What are Auras ?

auraAuras, The Human Aura

The human aura is a developmental, life-sustaining energy force that characterizes every human being. Under appropriate conditions, the aura can be seen by almost everyone, but the most common device for seeing an aura is the “aura camera” that photographs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the physical body.

The aura is sensitive to the totality of our inner and outer environment. Mental, physical and spiritual factors constantly interact to influence the aura. Personality, traits, healthy status, personal interests, social factors, emotional states, and surrounding conditions can have an immediate and critical effect on the aura.

A host of negative mental states such as anxiety, hostility and frustration assert a wear and tear effect on the body and drain the aura system of its energy. Likewise, low self esteem, a poor self concept and negative social interactions can seriously deplete its energy supply. Environmental pollutants and certain drug substances can temporarily discolor or constrict the aura.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, invariably expands, illuminates and energizes the aura. A positive self concept, a strong sense of well being, an inner state of balance and attunement, and a genuine concern for others all contribute to an aura system replete with radiant energy.

As an individualized chronicle of one’s life history, the aura can provide important information not available through other sources. In addition to past life and present life experiences, there are some who believe that future events, both positive and negative can be registered in the aura.

The human aura is never without color. Although the intensity and distribution of colors in the aura can vary extensively, the aura is typically characterized by a dominant color with a relatively stable aura structure. While areas of white are sometimes noted in the aura, a totally white aura which would signify perfection, is non existent.

The aura is a visible manifestation of the life force that energizes our total being. Without that energizing life force, the physical body could not function. Although our physical body depends on the life force as reflected in the aura, the life force does not depend on our physical body. The aura, therefore, in manifesting the life force underlying our existence, also manifests our immortality as a spiritual being.

Conscious awareness is the essence of our existence as a permanent energy force. Personal consciousness is cosmic energy uniquely designed to assure both our individuality and our immortality. Our existence as a conscious entity is sustained by an energy system which includes the aura and its inner core. That core is often thought of as the eternal spark of divinity that connects us to our spiritual origins, and gives meaning and permanence to our conscious existence.

Death, rather than a termination of our existence as a conscious being, is a gateway to another dimension. Although at death the physical body “expires” as a life form, the non physical remains energized as it ascends to the discarnate realm. In that realm, the permanent life force which has always been reflected in the aura, remains the energizing life force underlying our existence as a conscious entity. In some instances, the disengaged aura is seen as a glowing energy form gently rising from the physical body at the time of death.

The human aura system is intricately connected to our entire being. It permeates and energizes us; it is an ever evolving chronicle of our lives; it is the manifestation of our destiny. It does not end at death; rather, it remains as testament to our eternal connection with the Universal energy of the cosmos.

Aura Photos

auraHere at the Center for the New Age, we offer the Aura Photography that uses the Biofeedback process to capture the human energy field in a Polaroid picture.

Through the use of special templates, we are able to channel the energy from your hands directly to the camera where the information is then rendered on a Polaroid picture.

This type of Aura Photography is based on the Kirlian Photography of the late 1960’s and has been refined and perfected gaining recognition and respect in mainstream society.

Aura Interpretation

At the Center, every Aura photo is “read” and interpreted by an Aura Intuitive Reader who will be able to tell you what you have done in past lives and what you are here to do in this lifetime.

In many cases, the aura reader will be able to pick up your spirit guides and determine if you have psychic abilities. For many, the aura reading will include future information and insights that can help you in business, your personal life and career.

Everyone who has an Aura Photo taken is touched and leaves feeling inspired. A very interesting reading indeed!!!

More info about Kirlian photography ( the basis for Aura Photos ) at Wikipedia

Bullying – Not all bullies are children

Bullying, What is Bullying?

What is bullying ?
What is bullying ?

Today there is a lot of press about Bullying. There is even a movie about it that is in theaters now. When you hear the word bully you might think about a teen-age ruffian who is constantly picking on the neighborhood wimp.  Actually, bullying lasts well into adulthood. A recent survey found that 41% of American workers experienced some kind of bullying at work this year. It doesn’t only happen at work. Many find themselves tormented by fellow employees, spouses, neighbors and even aggressive friends.


Adult bullies usually have a history of being bullied in childhood by another child or an over aggressive adult. They tend to be opinionated, judgmental, and coercive. If a person repeatedly makes you feel intimated or humiliated, you are probably dealing with a bully. These people tend to abuse power, repeatedly give undeserving criticism, and have excessive expectations and repeat threats. Lying and fighting are also characteristics of a bully.

