mental wellness, among so many other things.  Learning creates new pathways of thinking for us, so who knows how you can change your life just by learning!
Day 7:  Just for today, try some yoga.  If you think yoga itself is “overrated” or “too mainstream,” just call it stretching or whatever label your ego feels comfortable with (no, really…some people don’t do it just because of their judgments on it when it can be so beneficial!). Incorporate the practice of mindful breathing from Day 1.  Be aware of how your body feels when you are stretching – having that mind-body connection can really change the game for us.  If any thoughts pop into your head, use the flow of the sequences to work your way out of them.  Yoga changes the chemistry of our bodies in a way that promotes balance and wellness on multiple levels.  I can’t stress this practice enough for mental wellness.
“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” – Plutarch

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