Psychic: Elizabeth

Clairsentient (ability to see within) Elizabeth Silk Awakens the undaunted Soul within us all.
A touch of emotion and the spirit of LOVE flow through Elizabeth Silks Visionary work. A communication of the souls.
Elizabeth’s passion to reach, touch and heal the soul is evident in the amazing breakthroughs she has witnessed.
The eyes are the windows to the soul.
The complexities of the human spirit evoke a unique response from each individual.
“There is a Magnificent feeling of fulfillment when one connects with another human being, and from seemingly nothing, appears on paper or canvas a visual depiction of that individual”
Elizabeth was raised by her wonderfully, amazing grandparents in Cheshire England. Her parents are a Native American Sioux Father and English Mother.
Elizabeth has resided here in Sedona for over 21 years now and has facilitated many healings from Fear to Love to Freedom.
Elizabeth C Silk
With LOVE all things are possible.


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  1. My visit with Elizabeth I can only describe as life changing. I went to see her to understand a work situation and she was able to help me see what was really going on and more importantly, the underlying issues impacting my response to it. Elizabeth is a healer. I left that session a different person. My friends could all see the change in me as well. I highly recommend a visit with Elizabeth!!

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