The subject of bullying came up for me in several instances in my workplace lately.  One of my employees, wanting her own way, showed up at my office one day with a so called lawyer. Even though there was no legal reason for her request, she thought bringing an attorney would intimidate me.  Instead I let her go.  How many people do you know, when they don’t get their way threaten you with “Calling Their Lawyer”. You should tell them to go ahead and call them. Chances are you won’t hear from them again. Another bully keeps calling every one, every day with the same request, over and over hoping I’ll finally give up just to get rid of them. I won’t. Because if I do, another bully will just show up in their place until I take a stand. You don’t have to play these games or even answer the phone. The entire workplace efficiency is severely reduced because of the overwhelming energy drain the bully can put on the whole group. It’s not really your job to deal with the bully’s issues. Projection behavior and denial are hallmarks of a bully. What all bullies have in common is the use of power to satisfy one’s own psychological shortcomings.

Each time a bully moves against someone they perceive as weaker, he/she feels better about themselves for an instant. But because the feeling doesn’t last, they do it again and again. Giving into them makes it worse. Sometimes the bully appears to lack insight into their own behavior, but more often the bully just lacks the moral and ethical behavior by which the majority of people are bound. The rules don’t apply to them. Or they have so much self-hatred of the other that they believe that those they are bullying deserve exactly what they are getting. This is narcissistic behavior to the max.

People do this because of a hole inside of themselves that they are trying to fill up by being better than someone else. It gives them a sense of power and authority in the world that they may otherwise not experience. Low self-esteem, envy, jealousy, insecurity and rage are feelings that push a bully to put those feelings on someone else. They can even do it in the guise of friendship or love and can be so subtle you really believe the bully and feel bad about yourself.

So, how do you handle this? First, recognize it is happening and remember it is the bully that has the problem not you. Unless they are physically threatening you, bullies are paper tigers. If you stand up to them calmly and confront their behavior rationally, they will back down. Do not try to appease them. Let them know by your reaction that you are not cowed and quietly walk away or hang up. Think about what you want to say. I always ask “Holy Spirit let me look at this differently”. Wait until the next time they act out and call them on it. They don’t have any real power. Real power is silent and kind. Once they realize that you won’t engage in their game, they will fade away.

Preventing Bullying

And lastly, if you are being bullied, ask yourself: What is the energy vibration in me that is attracting the mirror? Could I be bullying someone? Is there a weakness I need to look at?

Even though bullies exist in our world, there really are no victims, just lessons and opportunities for change. Loving yourself is the most important lesson. Only speak to me in love and kindness.


More information about Bullying can be found on Wikipedia


Energy Cycles, The Dream Body and Using Them Wisely

energyEnergy Cycles

Cycles are an obvious measure of time. Some of us mark time with quarterly taxes, and all of us are familiar with the yearly deadline of April 15th. Unfortunately, many of us have disconnected from the cycles that are part of nature’s rhythm and affect us whether we are aware of it or not. Awareness of the cycles of life can be an ally and powerful source of support for our lives; for living our lives consciously; for living our dreams.

We are preparing to enter the season of Summer. This is the time we are all aware of as the end of spring, completing school, planting is over, and preparing for summer. It is a time of unique beauty in the beautiful colors as the leaves change, and as the plants and trees shift to dormancy. The four-leggeds and birds are physically relocating (migrating) or shifting their metabolism to survive winter.

This is a time of change for humans as well. Autumn is the best time to work with our dreaming body. It is the natural phase of going into the self, so we can connect with our dreaming body. The dreaming body is an unrestricted field of energy surrounding the physical body through which energetic vibrations are continually perceived. The aura holds our physical body intact –maintaining the physical body. The dreaming body is maintaining the aura. The dreaming body is encapsulating the aura. Since it is unrestricted, it can be expanded anywhere. It is constantly moving–constantly touching everything around it, absorbing information. It is akin to an encyclopedia. It picks up everything like a sponge. Thus, our dreams cannot be limited either, since they are manifested through the dreaming body. There is no judgment in what the dreaming body perceives–it just stores information. There may be something we want to know, so we move into the dreaming body. We can go there and access it consciously, and many times we go there as we sleep. This is called second attention and it is a method of using our spiritual senses –inner knowing, inner vision, inner hearing. Sometimes messages come in symbols. (Barriers develop between the conscious mind and the dreaming body as we were corrected as a child.) Learning to shift our attention from the physical to the energetic can give a better understanding of life and what’s going on around us; the better we relate to people and control our energy.

