What is Astrology?


What is Astrology?

Welcome to Part 2. Part 1 revealed why some don’t feel like their Sun signs, Moon signs reflect past life, how Mercury and Venus effect communicating and loving, that houses are the playing fields, and how to know relationship compatibility.

What is astrology? A vital ancient disciplined study pairing the meaning and application of the celestial influences in our lives through its heavenly language. Our birth/natal chart is a circle encompassing the entire heavenly zodiac so, guess what, we all have every planet and sign in us from the moment of birth.

Watch out for saying, “I don’t like (zodiac sign),” because it is in your chart. You’re really saying, “How I inferred that sign’s traits demonstrated by someone, is what I don’t like about how I portray those traits the same way.” Every planet and sign have column A and B, so which column are you acting out of? In the light or absence of light?

House order, and some attributes for each sign, starting with the first sign ruling first house to last twelfth sign ruling twelfth house are: Aries/self starter brave leader, Taurus/monetary and self worth values,  Gemini/charming changeable communicator, Cancer/ homey nurturing protector, Leo/creative child sunny ruler, Virgo/healthy exacting serving, Libra/balancing beautiful relationship, Scorpio/power depth and healing, Sagittarius/teaching happy generosity, Capricorn/hardworking stable responsibility, Aquarius/independent futuristic enlightener, Pisces/compassionate  artistic sensitivity.

The old question, what is astrology, is more modernly what is my astrology? On the cusp of the first house is your rising sign, also called the ascendant, which is the front cover on the book of you. The exterior look of your home, versus how it is inside, where you live. What do you look like, and how do you seem to be.

Each degree of every sign’s 30 degrees tells a story in many ways. As we mature every year, our zodiac signs are moving degree by degree and eventually change signs! You may have been born a Sun sign Libra but are now progressed Scorpio, Sag or Capricorn. Our Moon signs (emotional instincts) change every two and a half years. What sign and degree is your Venus (love) now? Etc. Who are you now (progressed astrology) and what characteristics are available for you?

Knowing what zodiac signs each of the planets are in, on any particular day (like today), lets us know if any of them are making aspects to your signs, so we can explain what’s coming up, happening in your life currently, and how to use it best (transits).

Throughout my forty years of astrology studies as a positive and empowering, loving Intuitive Heart Soul Guide, I’ve recommend that one seek a professional astrologer to mix your personal ingredients of planets, signs, degrees, houses, progressions, current transits, and more, knowing how they interact with each other. A professional sheds authentic light and direction on the very complex you, versus having a generic explanation of the parts only, unable to taste the whole soup, which could leave inaccurate impressions, and not be able to guide how to use your chart wisely to experience the life you desire.

Having your own astrology explained, as well as your significant others’ can be a wonderful counseling tool, understanding how to reach each other and effect positives that you had only dreamed of. YES! Lovers, children, employees; everyone! I’ve taught clinical psychologists my spiritual tools to bring about rapid progress with their clients’ lives. As the chosen spiritual columnist/blogger for Sedona’s newspaper, read a new blog every week at www.redrocknews.com and feel free to contact me any time.

Love, Rachel Star of Sedona


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