How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

ScottieI get asked this question quite a lot from my clients while having a reading with me, so I thought I would share with all of you, the 2 best ways to connect with your Spirit Guides.

Most people want to be able to ‘hear’ and ‘talk’ to their Guides and I can help you with that, further down in this article. One of the quickest and easiest ways for them to connect with us is through the Body…because we can ‘feel’. The Solar Plexus is our ‘psychic center’. It’s where we receive or take in the energies and vibrations around us. So the easiest way for our Guides to connect with us, is to give us a ‘feeling’ in the Solar Plexus or wherever else we get strong feelings in our body (for some, it’s the stomach).

Let’s say you’re thinking about going out with a new person you just met or you’re getting ready to go somewhere and your Solar Plexus (or stomach) gives you an uncomfortable feeling. That’s your Guides letting you know that “Whatever you’re thinking about doing right now, is ‘not’ in your best and highest good at this time…or…just don’t do it at all.” If you don’t get any negative feelings, then it’s usually a sign saying it’s ok to go ahead with your plans. So the first way to connect with our guides is to pay attention to what our body is telling us. The more often you ‘follow-through’ with the feelings that you get, the easier and faster your connection with your Guides will be.

In order to be able to ‘hear’ and ‘talk’ to your Guides, remember this phrase: “Your Spiritual Teachers and Guides know exactly what you’re going to say before you say it and they know exactly what you’re going to think before you think it.” Keeping that in mind, think about this.  Before you say something ‘out loud’ in your head, you’ve already had the thought outside of yourself…and ‘then’ you ask the question consciously in your head. Since your Guides already know what you’re going to think…they ‘interrupt you with the answer’. I like to think of it as: “First thought is God’s thought” (your Guides).

Now…here’s when it’s You. You ask yourself a question (in your head, like before) and get interrupted with the answer….but for some reason you think it’s coming from you, or that you’re making it up, or you doubt it in some way…so you ask the question again (just to see if you get the same answer)…and you might even change it slightly…to see if you get the same answer…and Guess What? You got a different answer. Well, that’s You, screwing it up. First thought is God’s thought (your Guides), 2nd thought is you screwing it up. See why they always say to go with your first gut impression? Or… 1st instinct is usually the correct one?

If you pay attention to that process and “follow through”… you will speed up how fast you get the answers and messages from your Spirit Guides. Have fun connecting!

Scottie Littlestar –Spiritual Psychic of Sedona


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