Energy Flow

Utilizing the energy of the season is only the beginning. Within each season are planetary cycles that affect each of us deeply. Studying the phases of the moon is a powerful tool. Delineating the actual phases and signs of the moon, then journaling our experience can assist us in identifying our own natural rhythm. There are times during the month that we have more energy in one of the four parts of the self–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Some days it is easier to deal with mental tasks. Organizing, dealing with details, making business calls–all of these tasks can flow. Other days, we can be in touch with our emotions and want to connect emotionally with others. Expressing our emotional self is vital. Being in this emotional stage and attempting to take care of detailed mental tasks can be difficult and counterproductive. Awareness of our own energy and how it is being influenced by nature’s cycles, can lead to a sense of balance and support in our day-to-day life. Keeping a journal for a season can assist us in becoming conscious of our energy and natural cycles. Honoring that rhythm enables us to tap into the energy available.

There are other planetary energy cycles that are powerful.

Jupiter cycles are expansive and bring luck many times. Jupiter is usually in a house for approximately a year. Saturn can be in a house for two and a half to three years–it brings lessons. Saturn is also the determiner of seven, fourteen, and twenty-eight year cycles. Each of the planets affects us in different ways, depending on the planet, which area (house) of our chart is involved, and the aspects being formed. Checking with a professional astrologer for detailed information on these cycles enables us to make wiser decisions in a timely fashion.

Give your Mother the gift of forgiveness this Mother’s Day

mother's dayIt’s Mother’s Day once more…it happens every year….We give our mothers flowery cards and gifts and make believe we think everything mom did was perfect….Well, what if it was? There is a Native American belief that before we were born, we choose our parents.  Actually , that ties in pretty nicely with the reincarnation idea that we rearrange certain circumstances before each life so as to learn different lessons. Either way, our parents teach us much more than they ever mean to. There isn’t a human mom alive who has not made a mistake or have they? I remember blaming my mom for making me fat. She overfed me as a child according to some and made me develop fat cells.  Of course, she fed my brother the same food and he ended up skinny. It’s human nature to blame someone else for our lot in life and who better than mom. She’ll love you no matter what you blame her for. Her love is unconditional and she’ll even agree with you that she should have done better….or maybe not.

It’s really easy if we had blessed childhoods to give thanks to mom for making wonderful choices for us. If we believe in the theory that we choose our parents before birth than we can say,”I really picked a winner, I’m sure glad I picked that mom. She supported me in everything I ever wanted to do. She paid for my music lessons so I could be a rock star and never stopped loving me no matter what!”

But what if you were one of those kids whose childhood sucked? Your dad was an alcoholic. Your mom was the queen of guilt trips. Or was your dad the overachiever who pressured you to become a football hero? Maybe your mom was a gold digger hopping from one wealthy man’s bed to another, never paying attention to you. Were your folks uneducated, not realizing that you were a genius? Or maybe they were pot-smoking artists who sometimes even forgot you were around. Whether you can still love these people or not, the last thing you want to hear is that you picked this upbringing for yourself.

Really? Shift gears with me for a minute. Now look at yourself and tell me what you are most proud of. Is it your tenacity? Your ability to pick yourself up and carry on no matter what? Your incredible ability to read other people and to reach out and help them because you have been through it? Your torch music that sings to the soul of the lonely? Your amazing work ethic? Your own ability to be really present with your own kids? Sit for a moment and look at the incredible strength and amazing traits that you created for yourself despite your parents.

If I had been a svelte spoiled princess, I might not have been able to relate this to you today. Instead, I used my weight issue to propel me to discover my spirituality. It’s because I came from a broken home that I know how important true loving connection is regardless of whether the two original parents are the ones raising you or not.  It’s because I was under the impression I was abandoned that I found out how to be strong and independent and no longer clingy and needy. I wouldn’t have the pride and self assurance that I can overcome anything life has to throw at me if I would have had the safety net of family to fall back on. Look into your own life. Would you be the amazing person you are today if you had been raised with a silver spoon in your mouth and ideal parents.

