What is Moldavite?

Moldavite – a crystal from outer space A product of a large cosmic meteorite which vaporized when it struck the earth nearly 15 million years ago, creating the Reis Crater in Nordlingen, Germany. A small percentage of that vapor was catapulted back into the ionosphere by the impact explosion through the hole punched in the … Read moreWhat is Moldavite?

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Prayer flags are not just pretty pieces of colored cloth with funny writing on them. The ancient Buddhist prayers, mantras, and powerful symbols displayed on them produce a spiritual vibration that is activated and carried by the wind across the countryside. All beings touched by the wind are uplifted and made a little happier. Prayer … Read moreTibetan Prayer Flags

What are Auras ?

Auras, The Human Aura The human aura is a developmental, life-sustaining energy force that characterizes every human being. Under appropriate conditions, the aura can be seen by almost everyone, but the most common device for seeing an aura is the “aura camera” that photographs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the physical body. The aura is sensitive … Read moreWhat are Auras ?

Bullying – Not all bullies are children

Bullying, What is Bullying? Today there is a lot of press about Bullying. There is even a movie about it that is in theaters now. When you hear the word bully you might think about a teen-age ruffian who is constantly picking on the neighborhood wimp.  Actually, bullying lasts well into adulthood. A recent survey … Read moreBullying – Not all bullies are children

Energy Cycles, The Dream Body and Using Them Wisely

Energy Cycles Cycles are an obvious measure of time. Some of us mark time with quarterly taxes, and all of us are familiar with the yearly deadline of April 15th. Unfortunately, many of us have disconnected from the cycles that are part of nature’s rhythm and affect us whether we are aware of it or … Read moreEnergy Cycles, The Dream Body and Using Them Wisely

Give your Mother the gift of forgiveness this Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day once more…it happens every year….We give our mothers flowery cards and gifts and make believe we think everything mom did was perfect….Well, what if it was? There is a Native American belief that before we were born, we choose our parents.  Actually , that ties in pretty nicely with the reincarnation idea … Read moreGive your Mother the gift of forgiveness this Mother’s Day

What is the Wesak Celebration?

When the full moon is in the constellation of Taurus (usually the full moon in May), a world-wide event takes place that is oftentimes referred to as Wesak. In the East, this date also marks a celebration of Buddha’s birth, attainment of Buddhahood, and his departure from the physical body. The new and full moon … Read moreWhat is the Wesak Celebration?

What is an amulet?

Well its a symbol with inferred magical qualities…..similar to a talisman. Amulets have been used for personal benefit since the dawn of time. Many came from ancient, mysterious Egypt and followed humankind all through history. The majestic Romans had many gold and gemstone amulets , Industrial Europe followed suit and Modern America  brought them into … Read moreWhat is an amulet?

What is the Kundalini energy?

There is a special form of energy within every individual. This energy has infinite capabilities; however, it has no form or dimension. It has been conceived in different manners under different names in various traditions of the world. In the Hindu tradition, it is “Kundalini,” the transformative energy that awakens consciousness; the primordial dormant energy, … Read moreWhat is the Kundalini energy?