Love Cards Report

Love Cards Report The Love Cards report was created with the intention of opening doors of understanding and awareness. It will reveal as much information about you and your partner as possible, using an ancient and highly accurate system called “The Book of Destiny”. It will explain many things about you, your partner and how … Read moreLove Cards Report

Tlaquepaque’s First Annual Pet-a-Walkie Event

Tlaquepaque’s First Annual Pet-a-Walkie Event Saturday, June 2 Prepare your pooches, felines, ferrets and parrots and embrace the First Annual Tlaquepaque Pet-a-Walkie, on Saturday, June 2, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Pet parade extravaganza, with $500 costume prize and a trip to Cabo grand prize! Fantastic musical entertainment, cool kid’s activities and scrumptious food. … Read moreTlaquepaque’s First Annual Pet-a-Walkie Event

War or Peace

War or Peace Is peace on Planet Earth really possible? This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day. A day when we thank our brothers and sisters who fought for our freedom. There is something really wrong with this. And yet I have bought into Patriotism along with the rest of you. I’m thankful to be free … Read moreWar or Peace

Father’s Day

Father’s Day This past Mother’s day, I wrote an article about forgiving Mom. Looking back on the article, I thought it only seemed fit to include Dad this Father’s Day. Some of us had fathers who were not always around when we needed them. Every year, I went in search of a Happy Father’s Day … Read moreFather’s Day

What are Auras ?

Auras, The Human Aura The human aura is a developmental, life-sustaining energy force that characterizes every human being. Under appropriate conditions, the aura can be seen by almost everyone, but the most common device for seeing an aura is the “aura camera” that photographs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the physical body. The aura is sensitive … Read moreWhat are Auras ?

Bullying – Not all bullies are children

Bullying, What is Bullying? Today there is a lot of press about Bullying. There is even a movie about it that is in theaters now. When you hear the word bully you might think about a teen-age ruffian who is constantly picking on the neighborhood wimp.  Actually, bullying lasts well into adulthood. A recent survey … Read moreBullying – Not all bullies are children

Energy Cycles, The Dream Body and Using Them Wisely

Energy Cycles Cycles are an obvious measure of time. Some of us mark time with quarterly taxes, and all of us are familiar with the yearly deadline of April 15th. Unfortunately, many of us have disconnected from the cycles that are part of nature’s rhythm and affect us whether we are aware of it or … Read moreEnergy Cycles, The Dream Body and Using Them Wisely

Give your Mother the gift of forgiveness this Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day once more…it happens every year….We give our mothers flowery cards and gifts and make believe we think everything mom did was perfect….Well, what if it was? There is a Native American belief that before we were born, we choose our parents.  Actually , that ties in pretty nicely with the reincarnation idea … Read moreGive your Mother the gift of forgiveness this Mother’s Day

What are Tree Dryads?

Tree Dryads

Thanks to the Dusty Millers of the English Elfin Tribe of the Silvadobbs, Tree Elves who were kind enough to provide much of this information. Dryads are the “Higher Self” of trees and tree groups. Whereas trees have tribal characteristics – explicit traits associated with various types of trees i.e. Oak, Sycamore, etc. – Dryads … Read moreWhat are Tree Dryads?