Initially, when we begin our healing process, we can identify what particular flavor of “screwed up” we are and whose fault it is that we turned out that way. As we continue on this path, we come to the realization that if it hadn’t been for those people  “screwing us up,” we would not be the amazing person we have become today. Finally, we come to the conclusion of what a blessing it is that we got to go through that difficult journey, learned amazing lessons, and gained the tools we needed to give the gifts we have today.

So, it’s time to let mom down off the wedding cake into the world of non-perfect alleged humans and realize that you are an alleged grown-up now and it’s time to live your life as the amazing indestructible super human, created by the perfect mother and family of your choice.

mother's day

Forgiveness Baby Wand Pendant




How to create Miracles in Your Life NOW

miracles, master mindHi, I Am Anita Dalton, owner of the Center for the New Age for the past 18 years,  I use a very simple practice to create Miracles in my life.  I have been doing Master Mind for over 25 years.

Once a week I meet with a group of like minded people. “We share our wins from the previous week and our prayer request for the coming week.”  Years ago I read a book by Napoleon Hill…called “Think and Grow Rich”. In it he mentioned this Master Mind Principle. He said since he didn’t have a group of like minded people available,,,,he made on up from Spirit.  One of the “spirits” in his group was Abraham Lincoln, who Hill said was always late.

Hills concept of Master Mind was inspired  by Andrew Carnegie, wealthy steel magnet. According to Hill, Mr. Carnegie’s Master Mind Group consisted of a staff of fifty men, which he surrounded himself with for the main purpose of manufacturing and marketing steel. He attributed his entire fortune to the POWER he accumulated through this “Master Mind”.

Since the publication of THINK AND GROW RICH  in 1937, the idea of Master Mind groups has grown and evolved into becoming a staple tool of successful individuals.

The benefits of having a supportive group of people to share ideas and perspectives giving you a different view you might not had on your own is very beneficial. Hill even went so far as to say there was a mystical quality created when a Master Mind group is formed. He said: ” No two minds ever came together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a GOD Mind.

Creating a Master Mind group does not have to be  as large as Carnegie’s group of fifty men. It can be as small as two. The bible says “whenever two or more are gathered”. Which is why some people go to church to pray.

Anita’s group is six psychics who work at her Center. We take our business very seriously and believe that when two or more are gathered in prayer, our power is increased one hundred fold. We meet every Wednesday at the Center and are committed to being on time and ready to go when we arrive.  We take time to share our wins from the previous week, so that we can see the power of our group working. The group is led by Anita, who reminds each member that there is a Master Mind, a power higher than our self, who is willing to help us if we but ask. Then we recite together steps one , two and three.

1. I surrender to my higher self and release all ego in my intentions and inspirations.
2. I believe my life is changed according to my inspirations.
3. I make known my specific inspirations, asking my partner’s support. I know my inspirations have manifested and I am in gratitude and deep appreciation. May we receive guidance from our higher selves.

At this time we ask each person in the group to focus and share their individual requests as the rest of the group writes these requests in a notebook.

After the person’s shares we all together say,
“I know that God the Master mind has heard you and I know you will experience exactly what you have chosen. Thank you God. I AM your victory in the light. ”

When everyone has shared their intentions and inspirations, we read steps 4-7 together.

4. I give thanks that the Universe has responded to my inspirations and I assume the same feelings I would have when my inspiration is fulfilled for the highest and best good.
5. I dedicate my life to the highest and best good of myself, my soul mates and my universe, in which I have an abundance of all thing necessary to live a successful and happy life. I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God and those around me and to live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to follow and to remain responsive to God’s guidance.
6. Our inspirations always serve the Highest and Best good of the Universe, as well as the Highest and Best Good of myself and others.
7. I go forth with the spirit of excitement, enthusiasm and victory. I AM at peace.

This Master Mind format has been customized by the group at the Center for New Age. You can make your own version Or go to www.magicmastermind.com for their version.

However you create a mastermind support group, consider it an essential part of your success plan. “I have used it  for over twenty five years and have created Miracles in my life, including this Center, and the Love of my Life. It works. I have watched the other members create miracles in their lives.

Get started today and watch your own miracles manifest.  And when they do, please share it with me.

Namaste Anita

What is the Wesak Celebration?

wesak, wesak dayWhen the full moon is in the constellation of Taurus (usually the full moon in May), a world-wide event takes place that is oftentimes referred to as Wesak. In the East, this date also marks a celebration of Buddha’s birth, attainment of Buddhahood, and his departure from the physical body. The new and full moon periods are always times of increased communication with other dimensions. It is as if the veils become thinner between planes, and is why meditation at these times can be very fruitful. When the moon is in Taurus, a special rending of the veils occurs. As legend has it, Buddha, “The Illumination of Light – WISDOM,” and Christ, “The Embodiment of LOVE,” meet at this time for the benefit of humanity and Earth. The Office of the Christ and the Office of the Buddha work in concert for the vibrational upliftment of humanity. Wesak marks an intense period of Spiritual evaluation in all dimensions. This evaluation sets humanity’s vibrational destiny for the next twelve-month cycle.

Meditation – Dedication of Ourselves

We invite you to join with all human beings celebrating the 2012 Festival of the Wesak during the full moon in Taurus on Saturday, May 5 at 8:35 pm PDT (03:35 UT Sunday, May 6).

Take some time  to do this brief moment of reflection (you can include a private meditation if you feel inclined to do so).

  1. Take three long breaths and concentrate especially on the exhalation, releasing as much air from your lungs as possible. The inhalation will happen by itself …
  2. Relax your mind and body and begin reflecting on the idea that  we are a perfect expression of the Divine Essence as we are, here and now, and we are always evolving and changing like the Universe.
  3. Look around you, see everything around you and begin reflecting on the idea that all this creation surrounding you is really a dance of atoms and sub-atomic particles held in shape and form by an even more subtle energy that is called Prana/Chi/Spirit…
  4. As you concentrate on this dance of molecules, become aware that your whole body is also ONE with this dance, made up of the same atomic stuff and so is everyone and everything else in the Universe.  Take a moment to sense/feel the ONE-NESS of all, the INCLUSIVENESS of all.  Everything is creation, everything is included!
  5. NOW, slowly bring your attention to your HEART center.  Begin visualizing a bright SUN radiating from the center of your heart.  Allow yourself to bathe in this light, letting the rays warm every cell of your body to its very atomic dance of protons and electrons.
  6. NOW, see this radiating light in your Heart center radiating outside of you, shining and warming all the creation surrounding you.  Hold that vision for a few moments.
  7. At this point, imagine/visualize/sense all creations being lit up from within by the WESAK energy of WISDOM and LOVE coming from the Ascended Masters, all the Entities you revere, honor and cherish.  Through everything surrounding and within you, the LOVE and WISDOM energies are being radiated back to your own heart center.  Hold this vision of the rays of light coming to your Heart center from everywhere – outside and inside of yourself.
  8. NOW, gently bring your attention to the top of your head, bringing the radiating light from your heart up and out from the top of your head, like a beautiful fountain showering this light and love all over planet Earth.
  9. Repeat to yourself:
    I AM ONE WITH ALL (God…)
  10. When you feel ready, close your meditation with a deep breath, keeping your awareness of the radiating SUN in your heart.  It is always there.  How many times will you be aware of it in the coming 12 months?
  11. Make a dedication-commitment that any time you become aware that you are breathing (for the rest of your life!!) take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are a being of light, that you are a co-creator through every thought, word and emotion that you have moment by moment and you will become more and more aware of this with every breath that you take.
  12. As you become more aware of your thoughts, words and emotions, you will slowly realize that you have the FREEDOM of CHOICE to choose any thought, word and emotion at any given time.
  13. NOW, you are CHOOSING to be a CO-CREATOR by accepting and recognizing this POWER through your FREEDOM of CHOICE.


What is an amulet?

amulet, jewleryWell its a symbol with inferred magical qualities…..similar to a talisman. Amulets have been used for personal benefit since the dawn of time. Many came from ancient, mysterious Egypt and followed humankind all through history. The majestic Romans had many gold and gemstone amulets , Industrial Europe followed suit and Modern America  brought them into a  less mystical reality.

If you study the influence, you will be surprised by how many changes they have brought to the world.  Some religions have placed them on a special pedestal and idealized their unquestionable positive effects. However they really help people achieve positive results because the carry important magical symbols and invocations that extend the human ability. They activate awareness to help us perform better both physically and spiritually  in this world. The advantages and improvements that they brought into the material world are obvious and have been recorded in human history for centuries.

Most are intended to bring good luck, some sort of protection, and gifts from the spirit realms. Some can be used for darker reasons and should be avoided as to not invoke Karma to ones self. Jews, Christians, Muslims believe in their protective healing powers.  I can’t think of any religion or belief that doesn’t use some sort of amulet for power.As  a child, being brought up in the Catholic faith, I remember wearing scapulars under my clothing for protection and a gold cross around my neck. When I forgot to put them on, I felt very vulnerable.

Nowadays, I have various amulets that I would leave home without. One of which is an Evil Eye that’s used for protection in my car.

Just notice the number of people who wear astrological pendents, Ankhs, St. Christopher Medals, and a variety of others. A funeral director said many people request to be buried with their amulets. All around the world the number of people wearing amulets is increasing. Amulets were originally natural items such as an animal tooth or a precious gemstone. Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousand of years to increase power and protect. In fact it is believed that people started wearing talisman jewelry before they started wearing clothes. During the Crusades, soldiers carried bloodstone carved with a runic message, hoping it would make them brave and protect them from harm.

The best way to choose your amulet is to define your goal and then pick the one that appeals to you. Whether you like the color, shape, texture or size, you will be drawn to the one best suited for you., Once you have chosen it, it must be charged to fill it with power and energy. It is an important magical tool and needs to be dedicated to your specific goals. The best time to charge it is on the waxing moon. There are many different ways to do this. Putting it on your altar is one. Saying specific prayers or hymns is another.

If it is financial success you intend, you must believe it will work. If you are skeptical there is no point in wearing it because your subconscious mind will override the power of the amulet. instead of working toward your goal. Positive intent, conscious belief   is all you really need to make your amulet work for you.

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What is Yoga?

yogaEveryone has heard the word yoga, but how many of us know what it really is. Oh I know , its some kind of exercise. Well yes and no. To understand Yoga we have to know its history, so that we can understand it and hopefully incorporate it into our lives.

Although archaeological evidence goes back to 3000 B. C. with yoga figures appearing in stone seals, scholars have traced its existence back to the Stone Age, It started out as a community oriented activity and then turned into individual practice.

If we go back to the Vedas sacred scripture and the basis for modern day Hinduism, we find the oldest known recorded teachings called Vedic Yoga. These teachings are characterized by rituals and ceremonies designed to help the individual surpass the limitations of the mind. Vedic people relied on Yogis to help them live in divine harmony. Yogis were also gifted with the ability to see beyond reality through their intense spiritual practice and give helpful advice and insights.

Yoga shares some characteristics not only with Hinduism, but also with Buddhism. Buddha taught the importance of meditation and the practice of physical postures. Siddharta Gautama, the first Buddhist to study Yoga, achieved enlightenment at the age of thirty five.

Later around 500 B.C. , the Bhagavad Gita was created and is the oldest known Yoga Scripture. The Gita says that, to be alive means to be active and in order to avoid difficulties in our lives our actions have to be benign and have to exceed our egos. The belief is that the body is a temple, and the Yogis attempted to use Yoga techniques to change the body and make it immortal.

Yoga was introduced to the West during the early 19th century. It was first studied as a Eastern Philosophy and began as a movement for health and Vegetarianism around the 1930’s. By the 1960’s there was an influx of Indian teachers who expounded on Yoga. Among them was Maharishi Mahesh who popularized Transcendental Meditation. Another was Swami Satchitananda who introduced chanting and Yoga to Woodstock. Yoga Bhajan started teaching Kundalini Yoga in the 70’s. Up to this day, Yoga has taken on many styles and variations and continues to proliferate and spread its teachings across the boundaries of cultures .

What is Meditation?

meditationThink about a ten day period of meditation extending from the crack of dawn till after twilight where the end result is a way of self-transformation through self-observation, and you have Vipassana (vi posh´un na)

This is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation, rediscovered by the Buddha more than 2500 years ago and used by him to free himself from the ills of existence – the agitation, irritation and disharmony we all experience from time to time.

We become unhappy when we find someone behaving in a way that we don’t like, or when we find something happening which we don’t like.  Unwanted things happen and we create tension within.  Wanted things do not happen, some obstacle comes in the way, and again we create tension within.  Throughout life, unwanted things keep on happening and wanted things may or may not happen.  This process of reaction can make our entire mental and physical structure so tense, so full of negativity, that life becomes miserable.

So the question arises, how can we stop reacting blindly when confronted with things that we don’t like?  How can we stop creating tension and remain peaceful and harmonious?

There are those who have studied this problem and have taught that if something unwanted happens and you start to react by generating anger, fear or any negativity, then you should divert your attention to something else to deflect the mind.  Good idea; it works, on the conscious level at least.  On the surface there is a layer of peace and harmony, but in the depths of the mind –the unconscious –the negativity remains.

Vipassana is a scientific method for purifying the mind on both a conscious and an unconscious level to totally eliminate the negativity that causes distress and pain.  Vipassana meditation provides an insight that cuts through conventions to perceive mind and matter as they actually are:  impermanent, unsatisfactory and impersonal.  Seeing this truth purifies the mind, eliminating all forms of attachment.

The difficulty is that we are not aware when negativity starts.  It begins deep in the unconscious mind, and by the time it reaches the conscious level, it has gained so much strength that it overwhelms us, and we cannot observe it.   There is a solution to this problem, however.

Whenever any impurity arises in the mind, physically two things start happening simultaneously.  One is that the breath loses its normal rhythm.  We start breathing harder whenever negativity comes into the mind.  In addition, at a subtler level, a biochemical reaction starts in the body, resulting in some sensation.  Every impurity will generate some sensation or the other within the body.

This presents a practical solution.  Ordinarily, we cannot observe intangible corruptions of the mind –abstract fear, anger or passion, but with proper training and practice, it is very easy to observe respiration and body sensations, both of which are directly related to mental distortions.  Thus, by observing the respiration or the sensations, we are in fact observing mental impurities, and by acknowledging them, these impurities lose their strength and no longer overpower us as they did in the past.

In this way the technique of self-observation shows us reality in its two aspects –inner and outer.  Prior to this insight, we only looked outward, missing the inner truth.  We looked outside for the cause of our unhappiness; we blamed and tried to change the reality outside.  Being ignorant of the inner reality, we did not understand that the cause of suffering lies within, in our own blind reactions toward pleasant and unpleasant sensations.

In Vipasanna Meditation, one learns to be aware of one’s breathing and also of what is happening inside.  Whatever it is, breath or sensation, Vipasanna provides the opportunity to observe it without losing mental balance.  The observer can stop reacting and multiplying  misery.  Instead, the participant allows the disturbances to manifest and pass away.

This direct experience of our own inner reality, this technique of self observation, is a practical approach by which it is possible to free the mind of negativities.  Vipasanna Meditation may not be magical or mystical in itself, but it certainly is a universal path, the result of which might be considered a magical experience at the very least.

What is Cinnabar Quartz?

Cinnabar Quartz display
Cinnabar Quartz display
Cinnabar is known in the Orient as the Merchants Stone. It has strong metaphysical properties and the energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth to yourself and your business. Placing a cluster of cinnabar in ones cash box has produced an increase in income for the merchant and also helps to maintain that state of wealth. The stone is also powerful for awakening mystic psychic abilities and may empower you to complete your Divine purpose for incarnating this lifetime. It will aid you in developing your intuition and bring increase in your mental alertness allowing you to think more creatively. it is a powerful transformation tool and you can use its energy to fully embrace your inherent genius. When used in community work and in organization it will assist one in remembering the “giving qualities” of the Divine

Cinnabar has been found in a number of locations…including Mexico, Spain, Serbia,China and the USA. The word cinnabar comes from the Persian word meaning “dragons blood” Its color is a deep red and is often found alongside or mixed with Quartz. This is an excellent combination as the quartz will amplify the vibration. Depending on what your reason for using it is , you may wish to combine it with serpentine or carnelian to aid in Kundalini awakening. Use it with stones such as Black tourmaline or garnet to aid in grounding. To aid in personal relationships you may combine it with fire agate or zincite.

This stone has a positive effect on the healing of the physical body and may be used to align all the chakras. It enhances your life force and is said to give those who wear it a long life. It is also said to aid the healing of sexual or fertility issues and heals the underlying problems causing weight issues.

The Center has amazing collection of the most beautiful Cinnabar mixed with Quartz I’ve ever seen. It takes your breath away when you first see it and the energy you feel is so powerful and distinctly Joyous. I just love having it around not only my business but also my home. Its great for Feng Shui when put in your money and wealth corner. A piece on a nightstand is excellent for relationship attraction and sexual energy. Don’t be surprised if you wake up with amazing insights and inspirations.